Episode 13: Not Playing Infinity Is For Chumps (Tohaa vs. Tartary Army Corps | Supplies)

Oh yeah, it's time. Back to Infinity.

Now that I'm back on 1.65 legs I'm actually able to play again, yay! This game is against a regular opponent, Bill, and his TAC Army. Bill is always a delight to play and I was pretty happy to sneak one in with him. A lot of my local players are practicing for some larger, regional, events that are within a few months of now so we decided to play Supplies. This isn't one of my LVO Missions but I was just happy to get a game in. To that end I didn't have a list built for the Mission but it's not so different that I couldn't just co-op my Acquisition/Power Pack list from LVO, so that's what I did to save time.


Combat Group 1

Kotail w/ Combi Rifle, E/M Grenades (Forward Observer)

Gao-Rael w/ Spitfire
Sukeul w/ K1 Combi Rifle, D-Charges (Forward Observer)
Makaul w/ Heavy Flamethrower, Eclipse Grenades, Viral CCW

Kamael Hacker (White Hacking Device) w/ Combi Rifle
Kaeltar (Chain of Command) w/ Light Shotgun, Flash Pulse, 2 SymbioMates
Kaeltar (Chain of Command) w/ Light Shotgun, Flash Pulse, 2 SymbioMates

Makaul w/ Heavy Flamethrower, Eclipse Grenades, DA CCW

Chaksa Auxiliar (Baggage, Sensor) Heavy Flamethrower
Chaksa Auxiliar (Baggage, Sensor) Heavy Flamethrower

Combat Group 2

Rasail Lieutenant w/ Viral Combi Rifle
Chaksa Peripheral w/ Heavy Flamethrower

Clipsos w/ Combi Rifle, Antipersonnel Mines (Forward Observer)

Liberto Minelayer w/ Light Shotgun, Chain-colt, Antipersonnel Mines

Krakot Renegade w/ 2 Chain Rifles, Grenades

Chaksa Auxiliar (Baggage, Sensor) Heavy Flamethrower


Combat Group 1

Veteran Kazak w/ AP HMG
Line Kazak Paramedic (MediKit) w/ Rifle
Line Kazak (Forward Observer) w/ Rifle
Frontovik Engineer w/ T2 Rifle, D-Charges
Colonel Voronin (Sensor) Lieutenant w/ T2 Boarding Shotgun

Strelok (Forward Observer) w/ Boarding Shotgun

Dynamo (Forward Observer) w/ Rifle
Dynamo Paramedic (MediKit) w/ Boarding Shotgun

Pavel McMannus w/ Ojotnik, Chain-colt, Antipersonnel Mines

Irmandinho w/ Chain Rifle, D-Charges, Smoke Grenades

Combat Group 2

Vassily (Chain of Command) w/ T2 Sniper, D-Charges

Strelok (Forward Observer) w/ Boarding Shotgun

Irmandinho w/ Chain Rifle, D-Charges, Smoke Grenades

Deployment and Pre-Game Thoughts

Right off the bat I have to apologize for the photos, there's not as many as I prefer. Frankly it's still hard for me to get around the table as much as I want and after not having played in awhile, and not done a Battle Report for longer, I'm a bit rusty. Sorry!

Looking over the board there is a sniper tower in a Deployment Zone, which I don't think is a good thing for a table but it wasn't worth fussing over. In general I do prefer asymmetrical tables for Infinity but a huge sniper tower is too powerful to put in either Deployment Zone, generally that kind of thing is best to fight over.

Winning the Lieutenant Roll I elected to go first. On face value Supplies looks like a Mission that you can almost outright win by going first, if your list is tailored to do so. My list isn't tailored but it's pretty fast and generally I'm weak when going first as it's outside my play-style so that seems like a nice way to tip the scales. Bill of course deployed second and took the side with the sniper tower.

I was able to largely stick with how my list is supposed to play by deploying in 2/3rds of the table and then "abandoning" the other third. To that end I have my Gao-Rael Triad on the extreme right along with the HVT, spare Makaul and the Kamael Triad, mostly all Prone. One Chaksa hung out nearby (the one in Group 2) just in case there's some Combat Jump shenanigans.

