Episode 36: We're Not So Different...You and I (Orks vs. Dark Eldar 1000 Points) [League Game]

My weeks adventure in 40K started with a game for my League, which is currently still at 1000 Points but going to 1500 next week. I was hoping to play Tau but they still aren't that close to being table ready, also I don't have much of a way to transport them. So I just decided to take a pretty all around Ork Infantry list and have a fun game.

This week I was matched with Ian, yet another new player who I had no knowledge of. I've really enjoyed meeting new players through the league, that's almost certainly been the best part so far. Ian was bringing his Dark Eldar and had never played against Orks, as he told me before our game. I quite like playing against Dark Eldar because they feel unique, very fast but very breakable. At least it's not just another gunline!

Zhadsnark Da Rippa (Warlord w/ +1 Attack on the Charge)
Big Mek on Warbike w/ Kustom Force-Field
Weirdboy (Da Jump)
Weirdboy (Warpath)

Mad Doc Grotsnik

30 Shoota Boyz w/ 2 Big Shootas and a Nob w/ Big Choppa
30 Choppa Boyz w/ Big Choppa Nob
30 Choppa Boyz w/ Big Choppa Nob

Dark Eldar
Archon w/ Phantasm Grenade Launcher
Succubus (Warlord w/ Tenacious Survivor)

9 Kabalite Warriors w/ Agonizer Sybarite
5 Wyches & Hekatrix w/ Agonizer
9 Wyches w/ Hydra Gauntlet, Hekatrix w/ Agonizer

Venom w/ 2 Splinter Cannons

10 Hellions
5 Reavers

Scenario & Deployment
The Relic | Dawn of War

Each week is a fixed mission, this time it was The Relic. Me and Ian decided to play Dawn of War, the various Deployment options don't do much on a 4x4 table. As per normal I was hoping to do the ITC variant of The Relic but since I was again going against a newer player I decided not to bring it up. However we did agree that the first level of all the ruins block Line of Sight, which is a good rule with Games Workshop terrain.

Deployment was pretty straight forward, I put the Shoota Boyz more up front because I wasn't sure if Ian would hang back or not and I wanted to get some guns in range of the Hellions and so forth. My Big Mek and Mad Doc went in range of the Purple and Green Boyz but I put the Blue Boyz down very late, hoping to bait some shooting over to them and then get a slight flank.

Meanwhile Ian did a good job of hiding his models, which would certainly pay off against not Orks since I have no real shooting to speak of. Certainly a good habit to get into though as most armies have quite a lot of guns and Raiders/Venoms do not hold up well, especially if Dark Eldar goes second.

Since Ian finished deploying before me he got to go first and decided to do so, I opted not to Seize. Overall I was up against a very melee heavy Dark Eldar so if Ian decides to hang back I can make a play for the Objective and there's not much shooting to weather. The Archon goes in a Raider with the Kabalites and the Wyches get a Succubus in theirs. The Relic is the flat Objective on top of the large central building.

Dark Eldar Turn 1

Movement Phase
As expected everything moves up quickly with the Raiders and Hellions Advancing, the other elements just move up normally. The Kabalite Raider with Archon swoops behind the large center building and the Wych Raider with Succubus tries to duck between the sides of the center building. Reavers fly up top to defend the Objective, which was placed in quite an advantageous position for the Dark Eldar.

Psychic & Shooting Phase
Splinter Pods and some miscellaneous shots go into my Purple Boyz, Ian is trying to thin them out and they're the closest unit to most of his army, as well as my shooting element. This ends up killing 7, certainly acceptable casualties on my part.

Charge, Fight, & Morale Phase
Since a lot of things Advanced and the Dark Eldar aren't too excited to get into me there are no Charges. My Purple Boyz pass Morale easily by leeching Leadership 30 from the Green Boyz.

Orks Turn 1

Movement Phase
Having a surprising amount of elves within range of my army I Advance with everything in order to try and wrap around the Hellions and Kabalite Raider, my goal is to wipe out both units and hopefully prevent some of the Kabalites from disembarking. My Blue Boyz also Advance towards the Wych Raider, they aren't on amazing odds to kill it but with some help they could get there and really lock down the Dark Eldar movement. Both Weirdboyz Advance to try and get a Smite and/or Warpath off and my Big Mek moves up to protect what he can along with the Doc.

Psychic & Shooting Phase
Warpath went off on the Blue Boyz, hoping to get more attacks on that Wych Raider, I take a Wound in return thanks to Perils. Smite also goes on the Venom, doing 1 Wound and then still 1 Wound after a Command Point even though I Perils again! I was hoping to do 4+ and possible open the vehicle up for some shooting but it didn't pan out.

Shooting kills 4 Hellions with the Purple Boyz and Dakka Guns, Ian wisely removed the closes models to make my Charge a bit harder.

Charge, Fight, & Morale Phase
Charges go off in quite a few places with the Green Boyz and Warboss going into the Kabalite Raider and the Purple Boyz preparing to delete the Hellions. Unfortunately I move my Warboss first and move his Aura out of range of the Blue Boyz, so I can't Charge the other Raider. This was indeed a massive mistake, I'm used to playing with multiple Warbosses and Da Rippa kind of gets stuck in while the others are buff-bots.

