Episode 27: The Classic (Orks vs. Dark Angels 2000 Points)

Well it's a new week and 40k has officially released, like most local areas mine is on fire with game upon games upon games! I haven't been to a shop since Saturday and seen less than three 40k games going on, doesn't seem to matter about time or day.

This is likely to be a busy week for me, I had three games scheduled and that's before the weekend even rolls around! First up I got in a spur of the moment game with someone I haven't met before, Michael and his Dark Angels. I actually didn't know what Michael played before he showed up, I was going to be testing my desired list anyways. As it turned out this was his first game of 40k in many, many years so I resolved to play more of a teaching game. Anyways, let's check out the lists.


Warboss w/ Big Choppa and Shoota
Warboss w/ Big Choppa and Shoota
Big Mek w/ Kustom Force-Field, Grot Oiler, and Kustom-Mega Slugga

Mad Dok Grotsnik

30 Shoota Boyz w/ a Big Choppa Nob
30 Slugga Boyz w/ Big Choppa Nob
30 Slugga Boyz w/ Big Choppa Nob
30 Slugga Boyz w/ Big Choppa Nob
30 Slugga Boyz w/ Big Choppa Nob
30 Slugga Boyz w/ Big Choppa Nob

Trukk w/ Big Shoota

This is the list I'm going to be doing a lot of testing with so if you hate hordes....my Battle Reports might not be the best to read. My army is straight forward as can be, I'm coming right at you and let's see if you can handle it. The idea is that anti-Vehicle weapons are wasted against me and in 8th Edition...there really aren't anti-horde guns. Really the units which excel at killing Infantry are other Infantry. Some armies don't do Infantry well though, such as Tau, Eldar, Marines, the generally elite factions. We'll see how that pans out over time though.

Dark Angels

Company Master w/ Relic Blade
Librarian w/ Boltgun and Force Stave

6 Scouts w/ 5 Sniper Rifles and 1 Missile Launcher
10 Tactical Marines
10 Tactical Marines w/ Flamer

Dreadnought w/ Assault Cannon

5 Deathwing Terminators w/ Plasma Cannon, Power Sword, and Chainfist
5 Deathwing Terminators w/ Plasma Cannon, Power Sword, and Chainfist

3 Inceptors

Predator w/ Twin Lascannon and Sponson Lascannons
Predator w/ Predator Autocannon and Sponson Lascannons

This is probably the most well-rounded army that I've played against, although I'm not many games deep. Unfortunately well-rounded is what my army is designed to punish and this Space Marine army is no exception. I can effectively ignore the Predators, which is good because they'll likely be the hardest things to get to. Biggest threars are the Inceptors, the Tactical Squads, and the Terminators with the Scouts being a possible threat thanks to their Sniper Rifles.

When putting this Battle Report together the list looks to be 20pts under 2000 which could certainly be spent on getting some Special Weapons in those Tactical Squads. Not something that really impacted the game though.

Scenario and Deployment
No Mercy | Dawn of War

We rolled up No Mercy, a pretty even mission considering our two armies but probably a bit favored towards me with how hard it can be to chew through my units. Michael picked Dawn of War, I'm still unclear on if the person picks the Deployment Map or if they roll it, as the word determine is very vague. Hopefully it'll be FAQ'd I'm playing it as choose for now.

Once again I didn't do back and forth pictures for Deployment but it was pretty simple. Michael split his army onto the two edges pretty evenly, one Predator, HQ, and Tactical Squad per flank with the Dreadnought holding center. The Terminators and Inceptors went into Reserves.

I spread out, holding the middle since my army likes to stick together. I favored the right a bit more and deployed some units behind others in order to avoid spread too thin, one Weirdboy started on the board with the Shoota Boyz as they're my dedicated Da Jump target.

I think the Dark Angels should have gone full castle, this mission doesn't require board control and I have insanely overwhelming numbers given the units that the Marines have brought. This way Michael could have used the Vehicles to delay me getting into combat and even limited the models I can bring to bear. In such a situation I'd have to go Smite crazy so I have the tools to handle it, but it's a good move.