In the center I put the Rasail and her Chaksa, the Kotail (pretending to be Le Muet) and the Krakot who rolled 6-4 Movement and Super-Jump. On the far left I put the Liberto but I lacked an ideal angle for both him and his Mine because the Tech-Coffin was against a building and in my meta we play objectives as S:5, which I don't like but it is what it is. The last two Chaksa went more on the left-center just to hide.

On Bill's side he put the Fireteam Core on my left, mostly occupying a building to get dominant Lines of Fire. A Camo Token went in the sniper tower and another Camo Token went near the Fireteam. I read the Camo as either the obvious sniper or a very clever Ambush Camo, my preference is to assume a sniper and be cautious. The HVT went center-right, behind a building.

Both motorcycles and Irmandinhos went behind the central building with one getting an X-Visor and one getting a Light Shotgun from Booty. Various other Camo Tokens went on my right to round things off.

For my Reserve Model I put the Clipsos on the corner of the far-right building, which wasn't a great spot because she can't see anyone approaching from the center. I should have put her on top of the building which covers a huge amount of angles, sloppy play by me. Bill put down a Camo Token on my left. Lastly my Group 1 was reduced by two Orders.

After Deployment my read was that Bill was going to play from his central position, using the Motorcycles to zip around and pick up Supply Boxes where I was weak. I have no idea how many of the Camo Tokens are real nor what they could be so I'm playing blind on the flanks, which is bad. My goal is to get the center and right Supply Boxes and then just book it since Bill's list isn't all that fast outside the Motorcycles, who I can speed-bump.

Tohaa Turn 1

After looking over the board it was obvious that Bill had a long, unbroken LoF across the middle with several models, so Smoke would be necessary to go over there. However the right is only guarded by a few Camo Tokens so it made sense to start there. I move my spare Makaul to throw a Smoke on my side of the table, this doesn't help much but it stopped him from running out and I'll be able to use him better in the future. My Krakot was actually seen by the AP HMG so I can't move him without extraction, sloppy Deployment by me to put anyone in LoF when going first.

Starting with the Gao-Rael Triad I moved up the side as Bill declared no AROs, so Mines or Ambush Camo is possible. My Gao-Rael tried to Discover one of the Camo Tokens but failed and after getting in position my Sukeul managed to grab the Supply Box.

Switching gears I moved to Group 2 and pushed the Rasail up the board to cover the Tech-Coffin. I make another mistake here as I forgot to ask Bill who had Smoke, if anyone, which the Irmandinhos do. Instead I put the Rasail in Suppressive Fire so the center is pretty well-defended if I'm able to see.

At this point I'm not super sure what to do as I don't have a Specialist in the center so I can't grab the Supply Box. Unfortunately it just slipped my mind that the Kotail is a Forward Observer, I'm making a lot of mistakes just from being rusty. Instead I move the spare Makaul to Smoke the Krakot and extract him, which takes about four Orders as I just cannot land a Smoke on a 16. Eventually I get him out and I reposition several models to be safer. At this point I've mentally committed to chasing Bill down instead of grabbing the Supply Boxes myself.

With my last few Orders I move the Group 2 Chaksa up a bit, out of most LoF but threatening a Pistol shot on the Supply Box and my right side. This is a pretty low risk move as there's overlap with at least two models from both directions, it will also let me get a forward Sensor if I need one next turn.

TAC Turn 1

Both Irmadinhos move out with their Impetuous Order, both heading towards the Rasail's Chaksa. The first one gets caught and flups his Smoke because of Suppressive Fire, dying to the Rasail's Viral Combi. The other is able to hide and lands his Smoke for coverage.

With a few more Orders the surviving Irmandinho throws another Smoke and one of the Camo Tokens start moving toward the center. The Irmandinho uses two Orders to get to the Tech-Coffin and try to push the button but he fails. The Camo Token then tries, revealing a Strelok Forward Observer, who gets the Supply Box.