I start with the Purple Boyz, removing all the Hellions with attacks to spare as they're quite squishy. Ian declines to interrupt with the Raider, as expected, and Da Rippa tears it in half without the Green Boyz even helping. I Consolidated the Warboss into the Kabalites who punch him back for one Wound and the Purple Boyz moved towards the Kabalites since I now own the left side.

I did also have a small rules issue this turn where I knew the Green Boyz could be activated and Pile In but I couldn't find the phrasing during the game. Since it was a minor deal to me I just decided to not do so and hold up the game, but I was able to find the rule after the game.

Dark Eldar Turn 2

Movement Phase
Hoping to counter-punch the Reavers fly down from the building and behind my lines while all the Wyches disembark. The now empty Raider moves back an the Venom flies up the building for a nice shooting perch. Finally the Kabalites withdraw with the Succubus and Archon head for the Warboss. Deciding to play for the Mission the small Wych unit climbs the building and grabs the Relic.

Psychic & Shooting Phase
A lot of shooting is now down but the Reavers, Venom, and a lot of Pistols shoot the Blue Boyz in an effort to whittle them down. I end up losing 8 even with the KFF but I'm still quite far ahead on attrition.

Charge, Fight, & Morale Phase
Both Characters Charge the Warboss as the larger Wych unit and Reavers get into the Greens. Wisely the Jetbikes go in first and don't take any Overwatch Wounds, I would have done two to the Wyches. Starting things off is the Reavers, killing quite a few, I then interrupt with the Warboss and put all his attacks into the Succubus but she makes some saves and I leave her on 2 Wounds. Everything finishes up, dealing 2 Wounds to the Warboss and killing a few more Greens. My strike back kills 5 Wyches and a Reaver, although they hold from the lone Morale test of the turn.

Orks Turn 2

Movement Phase
I see an opportunity to deliver the hammer blow this turn and move accordingly. Purple Boyz Advance towards the Kabalites and the Blue Boyz start climbing the ruins with an Advance, although I make sure to put a few within range of the Warboss Aura. Grotsnik and the various Characters move up to help with the Reavers and hopefully finish clearing out the center. Grotsnik also heals a Weirdboy for 1 Wound, putting him back to full.

Psychic & Shooting Phase
Not needing Warpath anymore I decide to use Smite on the Reavers and Wyches. I do 4 Wounds to the Reavers, taking 1 Wound for Perils, and do 1 Wound to the Wyches which they save with Feel No Pain. My Big Mek open ups on the small Wych unit with the Relic, killing 2, and I gun down several Kabalites with the Purple Boyz.

Charge, Fight, & Morale Phase
Once again Charges are eventful as Grotsnik makes it into the Wyches, Blue Boyz make it to the top of the ruin and into the Wyches, Purple Boyz get into the Kabalites and Raider, and the Big Mek with a Weirdboy help out against the Reavers.

I start with the Weirdboy since he's the Charger that I think will do the most relevant damage before I'm interrupted, unfortunately he whiffs. Counter-attack goes to the Succubus who does 3 Wounds to the Warboss before I proceed with my Chargers. Ultimately this wipes out the Reavers, the small Wych unit, the Kabalites, 6 Wounds on the Raider, and the Succubus. In return my Warboss goes down to 1 Wound from the Huskblade, the Raider whiffs, and the two remaining Wyches do a casualty.

Dark Eldar Turn 3

Movement Phase
With me now possessing the Relic and very little left, the Dark Eldar decide to go for the morale victory and kill my Warboss. The Archon withdraws up the building as does the Raider, positioning for one Dark Lance shot. Everything else stays put.

Psychic & Shooting Phase
A volley of Splinter Cannons goes into the Blue Boyz, desperately trying to wear them down and remove the Relic from my possession. As the last hope the damaged Raider puts a shot into the Warboss, hitting with a re-roll, and puts him down.

Charge, Fight, & Morale Phase
The Venom Charges my Blue Boyz, doing no damage and being destroyed by my return attacks.

Orks Turn 3

Movement Phase
Mopping up the game at this point the Purple Boyz prepare to finish off the Raider and my Weirdboyz move up to Smite the Archon and avoid the 2+ Invulnerable. More Blue Boyz climb the tower to tear down the Archon if needed.

Psychic & Shooting Phase
Two Smites go into the Archon, leaving him with 1 Wound. I leave the Raider with 1 Wound after all my Shoota Boyz and other guns, the Blue Boyz also put down the Archon with Slugga shots.

Charge, Fight, & Morale Phase
A final Charge goes into the Raider which the Nob fails to kill, it then makes 6/6 4+ Saves from my first wound batch but falls to the remainder. With that the Dark Eldar are tabled and the game ends.

Major Victory for the Orks!

Post-Game Thoughts


  1. Nice batrep, I've have made that mistake with the Warboss Waagh Aura. Then I realized that it applies to any units within 6" at the start of the charge phase. Nice of GW to word it that way for us!

    1. Solid catch, didn't think it worked that way because most Auras move with the Character. I will remember that in the future. :]