Episode 23: Jawz of Iron and Cast of...Storm (Destruction vs. Stormcast Eternals 2000 Points)

Enjoy my Battle Reports but wish I would yammer on about the game for possibly longer than necessary? Wish no more! Check out the link below for a Video Battle Report of the same game.

Two games one week! I couldn't be happier. I managed to snag another match over this long weekend (if you're in the United States) against another local regular by the name of Arturo. I've played against his Stormcast Eternals a few times before, once in a pretty one-sided game using my Tournament List and the other a minor victory for him in a game called too quickly, the store was closing. This time would be the grudge match with me taking more Ironjawz!

Stormcast Eternals

Lord-Relictor w/ Blessed Weapons & Mirrorshield
Lord-Castellant w/ Re-roll 6's to Hit Lantern
Lore-Celestant (General w/ +1 Attack Trait & Mirrorshield)

5 Decimators w/ 1 Starsoul Mace
5 Protectors w/ 1 Starsoul Mace
5 Retributors w/ 1 Starsoul Mace
5 Retributors w/ 1 Starsoul Mace
5 Liberators w/ Warhammers & Shields
5 Liberators w/ Warhammers & Shields
5 Judicators w/ Shockbolt Bows
5 Judicators w/ Shockbolt Bows

1 Hammerstrike Force Battalion
1 Skyborne Slayers Battalion

That's quite a list! This is probably one of the better lists I've faced ever, I think it has a lot of powerful things going on and it's very reliable. The only awkwardness comes from the Relictor and Castellant since it's hard to get them in position but they're reasonably survivable and don't mind running. Also Arturo didn't have enough Starsoul Maces to go around, which he's working on, so he just played with what he had.


Frostlord on Stonehorn w/ Battlebrew
Moonclan Grot Shaman
Ironjawz Megaboss (General w/ Ravager & Battlebrew)

2 Fanatics
20 Moonclan Grots w/ Spears and Shield (3 Netters)
10 Savage Orruks w/ Chompas
10 Savage Orruks w/ Chompas
10 Ardboys w/ Dual Hand Weapons
10 Ardboys w/ Dual Hand Weapons
5 Brutes w/ Boss Klaw and Smasha, one Gore Choppa, and Dual Hand Weapons
5 Brutes w/ Boss Klaw and Smasha, one Gore Choppa, and Dual Hand Weapons
5 Brutes w/ Boss Klaw and Smasha, one Gore Choppa, and Dual Hand Weapons

1 Ironfist Battalion

This is my 2.0 list for Ironjawz. I think having the maxed our Ironfist is very powerful and is what I'm going to base the army around, I also like the mix of Brutes and Ardboys. While Brutes are better against many things the Ardboys shine against chaff units or other unexceptional things since they put out a load of Wounds with Dual Hand Weapons. They also have reliable Charges with the +2" from the Drummer. 

I also decided to keep the Shaman + Frostlord package, it kind of does its own thing and I have plenty of willing Mystic Shield targets. Curse of the Bad Moon is bad in this list because of all the melee but Mystic Shield and Arcane Bolt on a 60pt Hero are good enough.

Scenario | Take and Hold

Yay, the worst Scenario and my second time playing it in a row! It's actually not so bad this time, with the Stormcast coming in wherever they please I'll have my hands full keeping tabs on my Objective. I also might not have time to get to the opposing table side, there's going to be a lot of Sigmarites to get through! My plan is to go a bit wide with Deployment and see if I can sneak a unit or two through, as well as see what Arturo does with his units. It's likely the Judicators will just sit on the Objective all game but you never know, and they aren't that good in melee.

Terrain and Deployment

Terrain from the rocks close to camera, going clockwise: Inspiring, Deadly, Sinister, Inspiring, Arcane, Mystical.
Deployment was pretty cut and dry, all the Stormcast except the Lord-Relictor and the Lord-Castellant are starting in Reserves. I spread out pretty wide as was my plan going into the Scenario but having seen it done I'm not sure about it. I really need to put some time into deploying this army by myself and get used to it. Although I'm a bit spread I should be able to collapse with all my movement shenanigans and fight the Stormcast wherever they decide to come down. My Ironfist Warboss is in the unit on the far left, I felt he'd be the safest.

