Episode 71: He's FULL of Black Rage...FULL.

Back to the normal, playing games and putting them on the Internet for tens upon tens of people to read. It's good to be home. Today was another game against a semi-regular opponent, Eric, and his fantastically painted Blood Angels. Eric is trying to take that next step into more competitive play, which I applaud, so we played a semi-serious game to that end.

I was happy to hit the table again and test out my Chaos Cultist list that's really coming together. So far I like the way it plays a lot but I see the weaknesses, Vehicle based gunlines and certain Flier spam lists are a real issue. I would love to have the ability to drop a Rhino Chassis at range every turn without dumping a lot of Command Points but every list can't have everything.

Army Lists


Battalion Detachment - Alpha Legion
Chaos Lord w/ Jump Pack, Axe of Blind Fury, Combi-Melta, MoK
Warpsmith w/ Combi-Melta
Warpsmith w/ Combi-Melta

40 Cultists w/ Autoguns, MoS
40 Cultists w/ Autoguns, MoS
40 Cultists w/ Autoguns, MoS
40 Cultists w/ Autoguns, MoS
40 Cultists w/ Autoguns, MoS

Battalion Detachment - Chaos Demons
Demon Prince of Khorne w/ Wings, MoK, Skullreaver, Warp Bolter
Poxbringer [Shriveling Pox]

3 Nurglings
3 Nurglings
3 Nurglings

Supreme Command Detachment
Abaddon the Despoiler [Warlord]
Ahriman [Prescience, Infernal Gaze, Warptime]
Warpsmith w/ Combi-Melta, MoK [World Eaters]

Blood Angels

Battalion Detachment
Captain w/ Powerfist, Storm Bolter
Primaris Lieutenant w/ Bolt Pistol, Power Sword

10 Death Company w/ Bolters and Chainswords

Furioso Dreadnought w/ Furioso Fist, Heavy Flamer, Frag Cannon
Furioso Dreadnought w/ Furioso Fist, Heavy Flamer, Frag Cannon

5 Scouts w/ Bolters, 1 Heavy Bolter
5 Scouts w/ Bolters, 1 Heavy Bolter
5 Scouts w/ Bolters, 1 Heavy Bolter

Razorback w/ Twin Assault Cannon
Razorback w/ Twin Assault Cannon
Razorback w/ Twin Assault Cannon

Stormraven w/ Twin Multimelta, Twin Lascannon, Two Hurricane Bolters, Stormstrike Missiles

Supreme Command Detachment
Captain w/ The Angel's Wings, Thunder Hammer, Stormshield
Librarian w/ Jump Pack, Force Axe

Mission and Deployment
ITC Mission #5
Frontline Assault

Chaos Secondary Objectives
Old School, Big Game Hunter, Headhunter

Blood Angel Secondary Objectives
Old School, The Reaper, Headhunter

Terrain was fairly dense, probably more than I put on my tables but overall a good table. With the large LoS blocker in the center we had a good split up of the table and most of the Objectives could be held while hiding, which I quite like. Anything that dissuades stupid gunlines is good with me.

I deployed very centrally, dropping a few Cultist units while Eric countered with Razorbacks. I then started putting the Warpsmiths, Abaddon, and the other more support-y Characters in the center with the Lord up in the clouds. Eric put down Scouts across the middle and right with the Dreadnoughts and the far left. This made me pull away from the left and favor the right more but I did put a unit of Nurglings on the left Objective as they could hide pretty easily. I ended up with two more Nurglings on the right to try and take that Objective, the Prince on the right, and Eric had the Stormraven on the right with his support more centered along with the Death Company. All the Jump Pack Characters went in the clouds.


Overall I got the matchups I want, although I'll never catch the Stormraven. They can play the range game too well so I'm probably going to have to eat it for Turn 1-2 and maybe go for a cheeky Warptime + Prescience on the Warpsmith. If it gets scary I can really commit a unit of Cultists with all the bells and whistles to get an average of 10 Wounds, Ahriman really makes things happen at times.

