Episode 13.4: Let's Talk About Spam

I've been thinking about Age of Sigmar more than playing the last week or so, although I did get a teaching game in with my Beastclaw Raiders against an all Khorne army. Lots of fun face-punching in that one! I also got a very one-sided game against Stormcast that wasn't worth reporting, it was more for my opponent's practice against competitive armies and was done at his request.

Anyways, there's a thread on The Grand Alliance Forums that I've been participating in regarding if Sideboards and/or Dual Lists are good or bad for the game moving forward. Should Tournament Organizers implement these, should GW codify them within the game? It's a great debate to read. My opinion is very pro-sideboard and relatively anti-dual list. I won't go into that here but there are lots of good points for all viewpoints on the thread which you can find here.

This spiraled off into my own personal thought process about balance in Age of Sigmar. The more I play AoS the more I see the exploitable flaws in the game, which is kind of my natural state, but overall the game is solid. I think this comes from the simplistic rules, from a game design standpoint it's a lot harder to screw up static To Hit, To Wound values than it is things like Strength and Toughness or the equivalent in other games. AoS also has pretty simple Special Rules and game phases, this helps Games Workshop from breaking the game on accident.

My one lingering issue is the same issue I've had with other games, particularly Warmachine/Hordes and Warhammer 40K: spam. Spam is when a Player brings multiple copies of the same unit, same Hero, same anything. This is typically done because that entry is better than other options, either by a bit or a lot, and it creates a stronger army overall. You can see this in Age of Sigmar in two different ways, either taking a lot of individual something or taking a big collection of something. Kunnin' Rukk, my army, takes a huge unit of Arrowboys. Other armies will take things like six units of three Kurnoth Hunters, same song different verse. The tipping point between which way to go is how many buffs can be stacked onto the unit, if the models are strong on their own its better to not group them in most situation.

Every list that does well in the AoS competitive scene uses spam in some way. Kunnin' Rukk, Bloodbomb (30 man Bloodletters and/or 3-4 Bloodthirsters), Kurnoth Hunter Spam, Skyfire Spam, Carnosaur Spam, etc. You find the one thing that your Allegiance does really well and take it to the highest degree. The Allegiances that don't do this typically aren't on the top tier of 2000 Point, competitive play UNLESS there are event specific rules.

A lot of the musings when it comes to changes that GW could implement to better the game involve treating the symptoms and not the disease. Spam, to me, is the true disease that impacts AoS with regards to the state of the game. It hurts the aesthetics of the game and it hurts the variety of play, I'm certainly guilty of this. When I put my army on the table my opponent has few compelling decisions: they attack my big unit or they attack my carbon copy Heroes. There's no "Oh I can pick off this unit while I hold these off, then go for that Hero to weaken the remaining unit" and on and on. Spam is powerful even outside of taking powerful units, it prevents your opponent from using their tactics and their experience to make good decisions to the peak of their ability.

I doubt that Games Workshop will take many steps to curb spam in their game, same as other companies do anything but fix that issue (looking at you Privateer Press). Curbing spam invalidates purchases which alienates some customers, it can also hurt sales in some cases. If you're conspiracy minded it also removes the ability to make a unit too good, watch everyone buy them, then nerf it and make them buy more. If changes were implemented I'd like to see Units capped at 30 models maximum, 20 in many cases, and larger based Units capped at 6-9. It would also be fantastic to see larger based Units restricted in terms of army lists, no more than three Units of Kurnoth Hunters for example. This would hurt spam armies by preventing the amount of a single unit they can take, or at least force them to account for Battleshock/Debuffs and not be able to get as much out of their own Buffs.

Age of Sigmar plays extremely well with varied, synergistic armies that favor melee. A lot of the strategy in the game is target prioritization and positioning, spammy (shooting) armies make both of those pretty irrelevant. Most people know that shooting might need a small tweak or two but spam is the heart of the issue and competitive armies will always favor it until they're prevented from doing so. Deathstars are already not a thing in this game, thankfully, and I'd personally like to see spam go as well. Until then, don't be surprised when your opponent unpacks a lot of the same models across the table at your next tournament.

Episode 13: Dawn of a New League (Destruction vs. Order 2000 Points)

After taking a small break from Age of Sigmar to get over my cold (still ongoing, ugh) my next league has begun! This is a 2000pt, 6 week league with one fixed opponent per week. Major Victories are 30 Points, Minors are 20 Points, and Losses are 10 Points. At the end of the league the top four players will do a mini-tournament with first place being over $100! I'm very excited and many of the same players from my previous league are participating so there will be some familiar faces but also some new.

