Episode 24: In the Future, Orks Don't Suck in Combat! (Orks vs Orks 1000pts)

What's this, no Age of Sigmar?! Heresy! Well heresy as it may be, this week I dipped my toe back into Warhammer 40k, the big game on the block. For those unaware 40k is getting a new version of the game in June '17 and the rules may or may not but certainly did lead all over the Internet....for every model and rule. Things happen.

I've been planning to get back into 40k for about a month now and what else would I play but Orks! (Or Imperial Guard since I'll convert the army to be both...) I was fortunate enough to get a game in against a local at a new store, new to me at least, and he also played Orks. I think this will be a bloody game.....

Orks (Good Guys)

Warboss w/ Power Klaw, Attack Squig, and Shoota
Warboss w/ Power Klaw, Attack Squig, and Shoota

Nob w/ Waaagh! Banner and Kustom Shoota
7 Nobz w/ 1 PowerKlaw and 6 Power Stabbas

1 Nob w/ PowerKlaw and 29 Boyz w/ Choppas and Sluggas
1 Nob w/ PowerKlaw and 29 Boyz w/ Choppas and Sluggas
1 Nob w/ PowerKlaw and 29 Boyz w/ Choppas and Sluggas

Total | 998 Points

Orks (Bad Guys)

Weirdboy w/ Weirdboy Staff and Warpath

1 Painboy w/ Powerklaw
5 Burnaboyz w/ 3 Spanners

1 Nob w/ PowerKlaw and 29 Boyz w/ Choppas and Sluggas

8 Flash Gitz

1 Morkanaut w/ Kustom Force Field

Total | 1108 Points

***Note: I didn't know my opponent was over points until I tallied everything up when I was doing this writeup. I don't think it was intentional, 8th Edition Army Lists are so annoying to write! In any case, it was still a fun game.***

Battle Report - The Abridged Version

So this game was fairly straight forward and I don't think is worth doing full turn by turn analysis on, instead I'll just give a general overview and put some pictures in. Then I'll give my thoughts which are more in-depth.

Early Game

Early on I got shot up a bit, however Orks just don't shoot super well and my strategy of taking a ton of Boys worked well at making things like the Rokkits, Mega-Blasta, and so on do a lot less than they should. Even the Flash Gitz didn't do too much since they need 4's and 3's. This is important because that's nearly the profile of a Space Marine Heavy Bolter, a gun I don't want to see too many of!

My Turn 1 I just Advanced up as much as I could while losing some models from my middle unit of Boys. I'm not sure whether it's correct to layer all the units down evenly or focus on one, Orks are nearly immune to Morale with correct placement. It probably depends on how many Wounds you expect to do.

My opponent didn't move up at all, content to let me come to him. Since we didn't play a Mission that was the right call. With my going second (not by choice) I was in range for some Charges on Turn 2 and managed to make them all. This put my shot up Boys unit into the Flash Gitz, a full unit into my opponent's Choppa Boys, and a nearly fully unit into the Morkanaut.

Overall the early game was pretty unexciting, I just Advanced and got shot. My Nob squad was in the back as I ran out of room to deploy on a 4x4, my Characters we're in the middle. Unfortunately I neglected to leave some stragglers in range of my Waaagh! Banner and my Nob didn't Advance far, so no +1 to Hit for me.

When the dust settled from the Combats, which saw my opponent use the Counter-Attack Strategem, I'd lost an entire unit of Orks in return for half his unit, I'd taken a third of the Morkanauts Wounds off, and killed all the Flash Gitz but one for a single Boy. Morale played very little role since we both had big blocks within range, my unit just got annihilated by a combination of really bad Wound Rolls not killing many of the opposing Choppa Boys and the enemy having 4 Attacks each thanks to Warpath!