Having the Death Company on the board means they're coming right for me and I won't be able to do much about it even if I go first. I wanted to go second because I think my army is a lot better on Objectives and Eric doesn't have enough guns to drop a unit a turn after the first turn. My Demon Prince was pretty forward, I was kind of gambling that the Nurgling ring would survive to keep him safe but that was a very bad play in retrospect, it would have been easy for the Razorbacks to remove them and then the Prince goes down for free, however that makes the Cultists a bit questionable of a kill with just the Death Company. All in all I don't think hanging the Prince out there like that was a good idea, I also zeroed in on the Stromraven too much when he should have gone and smashed the Dreadnoughts.

Eric won the roll for First Turn, which I should have let him have, but I failed to Seize. Most games I probably want to go second and I think that's a good place to be. Eric moved the Death Company pre-game, leaving him with 4 Command Points as he also gave Death Company to the Smash Captain. I started with 11 to deck out the Demon Prince.

Turn 1 - Blood Angels

While the Death Company were already in my face, jumping over the building, he moved them a bit further up to guarantee the Charge. The Stormraven booked it to the left, away from the Prince, as the Dreadnoughts kept left and moved toward the Nurglings. Nothing else moved much and the Character Bomb stayed in Reserve.

Shooting dumped nearly everything into the center Cultists where the Death Company were about to make a mess, when the dust settled I had ~10 left. The Nurglings near the Objective took a few wounds and I lost a few Cultists on the left. Overall I took the damage I expected and luckily didn't lose my Demon Prince, although he doesn't have much to do.

The Charge from the Death Company came but they didn't declare the Characters as targets, I'd carefully removed casualties so that I could Heroic Intervention with everything but the Poxbringer. All my Cultists got wiped out and then some, however I also killed all the Death Company. Abaddon getting 12 Attacks may have had something to do with that.....

Turn Analysis

The turn went pretty much as I expected, Eric could have placed the Death Company to tie up other Cultist units and avoid some of the Characters but Abaddon was getting in there and he brought the pain. Eric's Dreadnoughts not booking it to the center is a huge win for me, those things will kill a lot of Cultists, now I can just feed them some Nurglings and ignore them. The Stormraven is also too close to I can Melta it without even Advancing, hopefully I can at least degrade it.

Overall I think Eric was a bit overly aggressive, if the Scouts got up a bit more for more Rapid Fire and less -1 to Hit, plus maybe some Charges, I think he gets there as far as killing a unit.

5-0 for Blood Angels

Chaos Turn 1

With the Death Company out of the way but my Characters in the wind I needed to rally a bit until I could take out the Stormraven. I Advanced the Cultists on my left to cover the cap, reasoning I really didn't need much shooting from them this turn, while the rest just moved up. My Warpsmiths went left to try and damage the Stormraven, although one came up short on his distance and I should have Advanced him. My Nurglings all moved up, on the left to hide and on the right to Charge. My Chaos Lord also dropped in but not in range of the Warpsmiths, more positional errors. The Stormraven and a Razorback each took a wound from Machine Curse.

In the Psychic Phase I put Prescience on the front Warpsmith and did a few wounds to the Stormraven with Smites and Infernal Gaze. Shooting went so-so, I dropped the Stormraven to 1 Wound thanks to a damage re-roll on double 1's for damage, I also killed one Scout unit and reduced the other to a Sergeant.

Charges went out from the Demon Prince into the Razorback which he failed, taking a wound. I got the Nurglings into the Scouts, dragging one down as I lost a few wounds but Piling In creatively to tag the Objective and keep Eric off of it. This gave me both flank Objectives for the moment and with a lot of the Scouts dead it'd be tough to reclaim them.

Turn Analysis

I made so many mistakes here that in hindsight it's brutal. I should have done one of the following:

Advanced/Warptime'd the Warpsmith into Meltagun Range
Dropped the Lord and Warptime'd him for a Charge into the Stormraven
Endless Cacophony'd the Cultists to put in another wound on the Stormraven

Doing none of this means it gets to fly around and likely kill my Demon Prince, even hitting on 5's, or at least weaken him greatly. As is my Lord did nothing when his Combi-Melta would have been helpful, a lot of my Cultists did nothing when I could have Warptime'd them to deal with the last Scout unit, and overall I'm only up on damage because the Stormraven was out of position and the Death Company were thrown away a bit.

