Episode 47: And Now For Something Completely Different (Orks vs. Ultramarines 2000 Points)

This week was the first week of my Ladder League, an event I'm running at one of my local stores. We managed to round up over 20 participants with more people possibly interested which is great turn out and a lot of fun for me to manage. This will probably run 8-12 weeks and help me get a regular game in which is always welcome.

To start off with I was against Rob, an Ultramarines player who gave me my closest game in the tournament from last month. He was sporting a slightly changed list, still all Primaris (mostly) but with some more optimization. I, on the other hand, was sporting something pretty unique that I've been working on for awhile and wanted to test drive...

Big Mek on Warbike w/ KFF
Big Mek on Warbike w/ KFF

11 Burna Boyz
15 Tankbustas
15 Tankbustas

Kill Tank w/ Gigashoota, a Twin Big Shoota, and 2 Big Shootas
Gargantuan Squiggoth w/ 2 Big Zzappas and 2 Twinlinked Big Shootas
Gargantuan Squiggoth w/ 2 Big Zzappas and 2 Twinlinked Big Shootas

Roboute Guilliman (Warlord w/ Adept of the Codex)
Primaris Captain w/ Sanctic Halo
Primaris Librarian w/ Mind War and Fury of the Ancients

3 Aggressors w/ Flamestorm Gauntlets

5 Intercessors
5 Intercessors
8 Intercessors

3 Inceptors

Stormtalon Gunship w/ Typhoon Missile Launcher

5 Hellblasters
Repulsor w/ Twin Lascannon, 5x Fragstorm Grenade Launchers, Onslaught Gatling Cannon

Scenario & Deployment
Retrieval (ITC Variant) | Dawn of War

This being my first time out with this army I wasn't super sure what to do with it so I deployed close together but aggressively. My hope was to remove the few anti-tank threats that Rob had and then play a bit cagey and force him to come to me since Guilliman hits like a truck and can take 15+ Wounds off a Squiggoth in melee with decent ease.

I am proxying quite a bit this game, only the Big Meks were the actual models. I do plan on using the Baneblade as a Squiggoth and getting another if I like this list, the footprint is correct I just need to add a howdah for some height. I'd also probably be able to put all the guys in the howdah which would look pretty awesome. But for now I'm using a Gorkanaut, which I cleared with Rob, and a Battlewagon for the Kill Tank.

Ultramarines all deployed in the typical Guilliman bubble except the Flier and the Inceptors who of course went in Reserves. The Aggressors went in the Repulsor, which seems like an excellent combo. I was worried about Objectives with this army so I tried to place mine as much in the mid-field as I could as that's where I thought I'd be spending my time. Rob put his more defensively, which is a good move as he doesn't want to be anywhere near me from the get go.

We tied multiple times for first turn and eventually Rob won with me failing to Seize.

Ultramarines Turn 1

Movement Phase
Rob's Objectives were Destroy a Unit and have a Unit within 12" of my Deployment Edge. Using the Deep Strikers there's not much I can do about the second but I think destroying something will be extremely hard.

Most everything in the Marine army moves up a bit although the Stormtalon moves up aggressively. I'd placed my Big Meks in such a way that they couldn't be picked off even by a high movement model, something I've been bitten with a few times and learned from. The Inceptors came down on my left, well within 12" of my edge, but in a good place to get Cover and make me go out of my way for them.

Psychic & Shooting Phase
With no Psychic fun in range Rob went into shooting, throwing his entire army at the left Squiggoth (Morkanaut). All in all it takes 21 Wounds as I failed to make any 5++ Saves on the bigger guns and really didn't make many period. Guilliman was also a big help getting some mileage out of the Bolt Rifles and Rob wisely used Scions of Guilliman to re-roll 1's on the Inceptors.

Charge, Fight, & Morale Phase
With no Charges the turn passes to me.

Orks Turn 1

Movement Phase
My Objectives were Destroy a Unit and Destroy a Unit. My hope was to kill the Repulsor and the Stormtalon since those are the biggest threats to me anyways, besides Guilliman of course, and some of the easier to remove targets for my army.