This week I was matched with Joshua in a battle to see who the best Josh is. I brought my typical Destruction list since this is a competitive game:

Savage Orruk Big Boss
Huskard on Thundertusk
Huskard on Thundertusk w/ Battle Brew
Huskard on Thundertusk w/ Battle Brew

10 Savage Orruks w/ Chompas
40 Savage Orruks Arrowboys (General w/ Bellowing Tyrant)
20 Moonclan Grots w/ Spears and Shields
20 Moonclan Grots w/ Spears and Shields

1 Fanatic
1 Fanatic

1 Kunnin' Rukk

Joshua brought a mixed High Aelf and Wanderers list to the tune of the following:

High Warden
High Warden

10 Swordmasters
10 Glade Guard
20 Eternal Guard
5 Reavers
5 Reavers

1 High Elf Repeater Bolt Thrower

1 Guardians of the Dawnspire

Having not played against High Aelves before I recognized this as a pretty shooty list with some nice melee elements. Overall I'm not scared of much except the Bolt Thrower and the Griffon Heroes, everything else is pretty slow or puts out minimal shooting attacks.

As the league is a randomly rolled Scenario per week me and Joshua pulled Blood and Glory, which I believe is the only Scenario I haven't played as of yet. With all of Joshua's fast moving models and some access to Flying I definitely wanted to to avoid any last minute Objective grabs and get a surprise loss.

Terrain and Deployment

Archmage and the Bolt Thrower hunker down on the Arcane Ruins.

Thundertusks split up to cover more of the table and see where the Aelves go.

The bunker formation expands with some Reavers.

Grots go down to buy time and figure out where more of the Aelves plan to make their stand.

Savage Orruks appear in the continuing chaff deployment.

Second Thundertusk goes down to counter the Bolt Thrower and try to overrun the Objective.

Arrowboys try to hold a center position while the Big Boss hangs out on my table edge.

Terrain from the closest to camera Building and going clockwise: Mystical, Arcane, Inspiring, Mystical, Mystical, Damned, Mystical, Mystical.

Battle Round 1 - Destruction

Since I finished deploying first I decided to take the Turn. My hope was to get up in Joshua's face, remove some key pieces, and see what happened. To that effect everything moved up aggressively with Rampaging Destroyer and the Arrowboys used their Kunnin' Rukk to move again. My Red Thundertusk failed his Mystical check which destroyed my ability to scalpel out the General on Turn 1. Luckily the Grots and Arrowboys all passed their checks.

The Shooting Phase saw one Bolt Thrower Crew go down, an Eternal Guard, three Reavers, and all of the Spireguard plus the Archmage on the right. I ended my Turn with control of my leftmost Objective but not the right since everything moved up too far and my Big Boss was still playing back until more of Joshua's shooting Units went down.

One Reaver fled due to Battleshock.

Arrowboys move up aggressively to try and remove the Spireguard.

Red Thundertusk fails his Mystical check, dashing my hopes of killing the General on Griffon Turn 1.

What remains of the Aelves on the right flank.

Battle Round 1 - Order

While losing a big chunk of his army off the bat wasn't ideal Joshus was in a good position to punch back. He moved both Griffons up to Charge, one into the Arrowboys and one into the Green Thundertusk. The Archmage failed to cast Shield of Saphery while most of his nearby Units just moved up a bit. The Reavers went after the Arrowboys while the lone Champion followed the Griffon into the Thundertusk.

Shooting saw everything go into the Arrowboys, killing eight of them. Notably the Bolt Thrower missed on its one big shot into the Green Thundertusk, adding some early Wounds to him could have been very bad.

Charges went out as did both my Fanatics, one tying up the Griffon and Reaver Champion while the other was 1" shy of the other Griffon and decided to rampage into the Glade Guard and Alith Anar. Both Griffons made their Charges as did the Reaver Champion but the Unit of Reavers failed.

Joshua started with the Griffon who ate another three Arrowboys, I countered with the Fanatic who killed an outstanding six Glade Guard! From there I put three Wounds on the Griffon with the Arrowboys as they were still under Mystical/Damned buffs. My other Fanatic died without much effort, then Alith Anar put down his comrade.

Joshua ended his Turn with both of his Objectives under his control and had another two Glade Guard flee from Battlshock. I won the roll for Initiative and took the Turn.

The High Warden and Alith Anar planning to Charge the Arrowboys.

Fanatic blocking the Charge on the left.

Rightmost Fanatic comes up short and decides to get into the Glade Guard and cause some havoc.

Shooting takes a toll, after the Turn I'd lost 11 Arrowboys.

The High Warden gets in.

Arrowboys fight back!

Battle Round 2 - Destruction

Rampaging Destroyer went out on the few Units I had that were in range of the Mystical Terrain to get me out of danger and all my normal buffs went up. My Arrowboys shot the Griffon using their Kunnin' Rukk ability, removing him. They then Rampaging Destroyer'd towards the left since the right flank was pretty much crushed.

In Movement I got the my Orruks and Grots in position for some Charges and my Red/Blue Thundertusks moved up to get into the Swordwasters and Reavers respectively. Shooting saw me remove Alith Anar, almost all the Glade Guard, three Reavers, and the last Bolt Thrower crewman while putting 6 Wounds on the Griffon.

