Symbiont Series Episode 20: LVO Day 2 (Tohaa vs. Tartary Army Corps | Acquisition)

The dawn rose on Day 2 and I got to the venue with plenty of time to sit down and find out what was going on before dice were rolled. We were going to run Acquisition, then Power Pack, then Firefight. Power Pack and Firefight are likely my worst two Missions in the packet and I'd already squandered two good Missions so I wasn't feeling super confident about my position.

Tohaa Army Lists




My Round 3 opponent was another of the Canadian group, this time packing TAC. I feel very confident against TAC because I've played them so much and Tohaa really punishes their weaknesses, namely not being able to take fights well outside of Camo State or when you ignore Mimetism and not having safe Smoke access of their own.

Once again I won the Lieutenant Roll and chose Deployment, my opponent chose First Turn as I'd hoped. I chose the close table edge in the above photo because there is a large, diagonal line what must be traversed to get to the middle of the table. One Console was poorly placed to be easily defended from the far-side but I can put my Clipsos on that one. Overall I feel the terrain should have been moved to break up that long line but my hope was to exploit it with Smoke Grenades and the Gao-Rael.

The TAC list was a Fireteam Core of Kazaks/Frontoviks with a Paramedic, AP HMG, and a Heavy Rocket Launcher. There was an Antipode Assault Pack, an HMG Spetsnaz, a Forward Observer Scout, two Forward Observer Streloks, Vassily, a Warcor, and two Irmandinhos. I may be fudging a model here or there but that's pretty close.

The Fireteam was deployed on my right side along with the Antipode Controller, numerous Camo Tokens went down in the center with two on the left. I guessed two Streloks based on the forward positioning, Vassily, and a Tank Hunter. I also called this out to my opponent who gave indications I was mostly correct. The Antipodes went on the left and both Irmandinhos were on the left or right of center.

I deployed as best I could to execute my plan although the middle is quite open so my ability to hide was a bit restricted. The Clipsos Hidden Deployed near the right Console and my Liberto Infiltrated to the left, placing a Mine to either catch the Strelok or hit a few Antipodes as they came towards me. My Krakot deployed on top of a building but rolled up +ARM and BioImmunity, I was hoping for Super-Jump or Climbing Plus to make use of his position.

The Gao-Rael Triad was tucked into the left corner and the Kerail was nearby, further back. The Sukeul Triad went central and let me put the Missile Launcher onto a building with great LoF. The Rasail and Chaksa went center and forward with the last Chaksa splitting off to the right near the opposing HVT.

I nominated my Kerail Preceptor as the DataTracker, he's fast and usually stays out of harms way. My opponent chose one of the Fireteam members with a Rifle, again likely to stay out of harms way but get delivered to the Tech Coffin.

TAC Turn 1

The Antipodes run at my Krakot with their Impetuous Order, triggering the Mine. One successfully Dodges, one makes his ARM, and one dies to Shock. The Irmandinhos also move out but aren't seen, I don't recall what they rolled for Booty, I believe just +ARM for both.

The Fireteam moves out and there's a very small angle where Vassily can see my Rasail which I didn't notice during Deployment. We have a few Face to Face Rolls where I Dodge but the SymbioMate goes away and I end up losing two Wounds before moving with Guts back to safety. Unfortunately this takes me out of 8" from the Xenotech so it's not Synchronized anymore.

Using their Irregular Order the Antipodes Climb up the building towards my Krakot and I get a free Chain Rifle shot, killing one of them. An Order goes to the last Antipode who moves into melee, I decide to Berserk and land a crit but also pass the ARM Roll so the Krakot lives in a hilarious outcome.

The TAC Xenotech began the game assigned to the Warcor who walks backwards to the table edge and sends the Xenotech forward, intentionally breaking the CivEvac State.

An Irmandinho gets a few Orders to run over and flip the right Console, which it does.

Rest of the Turn is just positioning some models, here's some overview shots.

Tohaa Turn 1

I decline to use my Impetuous Order as the Krakot would get his head blown off by Vassily. Instead I decide to have a go at the Fireteam, I can see either the HMG or the Rocket Launcher as soon as I enter the "corridor" so my plan is to drop Smoke, deal with one of them, then remove the other and pull back.

Unfortunately my Kerail Preceptor failed to throw Smoke, four times, on 14's. I converted the Liberto Order to use on him but he failed every attempt, almost all of them on 17's. This was extremely tilting and ruined my entire plan for the turn.

