Episode 58: More Tournament Testery (Chaos Space Marines vs. Salamanders 2000 Points)


  1. To be honest, I couldn't watch the entire thing. Nearly 100% of your army is proxied to try and play the optimized internet build against a very non optimized army. However, to be fair, your opponent agreed to play. I've played this game for over 28 years now and it's really not that tactically in depth and horrible mismatches have occurred in every single edition, this one being no different. I suspect you could clearly see on paper this would not be overly competitive and I find it disappointing that you rolled over an opponent for the sake of...what exactly? Sorry, but I'll have to move on to find better blogs/youtube content for 40K. Best of luck.

    1. Sorry you feel that way. Yes not all my games are competitive in terms of both players have an even chance to win, I actually don't think many games are like that at all. Most of my games are aimed at preparing for tournaments which are quite common in my area. Just in November we had three!

      If you don't think 40K has any tactical depth then yes it'd be a good idea to ignore my content, it would do nothing for you if you operate under that supposition.