Charges went from the Grots into the Glade Guard, Grots into the Archmage and Swordmasters, Red Thundertusk into Swordmasters, and Green Thundertusk into the Griffon and Reaver Champion. Once the dust settled I had a few Wounds on the Archmage and Griffon, killed a few Swordmasters, and taken a few Wounds on both Thundertusks. The Glade Guard and Grots flailed at each other for no result. My Blue Thundertusk failed to get into the Reavers.

I ended the Turn in control of all four Objectives due to superior model count and my Big Boss running over to the right Objective. What remained of the Eternal Guard fled in Battleshock.

Securing the Right Objective.

Eating into the bunker.

Shifting to the left to Capture all the Objectives.

High Warden barely hanging on!

Battle Round 2 - Order

Without much left to do the remaining two Reavers hoofed it to my left Objective and everything else stayed put as they were in Combat. Joshua was just out of range for his Hero Phase shooting ability as well. Once again the Archmage failed to cast Shield of Saphery despite needing a 5 on dice.

Shooting continued to go into the Arrowboys removing another model. Since the Aelves had no Charges we went into Combat with the Griffon punching the Thundertusk up a bit more and then going down in kind. My Red Thundertusk killed one or two Swordmasters who chopped him back ineffectively due to being at -2 to Hit from the cold aura and Netters. The "Archmage" went down to my Grots and the Grots/Glade Guard continued to do nothing to each other.

Nothing happened in Battleshock and Joshua took control of one of my Objectives so it was then 3-1 in my favor. Joshua won the roll for Initiative and took it.

Big Red is going down but the Objective is still mine.

Overview of the field.

Overview of the field.

Reavers take my left Objective at the bottom of Turn 2 to stay in the game.

Battle Round 3 - Order

No Heroes left and the Reavers stayed put so directly into the Shooting Phase. My Red Thundertusk went down to the Reaver Champion and remaining duo while the Glade Guard failed to do anything.

Combat was mostly the Swordmasters hacking into the Grots while the Grot/Glade Guard Combat saw each side take a casualty. My Green Thundertusk was able to kill off the Reaver Champion, leaving Joshua with two Reavers, one Glade Guard, and half a Unit of Swordmasters. Also a crewless Bolt Thrower, which may or may not count.

At this point he decided to concede the game since it was apparent I could easily remove the remaining models with shooting and claim all four Objectives.

Reavers back up a bit.

Grots kill the Archmage!

The High Warden is no more.

Major Victory for Destruction!

Post-Game Wrapup

I'm going to be very frank, I played like shit this game. My last several games have had some small mistakes, mostly order of operations stuff, but in this game I went with a profoundly poor strategy. Moving up so aggressively was a game losing move that would have cost me a lot more had I not won the Turn 2 Initiative roll and winning a heads up dice off isn't a good strategy.

What I should have done is had Joshua go first and eaten the Bolt Thrower shots, as well as some shots from the Glade Guard. From here I could have taken the center, Grots on either side of the Arrowboys and forced him to come off the Objectives or stand there and die. Removing the Reavers and Bolt Thrower is pretty simple with the Thundertusks and then I'd be pulling the Aelves in so many directions it'd be a no win situation.

My fear was that both Shields of Saphery would go up and I'd start taking some major shooting losses. In hindsight that was never going to happen, the Units just don't put out enough shots with enough reliability to truly threaten me. This game was a fundamental misunderstanding on my part and should have been more one-sided with the strength of Joshua's list.

This may seem like a pretty boring game, and it was when I won the Initiative. Joshua said his list was more middle of the road compared to what he usually brings since he had never met me and since he's running the league (not eligible for prizes) he wanted to make sure he didn't run me off if I was a casual player. Apparently he normally runs a Kurnoth Hunter/Bastiladon spam list that I'd like to go against.

I'm going to be writing myself some notes to keep mind of in the game. I'm still so rusty with Age of Sigmar despite playing a lot of games, I need to keep getting those reps in. I find that when I pursue the wrong strategy it helps to write down my game plan and turn plans on note cards for reference. Something like "Kill the Treelord" or "Control the center Objective". It's really easy to lose sight of the little battles when you get into the thick of things.

My army performed very well and I do think Joshua made a big mistake giving me the Damned Terrain. I wrote about that in my post about how to play against Kunnin' Rukk armies, and while I was forced to make a lot of Mystical checks they mostly went my way. That's not something I like to do, but I'll take it.

Aelves seem like they could be very strong with a lot of Reavers, Bolt Throwers, Hand of Glory Wizards, and then some chaff to hold the line. Great at hunter Heroes, you can gun down a lot of stuff with four Bolt Throwers and Hand of Glory makes them insane. Oh Rule of One.

Anyways, that's me until my next game. I will try to get another in this week but I've been so busy. I'm looking to get a bit more play in with my Beastclaw heavy army as it's more casual and pretty fun to play so maybe expect to see some of that this week. As always, thanks for reading!