I finished deploying second and was given the first turn.

Destruction Battle Round 1

My Frostlord and the Megaboss both drink their Battlebrew, Inspiring Presence goes on the blue Savage Orruk unit on my left flank and Mystic Shield goes on the Frostlord. Most of the army moves due to Rampaging Destroyer although the Savage Orruks on the far right aren't in range of a Hero, I also do my Ironfist moves. My middle Brutes and Blue Orruks fail their Mystical checks, the Grots pass.

Movement has me hang back a bit and try to collapse, I don't want to be too spread out when all the Stormcast come down. I went for a run on the Frostlord but didn't roll well for him so he'd need an 11 or so to get into the Lord-Castellant which wasn't worth hanging him so far out.

Having no Shooting or Charge Phases to be done I passed the turn over and waited for the onslaught.

Poor Orruks have no one to yell at them to move.

Moving up in the center. 

Moving up on the flank.

Overview of the field. Units with Green Dice failed their Mystical checks.

Stormcast Eternals Battle Round 1

Arturo began by putting Blessed Weapons on the Lord-Castellant who also got the +1 Armor Save ability and put his lantern down.

In Movement the Hammerstrike Battalion made their 3+ to come in, dropping on my backfield. The Skyborne Slayers come down in my front with the Judicators on the Objective and the melee components as close to me as they can be. Both the Heroes who started on the table run towards the center.

Shooting sees the Prosecutors kill my Grot Shaman and the Judicators put two Wounds on the Frostlord after his halving ability. In Charges I release my Fanatics, managing to pin the Liberators and Protectors back which also blocks the Lord-Celestant and the Decimators. One unit of Retributors got dropped into melee with my Red Orruks, the other gets into my Ardboys and Frostlord. Finally, a unit of Liberators gets into my Brutes.

Combat began with the Retributors into the Frostlord who managed to do some Starsoul Mace Wounds but otherwise bounced off. A few put attacks into the Ardboys, dropping two of them. I retaliated with my Fanatics, killing two Protectors with some good rolls. From there I don't recall the order but the Frostlord kills the Retributors to a man, the Retributors into my Orruks lose a model but kill five back. My Brutes take one Wound and kill four Liberators and my Fanatics die off.

In Battleshock I lose another two Ardboys with a bad roll, the Orruks hold tough. Arturo hasn't lost enough from any of the non-Fearless units which is most of his army thanks to Skyborne Slayers.

We roll for Initiative which Arturo wins, taking the double turn.

The Hammerstrike arrives.

Skyborne Slayers holding the center.

Grot Shaman goes down to Javelins.

Wounds from Judicators and the Lord-Celestant.

Fanatics gum up the Protectors and Liberators.

Puny Liberators vs Brutes in Cover.

Retributors vs The World

A couple Ardboys go down.

The Starsoul Mace makes its presence known.

Fanatics kill two Protectors!

Savage Orruks claim a Retributor.
The Fanatics died valiantly.
Frostlord making his presence felt.

Retributors strike back for their comrade.

Two run from Battleshock.

What's left of the Liberators.

Another angle of the slaughter, no one runs though.

Stormcast Eternals Battle Round 2

The buffs from the Lord-Relictor and Lord-Castellant go onto the same targets as they remain a bit out of range to get useful targets. +1 to Hit goes out from the General, impacting most of the army.

In Movement the forces in the middle move up to get 3" Charges and the Prosecutors get onto my Objective, staying a bit back to keep their Javelin bonus for range. Judicators shuffle some but stay on the Objective and the Relictor/Castellant run again.

Shooting dumps everything into my Frostlord, leaving him with 2 Wounds after the Judicators, Celestant Hammers, and Prosecutors. I did roll some bad Saves but it can't be helped, the Celestant also got 6 Hammers and wounded with them all!

Charges get the remaining melee elements in, Celestant goes to the Brutes, Protectors into the Frostlord and friends, Liberators and Decimators into the Grots. The Protectors get the honor of going first and finish the Frostlord using their Starsoul Mace, I reply with my Brutes who kill the Celestant outright and put a Wound on the Liberator Champion.

From there we go around again, my Brutes take one Wound and my Red Orruks all go down, five Grots die as well. I kill a Protector and do a Wound to the Champion with my Ardboys, the Grots also kill a Decimator.