On the right one of the Camo Tokens moves up to see just the Sukeul, which I Delay to, and then reveals another Strelok with a Boarding Shotgun. I win the Face to Face but the Strelok makes its ARM Save and Guts' behind the building. Bill has another go with his last Group 2 Order, critting me to Symbiont Inactive.

The Strelok with a Supply Box moves back but not so far I won't be able to see him on my Turn, although he will drop the Supply Box in a very easy location for Bill to retrieve. Another Camo Token heads towards the left Tech-Coffin as does the Irmandinho. At this point we have a LoF mistake as the Camo Token turns out to be Pavel who grabs the Supply Box. However we rewind the game as it is mandatory that my Mine go off when it sees Pavel, which it did and barely reached him. This kills Pavel outright so the Irmandinho moves over, grabs the Supply Box from the Tech-Coffin, and moves back to hide near the HVT.

Tohaa Turn 2

While I'm down on the Mission I can still fight my way back in but I'm also badly pinned down by Bill's insane LoF. Going through my Impetuous Orders I accidentally cheat by Speculative Firing a Grenade from the Krakot onto the Irmandinho, luckily it misses so no harm. The spare Makaul moves towards the Irmandinhoand reveals Vassily but I Smoke Dodge and win the roll.

Once again looking over the board I cannot easily extract my Sukeul because I'd have to activate the Fireteam or cancel it, otherwise the Sukeul gets shot again. There is a line where I can get the nearby Chaksa up but I'd need to cross the LoF that Bill controls. To that end I move the spare Makaul over and after another failure he sticks the Smoke. The Chaksa then moves up and the Strelok Dodges in place but fails and burns to death. This removes all the immediate threats on the right as several of the Camo Tokens were Ambush Camo.

Now I need to get the Boxes back, or at least do my best. The Makaul puts down another Smoke so I can cross the center and I push the Rasail up as I have no other plans for those Orders. Both the Chaksa and Rasil shoot the Strelok, who tries to Dodge back, but gets gunned down. I eyeball the Chaksa's position and I think he can get a shot on the Dynamos so I go for that with my last Group 2 Order. Bill Dodges with the back Dynamo and shoots with the front. In the end the back Dynamo lives via its ARM Save and the front one burns to death, missing its shot.

I now realize that I made a huge order of operations error because the Smoke in the center is blocking my Gao-Rael, who was going to shoot the Irmandinho with the Supply Box. Resigned to not being able to get to him with much I push more models into the center so I can slightly guard the free Supply Box and make it hard for the Irmandinho to run backwards. Looking at things now I could have revealed the Clipso in a TO Camo state and either Move-Move or Move-Mine near the Irmandinho, if I get Discovered it still would have been worth it but only two models could have tried and both would be at -9.

TAC Turn 2

To start the turn the Irmandinho runs towards the Makaul and is promptly burned to death by the Makaul. I did make a positioning mistake with several models as I blocked my own Kotail and the Rasail wasn't over enough. Bleh.

With most of the forward pieces dead Bill starts moving the Fireteam, I reveal the Clipsos to shoot the AP HMG but miss as Bill just keeps moving.

The Fireteam keeps moving with the AP HMG getting LoF to the Makaul, who gets gunned down. There's a few rolls between the HMG and my Kotail as I try to Dodge in Total Cover, ultimately I lose the SymbioMate and go Symbiont Inactive but get to fail Guts to where I want to go.

The pain train keeps rolling and Bill gets the HMG into a position where it can see the Rasail. Once again I try to Dodge because of the Mods but the HMG has too many bonuses. I lose the SymbioMate and then Bill puts four ARM Saves on me but I only pass one so the Rasail goes Unconscious.

Tohaa Turn 3

I have one Supply Box but Bill has the remaining two very near the bulk of his army. I have several plays here, the main two being using a lot of Smoke to have the Kotail pick up one Supply Box and run for dear life, the other is to just put as many guns on both Boxes as possible and also trying to remove some Orders. I decide to go with the latter because I'd need to spend a lot of Orders getting the Makaul where he needs to be safely and any failed rolls are a complete disaster.