Episode 12.7: Beating the Kunnin' Rukk

Since I'll be taking a few days or even a week off from playing I thought I'd do a blog post about a question I get a lot: how do you beat the Kunnin' Rukk? For those unfamiliar with what I'm talking about the Kunnin' Rukk is a Battalion in Boneshaker which requires you to take a Savage Orruk Big Boss and 2-5 Units of Savage Orruks or Savage Orruk Arrowboys. It allows you to perform one of the following actions, in your Hero Phase, for any ONE Unit in the Battalion that is within 10" of the Big Boss:

  • Move as though it were the Movement Phase
  • Shoot as though it were the Shooting Phase
  • Pile In and Attack as though it were the Combat Phase, the Unit must already be in Combat as well
The most typical build for this Battalion is the Big Boss, one 30 or 40 model Unit of Arrowboys, and a minimum Unit or Arrowboys or Savage Orruks. Usually the Shooting option will be selected, allowing a Unit of Arrowboys to put out, at most, 120 shots in the Hero Phase and then again in the Shooting Phase. If the Arrowboys are out of range then Movement is a popular choice which can allow shots to be fired deep into the enemy Deployment Zone on the top of Turn 1.

Anatomy of the Battalion

Before we delve into how to beat the Kunnin' Rukk Battalion and associated armies, let's examine it a bit more. Arrowboys have 2 Wounds a piece with a 6+ Armor Save, an extremely strong stat-line considering their cost of 100 Points per 10 models. The Big Boss has a deceptive 6 Wounds, also on a 6+ Armor Save. Arrowboys Hit on 5's and Wound on 4's with their Stinga Bows and add a -1 Rend if they're attacking anything with the Monster Keyword. Lastly they get 2 attack with their Stinga Bows natively which goes up to 3 if the Unit numbers 20 models or more.

At first blush this isn't too exciting of a statline, solid but not world beating. Where Arrowboys really shine is when you stack buffs onto them, as most large Units do. The Destruction Allegiance comes with one of the best Command Abilities in the game, Bellowing Tyrant, which gives +1 to Hit with all attacks to a Unit within d6" of the General. This will almost always be on the Arrowboys Champion who will also be the General, ensuring this buff cannot be removed until the Unit is dead. Some builds will put this on the Big Boss or another model, which makes it easier to remove but still powerful.

Bonesplitterz also have other buffs that can be put onto the Arrowboys such as the Commany Ability from the Big Boss which allows any 6's or higher to Hit to create another attack. This does require the Big Boss to the General but it's a powerful ability. A Maniak Weirdnob also has a Spell, Bone Shaker, that allows all 1's to Hit to be re-rolled and if the Spell is cast with doubles then ALL misses are re-rolled. There are a few other Bonesplitterz Allegiance specific Spells which can buff Arrowboys but that isn't a commonly seen build due to the loss of Rampaging Destroyer and Bellowing Tyrant.

Finally, Arrowboys work extremely well with both Damned and Mystical Terrain. Damned allows you to take d3 Mortal Wounds, no big loss due to the horrible Armor Save and native 2 Wounds per model, in exchange for +1 to Hit. This will apply to both volleys if the Arrowboys choose to shoot twice in the turn due to their Battalion and has them hitting on 3+. Mystical, while a big gamble on rolling that 1, will allow all failed Wound rolls to be re-rolled and turn the Unit into a complete killing machine. It should be noted that due to the timing of Mystical Terrain it is possible to perform the Kunnin' Rukk Battalion shooting, then roll for the Mystical Terrain to hedge your bets.

With just Bellowing Tyrant a 40 man Unit of Arrowboys will put out just over 30 Wounds, scaling up from there as buffs are layered on. This output, combined with Battle Shock, will very likely allow for the Arrowboys to remove two Units per Turn from the table or remove almost any Monster in one go with their -1 Rend addition.

It's So Easy, Anyone Can Do It!

So now that we know what the Kunnin' Rukk Player can do, what can we do to beat them? Let's start with some very general counters that are available to anyone regardless of army list or game size.

  • Know What to Expect
As I detailed above there are a lot of tricks to the Battalion with regards to Movement, Terrain, etc. If you're caught off guard by these abilities then it's likely you will lose more of your army than necessary and the game will spiral out of control.

I'm a big proponent of mentality first, if your mentality goes negative then it's hard to play up to your potential. Kunnin' Rukk is a Battalion that can break people and throw them off their mental game, that's one of its greatest strengths. By knowing what the Battalion can do and thinking a few turns ahead you can stay in the game and won't be caught off guard by losses. Remember, you're going to lose models and it's going to be frustrating but just hang in there and stick to your plan!

  • Deny Terrain and Abuse Terrain
Kunnin' Rukk Players love Damned Terrain and many also love Mystical (I'm not among them). If you win the roll to determine table side, don't let them have those Terrain pieces! Damned is a complete nightmare to play against while Mystical can backfire so keep that in mind.