In Battleshock I lose six Grots and nothing else has to test.

+1 to Hit for everyone!

Buffs go on non-optimal targets.

Prosecutors keeping a safe distance.

Post-Run rolls.

Liberators moving up for a Charge.

Celestant leading from the front...ish.

Judicators holding the friendly Objective.

Decimators with watery mouths looking at my Grots.

Frostlord down to his last two Wounds.


Protectors into the Frostlord.

The Starsoul Mace fells my lovable beasty.

The General is dead.

Netters keep the Grots alive.

My remaining Orruks are blasted to pieces.

Messy Combat in the middle with the Ardboys Piling In.

Another Wound taken.

Long Combat in the middle, Grots and Ardboys vs Protectors and Decimators.

6 Grots leg it.

Destruction Battle Round 2

My Megaboss sips his Battlebrew, intending to use the effects this turn. I roll for Waaagh!, needing a 3 or less, and make it giving my Megaboss and two Brute units +1 Attack. Everybody who can move does so from Rampaging Destroyer and Ironfist, I'm angling to get the Megaboss into the Decimators along with the Brutes and Savage Orruks while my remaining Ardboys head into the Prosecutors.

Movement gets me within 3" Charge range for everyone I need and with no Shooting we do just that. Everyone makes it in with very high rolls although my Grots are blocking the Brutes pretty badly. In hindsight I should have retreated with them.

Combat starts with the Megaboss who kills two Decimators and Wounds the Champion, they fight back and do a few Wounds to the Brutes and Savage Orruks. My Ardboys kill off a Proescutor and Wound another, the Protectors kill off an Ardboy. My Brutes finish off the Liberator Champion, the remaining Liberators all bounce off thanks to Netters. I manage to kill one of them between the Ardboys and Grots, also finishing off the Protectors. Proescutors do nothing.

In Battleshock everyone hangs tough but I again lose the Initiative roll, denying me a chance to make some headway into the Stormcast backfield. My Objective is also a bit vulnerable as I have a half dead unit of Ardboys and some other Ardboys contesting but there are still Prosecutors and Retributors hanging around...

The scrum at the start of my turn.

My left flank advancing to reinforce the center.

Ardboys preparing to deal with the Prosecutors.

Preparing to Charge, everyone passes their Mystical Checks.



The Megaboss claims a few heads.

One Ardboy goes down to the Protectors.

Half the Prosecutors brought to ground.

Liberators dealt with.

Updated scrum, no more Protectors.

Stormcast Eternals Battle Round 3

Warding Lantern goes on the Liberators, being one of the only units in good shape at this point, and Blessed Weapons fails to go off. Lightning Storm go into my Brutes, doing 1 Wound and giving me a crucial -1 to Hit.

The Prosecutors retreat from Combat as the Retributors move up to take their place. Both the Relictor and the Castellant get in position to join the scrum and the Judicators back up some, fearing the Brutes.

Shooting goes all into the Brutes, killing two of them. Charges come from the Retributors, who fail needing 5", and the Heroes who both get in.

Order of Combat escapes me but both Stormcast Heroes put damage into the Savage Orruks, allowing my Megaboss to Pile In on the Relictor and kill him, giving me +1 Wound and +1 Choppa attack! I kill the Decimator Champion and do a Wound to the Liberators but mostly bounce off their 3+ Armor Save, re-rolling 1's. The Castellant takes a Wound from the Savage Orruks and the Starsoul Mace finishes off a Brute. Liberators are still entangled with nets and do nothing.

With no relevant Battleshocks we once again go over to me. I intend to show the Stormcast how a real Orruk fights!

Liberators are tanked up.

Lightning Storm damage.

Prosecutors GTFO.

A few Brutes get filled with arrows.

Scrum in the cetner, left side.

Retributors fail the Charge.

Megaboss takes down the Relictor.

Protector Champion goes down.

Destruction Battle Round 3

As usual the Megaboss sips his Battlebrew and I unfortunately forget to Waaagh! My out of combat Brutes move towards the Retributors and Prosecutors while the Ardboys decide to hangout on the Objective. The Megaboss legs it for the Judicators along with the damage Brute unit.