My plan was to move up a bit and get some control of center field and thus my Objectives. Rob having to bunker up for re-rolls means I can get some good Charges and thus Mortal Wounds with the Squiggoths but I want to thin the ranks first and then focus on Guilliman.

To this end everything moved forward and I chose to mostly ignore the Inceptors. Rokkits can hurt them but I wound on 3's and they get a 4+ Save thanks to Cover so there's bigger fish to fry right now. If Rob had been threatening two Maelstrom Points I would have reconsidered.

Psychic & Shooting Phase
My shooting saw all the Tankbustas go into the Repulsor and kill it. I left it with 8 Wounds after the first salvo and I really wanted to make sure it went down since it has all the biggest guns, unfortunately for me it didn't explode and none of the Aggressors died.

My Burnas managed to put 6 Wounds on the Stormtalon thanks to a re-roll to get them three shots each and I did some miscellaneous Wounds to Intercessors and killing a Hellblaster with the remaining guns. I was hoping to finish the Stormtalon but the Zzapas all missed, I really wish Squiggoths ignored the Heavy Weapon penalty.

Charge, Fight, & Morale Phase
Since I can't Charge the Stormtalon I elected to do nothing and see what Rob would do. At this point I'm even on Maelstrom but have more board control and I'm working towards what my armies goal of removing the guns that threaten Toughness 8.

Ultramarines Turn 2

Movement Phase
Rob scored for having a unit within 12" of my Deployment Edge and rolled hold Objective 1 and Destroy a Unit. Objective 1 is very close to his big Intercessor unit and he's certainly eyeing my damaged Squiggoth.

Most of the army moves up to make that happen with the Hellblasters getting into Rapid Fire and the Stormtalon getting behind me. While they end up outside of Flamer range the Aggressors aim to get an 8" Charge on the Kill Tank.

Psychic & Shooting Phase
Everything starts off with a bang as the Primaris Psyker fails to manifest any powers. Moving onto shooting the army once again fires into the Squiggoth and kills it as I'm doing a poor job of rolling 5's, although somehow none of the Tankbustas die. The Inceptors shoot into the Kill Tank, being out of range for everything else, and do a few Wounds to it.

Charge, Fight, & Morale Phase
Rob Charges the Aggressors into the Kill Tank and they take a Wound from Overwatch, I also Heroically Intervene with a Big Mek. In Combat they whiff and don't even do a Wound, I do nothing back. Rob then uses Honor the Chapter to have them fight again, and they whiff again.

With no Morale we pass over to me.

Orks Turn 2

Movement Phase
Well I can't do anything about Rob getting 2 Maelstrom Points so unless I want to fall behind I also have to get 2. However with the Squiggoth going down so early I think attrition is slipping away from me which is my primary win condition. I roll Hold Objective 1 and Hold Objective 2, fortunately I placed both of these in good positions so Rob shouldn't be able to do much about those.

My remaining Squiggoth moves to get a multi-Charge and the uncommitted Big Mek zips behind it to grab Objective 2. My other Big Mek Falls Back but I make a mistake and leave the Kill Tank in Combat. I totally forgot Ultramarines can Fall Back and shoot and then didn't move my Tankbustas enough which leaves them exposed.

The Burnas disembarked to have another go at the Stormtalon and the Tankbustas just spread a bit to hold my Objective 1.

Psychic & Shooting Phase
My shooting goes well with the Burnas flaming the Stormtalon out of the sky which me and Rob found hilarious, it didn't explode. My Rokkits split a bit and killed 2 Hellblasters and 3 from the Intercessor unit on the right. Unfortunately the remaining shooting does nothing as my Kill Tank is still in Combat.

Charge, Fight, & Morale Phase
With nothing to do but get a Charge my Squiggoth rolls a 9" (wish they had 'Ere We Go too) and gets into Guilliman, the Hellblasters, the Captain, and the front Intercessor unit while only taking 1 Wound from Overwatch.