Line of Sight blocking Terrain is also very powerful against Shooting and Kunnin' Rukk is no exception. I strongly recommend asking any Tournament Organizer to use LoS blocking Terrain on every table, at least 2-3 pieces, as it makes the game much more enjoyable and fair. If this type of Terrain is available use it to hide your important models on the approach or protect Wizards and other Units that can hang back and still be effective.

There will be times where the table only allows you to pick one, or even none of these options. Unfortunately that's just the breaks and will differ from game to game, just keep Terrain in mind.

  • Kill the Big Boss or Control Deployment
While it might seem like not every list can do this (looking at you Death Players) I promise there are options. Obviously Shooting or Spells are the best way to kill the Big Boss, who if you recall is a mere 6 Wounds with a 6+ Armor Save. This guy will typically hang out on the very back of the Kunnin' Rukk Players board edge and be behind Terrain if the option is there.

While killing the Big Boss doesn't remove the threat of the Unit, it does cut the offensive potential of the Arrowboys in half for relatively little investment. This makes him the most attractive target in the whole army and smart Players will know this going into the game.

If Shooting isn't an option then resort to a Melee Alpha Strike. This would be something like Stormcast Eternals "Deep Strike" ability, Units with Flying, Tunneling Abilities, and so on. Unfortunately these options have counters in the form of the Kunnin' Rukk Player "bubble-wrapping" the Big Boss, meaning they surround him with other Units to prevent Charges or attacking over the top of intervening models.

The value of forcing this bubble-wrap Deployment is that it can open up the Scenario game for you, at least until your Alpha Strike Units bite the dust. Now the Kunnin' Rukk Player is forced to make decisions and that can lead to mistakes which will open up more opportunities for you. Speaking of Scenario...

  • Play for Scenario!
Remember that games are not won and lost (typically) by who killed the most models but who scores the most Scenario Points. Most Shooting heavy armies aren't strong in Scenario due to their static nature and low model count. Kunnin' Rukk does get around some of these weaknesses but still won't take ground like a melee army can and also has no access to Flying, fast moving Units, teleport effects, etc.

While it may feel bad to camp an Objective and get shot to death we're playing to win by whatever means necessary. Make sure you are proficient at keeping Units off of Objectives, that means setting the line of engagement past the Objective so the only option is to engage you, move all the way around, or remove the Unit and go through. Meanwhile you're scoring Points and may accrue enough to ride out the game with.

  • Know How to Abuse Turn Order
This is the number one mistake I see my opponent's make as a Kunnin' Rukk Player. If I get to decide who goes first I will almost always defer, there are exceptions but generally any shooting heavy army wants to go second. This way your opponent advances into your guns, or stands around doing nothing. Exceptions would be another gunline with longer ranges, typically a Sylvaneth or Duradin army.

If you plan to go first then it's best to deploy aggressively, get up the board and do what your army is good at doing. Going second and putting everything far back on your board edge is a common tactic but it keeps your army off Scenario and, unless you have shooting of your own, delays your Units from getting into the game. Also remember that in most Scenarios (not Escalation) the Arrowboys will be 12" up, moving 10" + d6" and shooting 18". That's an average threat of 43-44" with their front models!

Another disadvantage to going first is the possibility of the double turn for the Kunnin' Rukk Player. This will allow them to get in range of your whole army and shoot what they please without you being able to do anything in return, removing crucial pieces or your first wave. Being on the back board edge won't help you here and is in fact a massive hindrance. Anecdotal experience, I have never lost a game when going second and getting the double turn.

How turn order plays out depends very much on your list composition, the table, and the Scenario. Can you survive a double turn? Can you get mileage out of your own double turn, either before or after a double turn from the enemy? Are you advantaged when it comes to shooting or disadvantaged? There are no hard and fast rules for this but it is vital that you have a plan before Deployment even begins for how this plays out.

Getting Hard...With Counters

So now that we've gone over some of the non-specific soft counters, let's look at the hard counters! These are going to be most often Allegiance specific but some are general, just not available to all armies. Please keep in mind that when incorporating any hard counter into your list that you can open yourself up to other armies taking advantage. Not everything that works against Kunnin' Rukk is across the board good and too many points invested into specialists will leave you without an army you can take to a tournament and expect to do well.

  • Debuffs to Hitting and Wounding
Kunnin' Rukk works so well because it puts out a high volume of reasonably accurate shots, removing that ability really harms the Battalion. Common ways to do this are the Prayer in Stormcast Eternals, Cursed Book/Mournguls, Paladin Protectors, and various Artefacts/Spells. It is crucial that you have a plan for delivering these abilities, remember that Spells/Prayers are used in the Hero Phase before you get a chance to move and any good Rukk Player will know what to look out for.

Combining these debuffs with solid delivery methods, something like the Stormcast Lightning Chariot Prayer, will make them much more reliable.