I throw a Smoke to block Vassily's LoF and then notice that Bill is out of Command Tokens from using Coordinated Orders to move stuff around. If I can break the Fireteam then my odds of defending the Supply Boxes go up, but the angles are awkward. In any case I start putting Orders into the Gao-Rael against the AP HMG, losing my SymbioMate but eventually taking him down when I find the right distance between the HMG and Pistol while also having Cover.

Unfortunately I'm a bit low on Orders on Group 1 now so I try to move the Triad as best I can forward. The Makaul makes it to see the Supply Box but the Gao-Rael is too slow.

I have all my Command Tokens left so I use three Coordinated Orders to move the Krakot, Clipsos, and Chaksa forward. Vissily gets a shot on the Clipsos and I decide to Dodge, which works. I'm then able to get everything forward to completely blanket the nearer Supply Box but not far enough to help with the other. I also place two Mines, effectively making it impossible to grab the Box near me.

TAC Turn 3

Working with 7 Orders Bill decides to shoot the Makaul with one of the former Fireteam members, I shoot back and we both go Unconscious. The Paramedic then moves up to try and revive the fallen Line Kazak but fails, killing him. The Paramedic then moves and picks up the Supply Box.

With the last Supply Box hanging in the balance the Dynamo moves out and shoots the Krakot, who Dodges successfully to the right. Bill then tries to move Voronin but crucially cannot clear the Dynamo's base with one Move. The Dynamo sprints forward and grabs the Box but dies to the Mines and Voronin won't have enough Movement to make it to the Box. With that we end the game and I change one of my Classifieds to Secure HVT for a 2-1 win.

Post-Game Thoughts

Well, I won, somehow. As expected this was a very sloppy game on my part, particularly with dumb stuff like forgetting my Kotail was a Specialist. Looking over the game I think I could have grabbed at least one Box on Turn 3 safely but in the moment it didn't look that way so I played for the low score win. Ultimately it worked out, so that's something I suppose.

Supplies is actually a more interesting Mission than I originally thought because while it's often easy to grab the Boxes it's not as easy to run away and hide. This was a minor problem for me and a major problem for Bill, although losing a Box near your own lines isn't that bad. Going second is also pretty valuable if you build for it because you have last say on the Boxes which almost lost me the game this time.

On Bill's side I think he was a bit too spread out, the models on my right side were mostly a Trojan Horse that worked out well because of a crit, we were each two dice with me on 10's and the Strelok on 11's so that's a dangerous engagement. It also feels like he changed course a few times on Turn 1, the Dynamos never got involved which would have been more Order efficient and chasing them down would be nearly impossible, especially with dismounts and going Prone. I was also puzzled by the Paramedic play on Turn 3, I don't see why getting that model up helps anything since it already did its job.

I would have had a pretty easy win if I remembered the Kotail correctly since he could freely grab the center or left Box with a single Smoke for each, I just blanked out. The Kotail is an amazing model in this Mission, he's so fast and with Super-Jump he can either get the Boxes quickly or hunt down whoever has them. I still struggle to play him properly but it's only been a few games.

Overall I made a lot of positional errors this game, many of which I brought up. If we were to replay the game from the beginning or from the start of my Turn 2 I likely win handily which tells me my list had the tools I just didn't execute. I also did a bad job with my Classified Objectives, I had HVT: Designation and Telemetry, both very doable. Sadly I just forgot the Kotail's Specialist role as mentioned but the HVT was well defended until my Turn 3. Telemetry was frustrating because all of Bill's models kept dying and not going Unconscious and I never felt like I could just raw dog a Face to Face Forward Observer roll into an active trooper. That's probably me playing too scared but the Sukeul got hammered early and then the game was shifting momentum so I didn't spare the time.

I'll say this was a very enjoyable game and as always Bill is among my favorite opponents. I had to start shaking the rust off and I expected it to be ugly, which it was, but we'll do better next time. Until then, thanks for reading!

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