Mid-Late Game

From here the game got super grindy. The last Flash Git Withdrew and I took some Pistol shots but the Morkanaut hung in there. In Combat my middle unit got Charged by the opposing Choppa Boys and died to a man, dealing a few Wounds back. I managed to put the Morkanaut to a few Wounds remaining and lost some more models. The Choppa Boys consolidate up.

On my Turn I counter-punched with the Nob Banner and Warboss into the Choppa Boys and the Nobs into the Morkanaut. I managed to kill the Morkanaut...and it exploded. This did d6 Mortal Wounds within 9" hitting everything on the table but a Grot unit and one Warboss. It did the following damage:

5 Burnaboys
3 Nobs
5 Wounds to Nob Banner
5 Wounds to Warboss
6 Wounds to Enemy Choppa Boys
6 Wounds to Friendly Choppa Boys
3 Wounds to Painboy
5 Grots

That thing blew up the entire table. After Morale another few Grots ran, leaving one unit with three. I managed to kill the enemy Choppa unit down to five models, losing the Nob Banner in return.

At this point the Painboy and Gretchin Charged my Warboss but couldn't finish him thanks to a clutch 1 to Wound from the Painboy, he killed a few more Choppa Boys then they put him down. On my turn I gunned off half the remaining Grots, Charged the Nobs and Choppa Boys into the enemy Choppa Boys and the Warboss into the Grots. At this point we decided to call it as I get to swing first with everything, almost certain to wipe the Choppa Boys and Painboy out, and then it's a few Grots vs a lot more than they can handle.

Post-Game Thoughts

Let's start with 8th Edition in general. I think the game played very fast, very similar to Age of Sigmar which shouldn't surprise anyone who's followed the development. Things are likely to die very quickly with Armor being modified and many models/units being so expensive. Morale is also brutal, just as it is in AoS, me and my opponent almost had two units run into each other and blow up!

Combat is very deadly and very easy to get into, even without Transports. Everything can Advance and quite a few things can Advance and Charge, while others Advance and Shoot. Initially I thought Withdrawing might be too much for Melee Armies to handle but with being able to move after Combat and how Morale stacks up fast, I think it's balanced. If only you could Consolidate after Morale!

Infantry seems very powerful for their cost and more elite units don't feel as weighty, which I like. I've always thought Warhammer is best when you have a lot of normal dudes and some special units here and there instead of Deathstars ramming into each other and so forth.

Characters are also not nearly as fighty into units as they are in Age of Sigmar, pretty much because Wounds do not flow over. So my Warboss with a Powerklaw is punching a couple Infantry and then getting buried under a tide of attacks. I think Characters, at least melee ones, are going to hunt each other and vehicles for the most part.

On the topic of Orks, I think Green Tide is the only way to play them effectively. Their shooting units just die, they have bad Saves and the changes to Cover hit them very, very hard. Many Ork units are just too expensive as well, I always find myself reaching for more Boys. PowerKlaws are great at blowing up most vehicles, the +1 Strength on Nobs in the new edition makes a HUGE difference.

Ork shooting seems very bad, Choppa Boys have a huge advantage over Shootas and hitting on 5's with most things is just brutal. Mekk Gunz seem okay but I have no interest in any bigger guns that hit on a 5+, it's just not worth the cost. Shooting overall is improved with Assault and Heavy Weapons but Orks didn't benefit the way armies like Imperial Guard and Space Marines did.

Overall I think Orks will be a pretty good army. Initially I put them in mid-tier upon reading them but after playing and seeing the new Wound Chart in action, seeing how easy it is to get a whole bunch of models into melee, it's going to be hard to thin those ranks for most armies. Unfortunately most Ork units seem like crap but if you like 200+ models and super grindy games (which I do!) Orks are where it's at.

We also made a ton of errors this game, forgetting Special Rules and screwing up some game rules, but overall it was a good first step. I will likely have a lot of 40k content on my Blog going forward, it's just easier to get games in than Age of Sigmar is. Hopefully that's enjoyable!

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