  • Kill the Arrowboys
This is a much taller order than most people think as removing an 80 Wound Unit which is almost always screened and hanging back is a nightmare. Some armies can do it though and it's worth mentioning that you don't have to kill them all, just get them to 19 models or less. This will remove the extra shot from the Stinga Bows and make the Battalion quite a bit weaker.

Overall a Gaunt Summoner is the best model I've found to duff up the Arrowboys, typically putting out 20 Wounds and killing 10 models with his Spell. Kurnoth Hunters with Bows, Skyfires, Warmachines that get additional damage against 20+ model Units, and so on are on the next tier of killing power.

Do not invest too much into Warmachines, they're not very powerful overall and typically have a very low amount of attacks, which leads to failed Hits/Wounds and frustration at your wasted points. If you're aiming to fight fire with fire you need reliability This is why the Gaunt Summoner is so strong, he can deliver himself with the Treacherous Bonds Spell and buff his range to 19" via an Artefact. That's a low investment with high upside that also does plenty of work against other armies.

Generally melee Units are not viable for killing off the Arrowboys due to the screens but if you can keep something in reserve and bring it in on demand, paired with some shooting to remove a portion of the screen, that can work. Stormcast is the best at this along with some Skaven builds but many armies at least have the option.

  • Provide an Unshootable Target
This is the best option I've found and is the reason I run Thundertusks with my army to spam out some Mortal Wounds. Having 2/3+ re-rollable Armor Saves or big negative to hit penalties on powerful Units can create a scenario where you slowly walk through the screens and into the soft, bad at melee center of the army. Layer Saves, ala Fyreslayers, are another option within this category.

Fyreslayers, Stormcast, and Seraphon are probably the best at this. Two Dracoth Lords with Mirror Shields are very nasty, Seraphon can get to 1+ or 2+ Saves with rerolls, and Fyreslayers can just take 30 man Units of Berzerkers and run screaming across the battlefield.


Well that's about all I have to say on the Kunnin' Rukk topic, I'd be happy to answer any questions that someone might have and go a little more in-depth beyond this already lengthy blog entry. I think Kunnin' Rukk builds are some of the strongest armies in the game and likely will stay that way until the next General's Handbook. Possibly even beyond! A lot of the principles I laid out also work against any gun-line. If you have any tech that you think I glossed over or missed I'd love to hear it!

Episode 12: Tournament Two: Electric Boogalo

Well my initial league for Age of Sigmar came to an end today in the form a 2000pt, 500pt sideboard, three round tournament at my FLGS. We had 10 attendees which isn't bad considering some people had family obligations and all that. I was getting over a horrible cold that is still plaguing me but I wanted to play some AoS!

Because this is a tournament I took my typical hard as nails list which will be retired for casual play:

Savage Orruk Big Boss
Huskard on Thundertusk
Huskard on Thundertusk
Huskard on Thundertusk

10 Savage Orruks
40 Savage Orruk Arrowboys
20 Moonclan Grots w/ Spears & Shields
20 Moonclan Grots w/ Spears & Shields
1 Grot Fanatic
1 Grot Fanatic

For competitive games or events this is the list you'll see me running until it is almost certainly nerfed in the next General's Handbook. Then it's on to Tzeentch probably...

Anyways! As I said I was quite sick and we had strict timing for the rounds, because of that I wasn't really in the mood to take photos for the event. I am in the process of getting a digital camera for my photos so it should be easier to do moving forward and the quality should go up. Hopefully this will be my last event with sub-par battle reports.

Round One

Because the pairings were based on our league standings, at least for the first round, I was paired against a Sylvaneth player by the name of Melinda. For the early portions of the league Melinda mostly played her husband and would beat up on him regularly as they were both learning. She brought the following:

Spirit of Durthu
Treelord Ancient
Loremaster of Hoeth

10 Dryads
5 Tree-Revenants
5 Tree-Revenants
3 Kurnoth Hunters w/ Scythes
3 Kurnoth Hunters w/ Bows
3 Kurnoth Hunters w/ Bows

Free Spirits Battalion
Gnarlroot Wargrove Battalion

Mission | Border War

I think this is a really good Sylvaneth list, it isn't as good as a list could be obviously since it doesn't have 18+ Kurnoth Hunters but in reality that Unit is aching for a nerf so I wouldn't buy that many either. Tons of Spells, fast melee elements, shooting, the whole nine yards that Sylvaneth can bring to the table. I don't love the Loremaster that much since Hand of Glory only has a few good targets and those targets are very, very high profile.

Sylvaneth decided to take the first turn and moved up with everything, which was almost certainly a mistake. This allowed me to eat the Spirit of Durthu and Ancient on Turn 1 with all my guns. I played extremely aggressively this game, borderline insanely so, and won the Initiative on Turn 2 allowing me to capture all four Objectives. From then on I was able to slowly take out the remaining Heroes to prevent Wyldwoods from popping up all over and aim for the D3 Mortal Wounds with all the Spells going off.