5-5 Tied

Blood Angels Turn 2

Having lost most of his forward elements Eric moved to get what he could, flying the Stormraven over to the Demon Prince as predicted. The Dreadnoughts moved to shoot my Nurglings on the left while the Scout Sergeant ran headlong into my lines, Advancing as well. One rear Razorback moved up to get in range and get the Captain Aura. The Character Bomb also came down very close to the Demon Prince and my army in general.

I was able to Deny both of Eric's Psychic Powers so we quickly moved to shooting. Even hitting on 4's/5's the Razorbacks were brutal, chewing up 25+ Cultists alone while the Stormraven tacked on more and put three wounds on the Demon Prince. A stray Bolt Pistol claimed another of his wounds while the Dreadnoughts killed a Nurgling base as the Dreadnoughts had to Advance into position and couldn't use their Heavy Flamers.

Charges saw the 3d6" and +d3 Attack Stratagems used on the Smash Captain, draining Eric's Command Points while the Librarian made it in and Lemartes failed. My Demon Prince easily went down to the Captain alone, as expected, while I went down to one Nurgling on the right but dragged another Scout to his doom.

Turn Analysis

There were a few mistakes big and large from Eric this turn I thought. He forgot Pistols on the Scouts and also didn't use Lemartes' re-roll for Charges, or a Command re-roll. Personally I think Lemartes should have gone to deal with the Nurglings on the left while the Dreadnoughts Advanced to the center, they're just wasting time over there and keeping pressure off me. I'm not sure why the Sergeant ran at me, he should have hidden in the ruins on the left to deny a kill or at least make me work for it.

 The Smash Captain was also way over-allocated to, he used up almost all of Eric's Command Points by himself. Getting the Librarian in means the +d3 Attacks aren't necessary and I don't know if giving him Death Company Keyword was useful this game, it was just a 6+ FNP and +1 Attack on the Charge. Finally the Stormraven is again really close to me but it probably matters a lot less at this point.

8-5 for Blood Angels

Chaos Turn 2

My Cultists continued to move forward as the Warpsmiths went center-left and the other Characters went right to deal with all the juicy HQs in my face. I Advanced the free unit of Nurglings near the right Objective but couldn't quite get in range which opened up an opportunity for Eric to Consolidate onto it and take it. I declined to use Tide of Traitors since I figured I'd remove a good chunk of Eric's firepower this turn, unfortunately I denied LoS to the Stormraven with all my Warpsmiths so they couldn't pick it off. Instead I put one wound on each Razorback. (In the pictures the Warpsmiths are on the bottom floor of the building, not the top).

Smites put three wounds on the Captain and Infernal Gaze finished the Stormraven while I Prescience'd a full unit of Cultists in Rapid Fire of the Librarian and Captain. Shooting removed both, the Librarian dropped to the Lord's Combi-Melta and the Captain from mass Autoguns. I also removed the rightmost Razorback, which Exploded and dealt three wounds to the Lieutenant and Captain, and the Scout Sergeant with the Warpsmiths.

With no Charges I killed off another Scout and took no damage this time around but Eric did get the Objective. This tied us on Objectives as I had mine and the center, Eric had his and the left since my Nurglings had to hide, and we tied on the right.

Turn Analysis

Not Machine Cursing the Stormraven was a pretty big oversight as I could have Warptime'd my Lord forward in the Psychic Phase once the threat of an Explosion was gone and probably picked up Lemartes too. I also should have re-rolled my Advance to get more guys onto the right Objective, my army is much better at Scenario than Blood Angels are but I wasn't aggressive enough.

Fortunately the list was working as intended since I'm now grinding Eric down. I have some damaged Cultist units but I'm going to wait until the last moment to recycle them and soak up as much damage as I can. With only two Razorbacks left that can threaten them and Lemartes running around I should be okay through Turn 3.

12-8 for Chaos

Blood Angels Turn 3

Feeling the game slipping away Eric Advanced both Dreadnoughts towards my Cultist flank and moved Lemartes to intercept the Nurglings reinforcing the right Objective. With not much else to move we transitioned to shooting where the Razorbacks continued to go on a tear, dropping 18 of 20 Cultists in my shot up unit. Fortunately for me Lemartes wasn't able to contribute and the Captain was out of range with his Stormbolter.

Both Dreadnoughts attempted to unload into my Cultists but I was able to pull casualties and get one out of 8", still losing 11 models. Lemartes then Charged the Nurglings while the Dreadnoughts declined an attempt.