I moved the Sukeul Triad around and accidentally walked in Vassily's LoF even though I was Prone, luckily I landed a critical and blew him out of his shoes. I moved the Chaksa on the right up a bit to be within range of the HVT. Finally I put an Order into the Gao-Rael to try the same thing without Smoke but I could only slice the pie to see the HMG, not ideal. I was at -6 for Range/Cover, narrowly outside of 24", and against +3 for Range/Big Team/Cover but ended up losing the SymbioMate and instead use an Eclipse Grenade to get the Triad into a forward position where I can threaten the Objective on the left and also try again next turn with better range.

TAC Turn 2

Having lost very little the push for Objectives begins. The Fireteam posts up to defend the Tech-Coffin and the right Objective, just milling around a bit. One of the Camo Tokens moves to the left Console and flips it, revealing the Strelok FO. I incorrectly guessed which was the Ambush Camo Marker so I didn't get to ARO with the Liberto. It then places a Mine and goes back to Camo State.

Another Strelok reveals in the middle and successfully CivEvacs the Xenotech, then placing the Beacon. It then places a Mine and goes back to Camo State with the Xenotech in base contact with the Tech-Coffin.

One of the Irmandinhos takes a few Orders and rounds the corner on my Chaksa, we put each other Unconscious with our Template Weapons.

Tohaa Turn 2

At this point I'm very far behind, I haven't lost a ton of models but my HVT: Secured model is down, I don't have good positioning, and I've killed nothing important.

My Kosuil pokes out to eat the Mine and see what the Strelok does, it does nothing so I try to Discover it but fail. With another Order I move up and it reveals, we shoot each other and I'm on 15's because of Range and Camo while the Strelok is on 18's for Range. I lose but pass ARM and then kill the Strelok with another Order as it chooses to place a Mine. Finally I get to the Console and flip it to my side.

Besides that I move some models forward towards the Tech-Coffin including running the Kerail around for a better angle.

TAC Turn 3

 The unknown Camo Token gets an Order and moves just shy of seeing my Kosuil, with another Order it reveals a Spetnazs HMG which I wasn't prepared for. After a few Face to Faces it puts my Kosuil Unconscious.

The Fireteam gets into optimal defensive positions but the DataTracker is kept back and only a Camo Token is touching the Tech-Coffin. Besides that the Warcor and some other models shuffle around and anything that can go into Suppressive Fire without breaking a Fireteam does so. The left Console also gets flipped back to TAC although I can't remember what model did it.

Tohaa Turn 3

 I move my Gao-Rael to touch the left Console so I get a point for it, then I reveal the Clipsos. I could have done this after trying to remove some models but I'm not in a great position to do that and the models that see her are further back and thus harder to get to. I figure she has one chance to flip the Console and does so but goes Unconscious in the effort, so I control that Console but TAC hold it.

From there I run a Makaul out and throw Eclipse Smoke to cover him, managing to get to the Xenotech. I fail the CivEvac and it scatters but I pass on the next try. I then give her an Order and place the Beacon successfully.

Using Coordinated Orders I move the Kaeltar over for a possible end of game try at the left Console, I also move both the Chaksa up. I decide to put them forward one by one instead of just losing both to one model while the rest Dodge, when the dust settles I've killed the one of the Frontoviks but the other Dodge'd into contact with the Tech-Coffin, I also killed the Strelok and lost a Chaksa. My other Chaksa makes it to base with the Tech-Coffin so that no one owns it.

By now I have almost no Orders so I use the Liberto to run at the HVT, hoping for a win via Classified. I didn't have the Orders to get a Specialist to the left Console and I'd only have one shot at that because of the Spetsnazs. I get Discovered after one Order and then on the very last Order I get within 8" but die to a Heavy Pistol ARO, not able to go Dogged because of Shock.

The game ends in a 2-2 Tie, we each control and have activated a Console while the Tech-Coffin is split and no Classifieds got done, both Beacons were placed.

I was very salty after this game which was a fortunate time to break for lunch. Once again I feel like from a macro perspective I out-played my opponent but I made too many little, weird errors to have a truly good game. I also just had a plan fall apart because of dice, which is very rare in Infinity, and that colored my perception for the rest of the game. Dice have always tilted me when they get out of hand and this was such a game, it's a personal weakness of mine.

Unfortunately the restaurant I went to had some of the worst service ever and despite being a five minute walk, if that, from the convention hall, and being practically empty, it took an hour to get fries and chicken strips. So I got back late and didn't really decompress much, anyways onto the next game I marched whether ready or not.

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