Ultimately Melinda scooped on Turn 4, having just a Unit of Revenants, Dryads, and one Kurnoth with Bows left. I had a firm grasp on all four Objectives and was only down a Thundertusk, both Fanatics, and a Grot Unit.

Overall I think I played this Mission incredibly well, basically jamming my army down my opponent's throat. I had Orruks in the enemy deployment zone on Turn 2 and used my superior numbers to get the game in my favor. Putting the Revenants or Dryads onto an Objective would see them immediately annihilated and the Sylvaneth had to fight tooth and nail just to hold their Objective, much less worry about mine or the flank ones. My army also excels in this mission since I can sit back on my Objective and project force onto all the others.

So with that I was in control of the top table and onto the next round.....

Round Two

With three Players at 1-0 I was given the non-pair down. This was a rematch against against Ryan, Melinda's husband and his Fyreslayers. We were using the "spoiled" points for the Fyreslayers in the new General's Handbook even though they aren't finalized, this was fine with me as it's a lot more interesting.

Runesmiter on Magamdroth
Runeson on Magmadroth
Auric Runesmiter

10 Vulkite Berzerkers w/ Two Hand Weapons
10 Vulkite Berzerkers w/ Two Hand Weapons
25 Vulkite Berzerkers w/ Pickaxes
25 Auric Hearthguard


Warrior Kinband

Mission | Three Places of Power

Now that's what I call Fyreslayers! Enough Magmadroths to get the job done, two re-roll Armor Save bubbles if the army has to split, a big tunneling contingent and some shooting to boot. I didn't actually know about the tunneling until post-Deployment as I didn't look at Ryan's list which is a huge mistake on my part and I should know better. Overall the atmosphere was pretty relaxed and I got off my best game so there's something to learn right off the bat!

I gave Ryan the go ahead and after a lot of thinking he decided to surge forward with all the non-Heroes and go for a Turn 1 Thundertusk snipe. Again, this is something I could have blocked with deployment but because of my mistake I took it to the face. After all the Hearthguard and the Gyrobombers my Thundertusk was on 1 Wound. The Cannon also went into another Thundertusk, doing nothing, but it should have gone into the Thundertusk to try and seal the deal.

On my Turn I proceeded to delete the Hearthguard, Battlesmith, and Runesmiter as well as position for the middle and left Objective. It's important to say that the Magmadroths, one Battlesmith, and the Cannon were on my right flank hiding behind a huge building while everything else went on the left and nothing in the middle of the table. I kept a very central position to see where I could go and this paid off big time.

I was able to keep the Magmadroths pinned behind the building by putting the Arrowboys near them and screening with Grots. This meant if they ever poked their heads out they're eating all the shots I can muster while still being able to get work out of my models. This also allowed me to force Ryan's hand by removing his Heroes and capturing the Objectives. Unfortunately I had trouble getting Arrowboys into range of the Berzerkers so they did limited work early on, partially due to a sub-optimal deployment and some poor Rampaging Destroyer moves.

Ryan battled back strong despite losing a lot, chewing through my Savage Orruks and some Thundertusks with his big Berzerker block. Eventually we reached a point where the Magmadroth had to commit, got stopped up by a Fanatic, and I won a crucial Initiative roll that saw them both deleted.

Unfortunately I made plenty of mistakes this game. One was allowing a Thundertusk to get charged when I could have moved it away and retained the Objective as there were no Heroes remaining on the left side of the board. The other was piling in with a Thundertusk on the middle Objective and it ended up dying before I got to score again on my turn. This prompted an all out run from my Big Boss to the right Objective, with Grots and Arrowboys between him and the Fyreslayers, to score a final point and win the game. Previously Ryan had managed to control the Objective with a Battlesmith and Magamdroths and I wasn't able to get the long term scores that I should have been.

I ended up with a 1 Point Major Victory and about equal Victory Points, both nearing 1500. I was a bit down on myself for playing so badly and barely getting a win that I should have had more control in so I resolved to focus up and finish strong. Ryan was a great opponent and we talked about the game after, I advised he try the Gyrocopters instead of the Bombers as they're much more powerful but honestly the list is pretty strong and had the tools to deliver something to me, especially with an Initiative roll or two.

Round Three

Final round, me and the other undefeated. I was up against Hanz, someone I know from around but haven't played before. I think he played the most games of anyone in the League and had a super strange mixed Tzeentch list that I wasn't familiar with. To be quite frank I have a personal vendetta against Hanz for some arguments we've had and his general approach towards my list so I was very motivated to win this game. Of course that was all internalized but motivation is motivation!