I made some mistakes, I should have deployed the Shoota Boyz near where I wanted the Trukk, as it was I had to deploy one Weirdboy which is an unnecessary drop. I also left my left side a bit high and dry without Warboss support and I was going to have some issues getting the KFF Mek into the action. Furthermore I totally forgot I even had Grotsnik in the list, so that's certainly some poor play there!

I need much more practice with this list in terms of Deployment and I think in most games the Trukk will be for the Weirdboyz only. If I'm going against a VERY heavy shooting army then I have the option for less drops but it shouldn't be the usual.

I finished deploying first and Michael failed to Seize the Initiative, so away we went.

Orks Turn 1

Everything Advanced except the Trukk which drove into the ruined building as there was enough of a gap for it to get through. Prior to that my Warbosses and Big Mek got out, Advancing to meet up with my army. Unfortunately I wasn't able to get any units in KFF range. My units kept their general cohesion although I did get my Blue Boyz mostly onto a ruined building, that way if they took a few losses they'd get the benefit.

In the Psychic Phase I cast Da Jump on my Shoota Boyz, dropping them in front of the Scouts. Normally I'd want Warpath on them but I can't Charge because of the verticality and my distance from them.

Shooting killed five Scouts with some poor Armor Saves from Michael, leaving only the Missile Launcher. In Morale he then ran on a 6 followed by a 6.

The former sniper's nest is empty.

Dark Angels Turn 1

Intent on some vengeance both Tactical Squads disembarked and moved into range, Company Commander and Librarian bringing up the read. The Lascannon Predator moves to get LoS and the Dreadnought heads for my Pink Boyz. To round out the Movement Phase the Terminators come down, one unit on my extreme right and one on the left-center along with the Inceptors who are mostly in my backfield-center.

Psychic Phase has the Librarian bestow -1 to Hit on my far left Boyz. In Shooting the Bolters open up, everything on the right goes into the Pink Boyz and kills quite a few of them. On the left everything is pretty much out of Rapid Fire range but my -1 to Hit unit gets a little chewed up. I lose another few models from the 'Ard Boyz and the Blue Boyz thanks to Terminators and Inceptors.

The Dreadnought tries a long Charge on the Pink Boyz but fails, taking two Wounds for his trouble! Instead the Tactical Squad gets in, losing a man on the way, and the Rhino gets into my unpainted unit to prevent reinforcements but also takes two Wounds from Overwatch!

In Combat the Marines are pretty ineffective and lose three of their own while the Rhino goes down to two Wounds remaining and does nothing. Everything passes Morale.

Lock and Load

Advancing on the left

Reinforcements have arrived

Terminators on the extreme right.



Stop shooting me!


Even a few Orks do better than a few Marines in Combat.

Stab that Rhino!

Orks Turn 2

With a lot of the valuable targets now exposed it was time to get to work. I walked my far left Boyz towards the Tactical Squad but couldn't Advance them since the Warboss wasn't in range. Blue Boyz went for the Dreadnought, 'Ard Boyz for the Terminators, and Red Boyz for the Inceptors. I also moved my Warboss to help out with the Inceptors. Two Weirdboyz hopped out, one for a Smite and one for a Warpath on the Pink Boyz. I could have Smited the Terminators on the right away with ease but since this was a teaching game that didn't sound very fun.

In the Psychic Phase my one Smite did 3 Mortal Wounds to the Terminators and Warpath went off with both Weirdboyz getting Perils. My Shooting removed the Rhino, which didn't blow up, allowing me to reinforce against the Tactical Marines and likely crush the left. I snapped a few Pistol shots at the other Tactical Marines but to no effect. My Trukk finishes off a Wounded Terminator.

In Charges I got in with everything except the unpainted Boyz who needed 6" but failed even after I re-rolled one of the dice needing a 3. They lost a few models to Overwatch, otherwise there wasn't much damage taken.