The d6 Mortal Wounds are brutal, killing all the Hellblasters, dealing 6 Wound to Guilliman, 5 to the Captain, and all of the front Intercessors. In Combat I put 4 Attacks into the Captain and Guilliman, killing both AND Guilliman fails to resurrect even after a re-roll!

The God Squiggoth then Piled In to the Librarian and other Intercessor unit who did a Wound to it. At this point I'm likely to lose my Burna Boyz and Tankbustas on Rob's Turn but with Guilliman dead the game swung heavily into my favor. I have a barely damaged Squiggoth and Rob has little that can hurt it, although I do need to keep my Maelstrom score up.

Ultramarines Turn 3

Movement Phase
Rob scores his 2 Maelstrom Points for a score of 3-1, he also rolls Destroy a Unit and Hold Objective 1. Both of these should be very simple this Turn as a unit of Intercessors is already on the Objective and my Orks out in the open are well...out in the open.

Both the Librarian and Aggressors Fall Back from Combat but Rob leaves the Intercessors in possibly prevent another Charge. The Inceptors move forward a bit but are still staying on the left.

Psychic & Shooting Phase
Smite and Mind War puts a few Wounds on the Squiggoth but he has many more to go. Pistols from the Intercessors do another Wound and the main shooting of the army leaves me with 2 Burnas and 4 Tankbustas, all in all it could have been worse.

Charge, Fight, & Morale Phase
In Combat the Squiggoth kills 4 Intercessors but only does 1 Wound to the Sergeant, even after a reroll. This leaves the Squiggoth locked in Combat for my turn which is quite bad for me although not the end of the world.

My Burna Boyz flee the battle and I use 2 Command Points to keep the Tankbustas around since they're Scoring my Objective.

Orks Turn 3

Movement Phase
I was fortunate to make it through and score both my Maelstrom Objectives, keeping the score close at 3-3. This was pretty important since Rob was again certainly scoring both of his with my Squiggoth tied up. I rolled Destroy a Unit and have a Unit within 12" of Rob's Deployment Edge. I was about an inch out but if I kill the Sergeant and Consolidate into the Librarian I can make it.

My movement isn't much to behold as the Kill Tank places itself between the Interceptors and Intercessors. With the slow movement and limited range of the Aggressors I'm comfortable with sacrificing the remaining Tankbustas to them and then leaving them out of the game. My Big Mek follows the Kill Tank and repairs it for a Wound while the other stays in Cover.

Psychic & Shooting Phase
All of my Rokkits go into the Inceptors but I roll poorly and only kill one. Luckily a Zzappa smokes another and the Kill Tank finishes off the last of them. I also kill an Intercessor and leave Rob without much on the table.

Charge, Fight, & Morale Phase
My Kill Tank Charges the Intercessors, taking no damage, but again fails to do any damage. I take 1 Wound back but leave the unit tied up, or at least hitting on 4's if they Fall Back. On the other side of the table the Sergeant is squashed and I Consolidate into the Librarian to get my Maelstrom Objective.

Ultramarines Turn 4

Movement Phase
Rob scores both his Objectives, putting him at 5-3, and rolls Destroy a Unit and have a Unit within 12" of my Deployment Edge.

Intercessors Fall Back and the Aggressors get in the face of the Tankbustas, putting them just out of the Maelstrom Objective.

Psychic & Shooting Phase
After we talk about it Rob decides to shoot one Aggressor at the Tankbustas but only kills 1. Intercessors then chip in for another 1 casualty. Mind War and Smite do 6 Wounds to the Squiggoth but he's nowhere near dead.

Charge, Fight, & Morale Phase
My Tankbustas get Charged by the Aggressors, doing no damage, and are wiped out. The Librarian does nothing and is stomped into nothingness, rising temporarily with Only In Death Does Duty End, again failing to wound my behemoth before he keels over. I Consolidate towards the Intercessors.

Orks Turn 4

This turn goes by quickly as both the Aggressors take Rokkits to the face and the Squiggoth Charges the Intercesors, killing a few, and then removes the rest in Combat. At this point Rob is tabled.

Major Victory for the Orks!

Post-Game Thoughts and List Discussion

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