Movement gets me within 3" for all my Charges, which I make. Again I start with the Megaboss who kills four Judcators from the back unit with his Choppa and one from the front with the fist. Arturo goes with the Starsoul Mace and finishes a Brute. My Brutes into the Judicators roll poorly and only deal a few Wounds but the Judicators fail to hit back. I kill the Proescutors with my Brutes, leaving the Stormcst without the ability to get 5 Models onto my Objective.

The Castellant does nothing to the Orruks as I make two, 6+ Saves and he takes another Wound for his trouble. The Starsoul Mace dies and I kill three Liberators thanks to some terrible Armor Save rolls.

With no Battleshock we roll again and I lose, again, with Stormcast taking the turn. Again.

If I can't shoot, no one can!

Chop, chop, chop!

Angels isn't da best, Orruks is da best!

Decimator making his last stand.

And down he goes.

Huge hole in the Liberators after some terrible Armor Saves.

Stormcast Eternals Battle Round 4

Warding Lantern goes on the Liberators again and the Retributors move toward my Objective and Ardboys in the Movement Phase. Shooting reduces my Brutes in combat with the Judicators to just the Champion, but that should be enough.

This time the Retributors make their Charge, getting into my Ardboys and killing two of them. I reply with the Megaboss, killing the remaining Judicators. The Lord-Castelant kills three Savage Orruks while the Liberators flail ineffectively. I drag down another LIberator and put two Wounds on the Retributors while the Castelant takes another spear poke through his armor.

Remaining Battle Rounds

At this point the shop was closing very soon so we picked up the pace. I retreat my Savage Orruks onto the enemy Objective, claiming it, and my Megaboss goes fro the Casteltant. The brutes near my table-edge get into the Retributors and I retreat the Grots to make room for the four Brutes in the center.

After Combat Arturo has one Retributor left and nothing else. I have control over his Objective, he's contesting mine but is in melee with 5 Brutes. At this point Stormcast concede the game since on my next Battle Round I can Waaagh! and Run the Megaboss to give the Brutes a lot of buffs and very likely put the last model down, even if I don't it's a Minor Victory for me.

Major Victory for Destruction!

Post-Game Thoughts

Once again this was a very enjoyable game, although I do wish the Scenario was more interesting. Arturo's list is very good at most Scenarios, if we'd played something with scoring he'd have likely put a lot of pressure on me. As it was we just had to fight each other and I ended up coming out on top there.

I'm continuing to tweak my Ironjawz list, I think in the future I will drop the Frostlord and add some other things. I really need SOME guns or the ability to get something into my opponent's backfield, Ironjawz don't want to be shot all day. Right now I'm looking at either Warmachines or a Beastclaw Raiders Hunter, I'll make some lists with both.

My biggest mistakes were Deployment and not getting the Grots out of the scrum fast enough. I was only able to fight with 1-2 Brutes in the middle because the Grots were in the way and Arturo was wisely not attack them. Because of that I took some unnecessary damage and if we'd been playing a more live Scenario I'd have needed to break through.

This army is a tough one to deploy, I think in the future I'll plan to lead with my chaff and counter with the Ironjawz elements, they get plenty of movement so it's not an issue. I also want to be very tightly together so I can Pile In if possible and get everything into melee. I've noticed that Ironjawz plus Grots make an insane combo, Netters giving out -1 to Hit is a huge deal and puts an opponent in a bad spot. Do you kill the Grots and get beat down while doing it, or do you just accept the -1 to Hit?

I think Arturo played well for the most part, the only things I disagree with are charging the Retributors into the Frostlord alone and the way he put down some of his Skyborne Slayers. Because my Fanatics made a short Charge I was able to deny the Decimators and Celestant from doing anything for a turn. I think if he'd interplaced the units a bit to have them all with 1-2 models up front and ignored the Frostlord except for shooting he could have done a lot more damage to my army. If I'd won the Initiative that could have backfired since the Frostlord can run wild but if it was me I'd have taken the gamble.

All in all a fun game that was played quite well, I'm looking forward to more Ironjawz action. I was lucky enough to borrow some Ironjawz for Arturo for this game but otherwise I'm mostly proxying, although I'm getting some Ardboys with 40K coming up since I play Orks in all the games. I know proxies make it hard to follow the game so I'm doing what I can.

Thanks for reading!