Combat saw me taking three wounds on the Nurglings from Lemartes and one from the Scouts while I punched the Chaplain back for two of his own.

Turn Analysis

I really disagreed with the Dreadnoughts at least trying a Charge, they are unlikely to take damage and it's all in time. Likewise Lemartes could have gone after bigger game like my Chaos Lord, I'm just going to Fall Back onto the Objective like I wanted to do anyways.

12-9 for Chaos

Chaos Turn 3

Hoping to drop the hammer this turn I moved two Warpsmiths towards the Razorbacks further and diverted one to hopefully handle the Dreadnoughts, screening him with some Cultists. The Nurglings in Combat with Lemartes Fell Back onto the Objective and everyone else pushed forward or to the right. The Chaos Lord decided to get involved and positioned for a Charge into the Razorbacks or the Lieutenant.  On the left my Nurglings took back the Objective once the Dreadnoughts stomped off. Once again Machine Curse proved useful as I wounded a Furioso and one Razorback, I also recycled the two man Cultist unit to Eric's back lines, intending to gun down the Captain who was reeling from the explosion earlier.

My Psychic Phase was fairly straightforward, giving +1 to Hit to the Cultists hoping to gun down Lemartes while I put some wounds on Razorbacks with Smite and Infernal Gaze. Shooting dropped one of the Furioso's and one Razorback as well as Lemartes. Unfortunately I forgot the unit of Cultists I put in the backfield since I didn't actually put the models back on the trays and thus couldn't see them.

My Charge with the Chaos Lord got into the Lieutenant who had his head removed, the Lord then Consolidated into the Razorback. My last Nurgling on the right was taken down to his last wound but couldn't inflict any damage back.

At this point Eric conceded the game having only a Dreadnought left, two Scouts, a badly hurt Captain, and a Razorback that wouldn't be shooting. If we were to talk it out I might lose a Warpsmith on the left, Charges depending, but then kill everything on Turn 4.


I definitely played insanely sloppy this game and I think if Eric played perfectly he could have won. Besides some really great rolls from the Razorbacks nothing too out of the ordinary happened dice-wise, my list was just able to capitalize on mistakes better and win the attrition war.

Eric and I talked the game over and I told him I felt the Dreadnoughts were wasted and the Stormraven was thrown away since he could have premeasured my Warpsmith threat range. If both those plays were changed I likely do almost nothing on Turn 1 and have to eat more shooting. Once the Death Company died I think the chance to drop a Cultist unit a turn died with them, at least until the Dreadnoughts got in, but Blood Angels can play slow and steady. I would have liked the Stormraven to mop up my Nurglings and make use of those big guns, that would have really hurt my Scenario game on the flanks.

A large part of the Blood Angel army was what I'm weak too, mechanized gunlines and fliers. It's easy to see why as it'll take me 2-3 Turns to get my Melta in range without overextending. On my part I just screwed the Demon Prince from the word go, he should have just hung back and waited for those Dreadnoughts or the Characters. If he made the 9" Charge into the Razorback he'd scrap it and maybe Consolidate into another one which is a big play but I just didn't need to go that hard that early with a vulnerable Character.

Three games in I need to keep working on my Character positioning. This game Abaddon was in the right spot all game, although I think I need to Advance him more and use him to scare people off. The Chaos Lord was a bit all over the place but he moved to a fighter role this time, not a support role. I'll likely go back to my Ork deployment against most armies where the Characters are 1-2 rows back from the Cultists so they're still screened but they can move up-field quickly.

As far as time goes, since people are frankly talking shit about this army in a tournament setting, we got through the game in two hours with me not having full movement trays and a lot of casual talking. If this was a timed environment I think we have an hour left easily in the round, maybe a tad more. That was also with Eric helping me move no models and roll no dice. The only thing we cut short was me shooting Lemartes. As I've said many times, the clock is not an issue if you know what to do.

I continue to love this army and see myself grow with it. I have an RTT coming up in ~2 Weeks so I'm hoping to get in game shape for that and take 1st Place, I feel good about playing against all the local meta threats. We'll see how it goes though and I hope to play another game this weekend, maybe against something that's more of a hard counter if I can find it.

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  1. In a tournament, you'll probably get slow played, cause too many tourney players are jerks