In Combat I wiped out the Inceptors, the right Tactical Squad, the Dreadnought, and left the Terminators on two models. In return I lost a few of the 'Ard Boyz and a few Pinks as Michael used Counter-Attack on the Tactical Marines. Consolidations pushed me up the board towards the Predators as they're an easy Kill Point and won't do much in Combat.

Nowhere to run...

Pistols CAN kill Vehicles!

Overwatch casualties for a failed Charge.

Coming for the Inceptors with Warboss backup.

Poor Tactical Squad.

Bury the Dreadnought!

Two Inceptors down before the Warboss swings.

So hard to get all my attacks!

The Dark Angels are faltering on the right.

Dreadnought down, the center belongs to the Orks.

Dark Angels Turn 2

With little left to do Michael moved everything on the right into Rapid Fire range and moved his Lascannon Predator back a bit. The Company Commander prepared to sell himself for the Weirdboy. Finally the remaining free Terminators turned themselves toward the Warboss.

Smite manages to kill three Orks and I once again get -1 to Hit, shooting gets mostly dumped in my unit on the left and the Blue Boyz but the casualties aren't overwhelming. The Company Commander kills a few more Pink Boyz. My Warboss goes down to a single Wound mostly thanks to Stormbolters.

In Charges the Rhino and Tacticals get into the left Orks with the Rhino losing a Wound to Overwatch, however the Librarian fails to get in. Terminators get in with no damage taken and the Company Commander Charges my Weirdboy.

In Combat my Warboss dies as does the Weirdboy, my Orks take a few casualties but manage to drag a few Tactical Marines down and a Terminator. At this point the shop was closing so we decided to call the game.

Death Before Dishonor


"Wut da you lot want?!"

Goodbye Warboss

Major Victory for the Orks!

Post-Game Thoughts

This game was short and brutal but highlighted a lot of things I can improve upon. My KFF Mek had zero impact on the game and my Warbosses were also minimal, indeed my poor placement led to a failed Charge. This is something I really have to work on as these are crucial buffs, I also completely forgot to even deploy Grotsnik who is another buff and an amazing fighter.

I didn't get a chance to unload the Smite Wagon this game, as I said I didn't think it was very fun to just melt all of Michael's Terminators in his first game. To be honest I didn't even really need to and the better play would probably have been to melt the Tactical Squad then Shoot/Charge the Company Commander for the Victory Points. In any case their value is clear.

Michael did what he could but he honestly rolled horribly the whole game. I was doing so many wounds that I shouldn't have gotten, a lot of his shooting dice were also very bad. I think had he castled in the corner it could have been a closer game but also probably more boring as I just ate through the wall and then moved in for the kill. With me being the favorite on Linebreaker and First Blood that'd also be a slightly uphill climb.

I think this game showcased my armies resiliency well. Michael had a pretty balanced list, there's certainly some tweaks to be done in terms of wargear but overall it plays in every phase, it has maneuverability, and it can deal with most types of units. If anything I'd probably drop the Inceptors, I didn't realize until after they game that they're over 200 points! That's a lot for six, T5 Wounds. They absolutely could have dropped further back and kited me a bit but against most armies they're going to drop, shoot, and die. That would free up points for more bodies and better guns. I'm particularly shocked at how awful Plasma Cannons are, they may be the worst gun I've read in the entire game. Plasma Guns and Pistols are amazing in 8th Edition but leave the Heavy version at home.

I'm going to focus on deploying my army well moving forward as that lays the foundation for the rest of the game. In most situations I should have the Weirdboyz in the Trukk, put the Shoota Boyz near it, and then deploy the aura Characters. If I really feel like I need to go first then they can go in the Trukk bu that's a situational call.

While this game was against a balanced army I have another game against Necrons, shooting heavy I'm sure, and Dark Eldar, glass cannon, so we'll see how things stack up. I think Smite Spam is going to shine against those lists, specifically for getting around -1 to Hit Flyers and big Reanimation Protocol units. We'll see how the Orks do!

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