Disciples of Tzeentch
Gaunt Summoner
Tzaangor Shaman
Chaos Sorcerer Lord on Manticore
Chaos Soercerer Lord

9 Tzaangor Skyfires
20 Kairic Acolytes
10 Chaos Marauders
20 Chaos Marauders
Chaos Warshrine
3 Chaos Chariots

Mission | Gift from the Heavens

Honestly this game isn't worth writing much about. I deferred the first turn and Hanz did what a lot of people try against my army, not advancing. Unfortunately this doesn't work since the Arrowboys can move twice with the Battalion ability and I can often get the Thundertusks with 18" through Rampaging Destroyer and normal movement.

Turn 1 I was able to kill almost all the big Marauder block and a few Acolytes, unfortunately my shooting missed the Gaunt Summoner after he failed to cast Bonds of Treachery. I then won the Initiative roll and jammed my army down the field again, kill the Warshrine, Gaunt Summoner, Acolytes, big Marauder Unit, and leaving the Sorcerer Lord on one Wound. My Objective came down on the right, which Hanz had the Chariots and Manticore opposite but managed to get some Grots in front of it and hold with the Thundertusks. All the Skyfires were on the far left.

Hanz's Objective came down on my right and he had nothing to hold it with. He tried putting the Skyfires into a Thundertusk but left it on 1 Wound, his Spells were also pretty ineffective in terms of output despite blowing Destiny Dice. At this point he conceded on the bottom of Turn 2.

Continuing to be honest I think this is the worst list I faced during the day and it wasn't deployed well. Hanz seemed to think that his high speed with all the Flyers would allow him to redeploy as needed, I would have kept everything in the center and gambled on a flank with the Skyfires/Shaman only. As is I crushed his center easily because Tzeentch Mortal Units aren't very good and he had nothing to play with. The Warshrine is a ton of points that gives a 6++ Save and allows re-rolls, but the only good target is the Skyfires as the Manticore had the Paradoxical Shield. Re-rolling 6+ Saves isn't very useful on the Mortal Units either, it's more meant for a Unit of Chaos Warriors or Chosen.

Major Tournament Victory for Destruction!

This was a weird tournament and overall I think I played poorly. There were a lot of order of activation things that I did wrong such as shooting the Warshrine last or moving Units before other Units which made it hard to unpack my army. These are things that I need muscle memory with and lose sight of in the moment when I'm going through my plan for the turn. I've had similar issues in other games and it's something that goes away with time.

While my last opponent was incredibly salty about the game everyone else took it in stride and was amazing to play against. I've also noticed that some people I played in the past took more powerful armies and cleaned up past mistakes that I noticed. While I don't credit myself with that I do think that having someone to focus on beating, a rival or whatever title is appropriate, can push people in that direction. Both my first and second round opponents were very happy at how well they did against my optimized list and want to play more in the future. Some people will react well to losing and use it as motivation to improve, some won't.

I will be taking a bit of a break from AoS until my next, weekly, league starts up so that I can finish painting my army and get over this nagging cold. Until then thank you for reading and hopefully this wasn't too much of a fevered rambling.

Episode 11: Three, Oh! and a Handshake (2000 Point Tournament Report)

Today was my first tournament for Age of Sigmar, something I've been anticipating for several weeks. This was planned to be an 8 man event but there were some additional signups, then drops, and in the end we ended up with 5 Players. Unfortunate that not everyone could make it but the show must go on, and so it did.

We played 3 Rounds, 2000pts with a 500pt Sideboard, which to my knowledge no one used. Because the Tournament was a bit hectic I wasn't able to get as many pictures as I would have liked, my primary focus was on playing. I will post the pictures from my first two pairings at the end of this entry and go over the games briefly. The final round I'll go into in a lot more detail as it was by far the best game of AoS I've played to date and extremely enjoyable. Let's start with my list:

Tournament Destruction List

Huskard on Thundertusk
Huskard on Thundertusk w/ Battle Brew
Huskard on Thundertusk w/ Battle Brew

10x Savage Orruks
40x Savage Orruk Arrowboys
20x Moonclan Grots w/ Spears, Shields and 3x Netters
20x Moonclan Grots w/ Spears, Shields and 3x Netters

1x Fanatic
1x Fanatic

1x Kunnin' Rukk

Frostlord on Stonehorn w/ Battle Brew
1x Fanatic

This is the list I've been playing and getting reps in with for some time. I feel pretty comfortable with it and the power of the list is obvious. For my Sideboard I took a Stonehorn so that I can swap into the Beastclaw Raiders build. I'm not sure when I would do this, what pairing it would work in, etc. but it's better than nothing!


Round 1: Destruction vs. Clan Pestilens

My first game was against a pretty-typical Clan Pestilens build. 5 Units of Plague Monks, 1 Unit of Censers, 2 Plague Furnaces, and the Plague Priest/3 Catapult Battalion with a Corruptor as the General.

I was very interested to see what the Catapults can do, on average they put 21 Wounds into my Arrowboys with pretty good Hit/Wound rates. The rest of the army plays into my game plan pretty well, hard hitting melee Units with poor Armor Saves. I've been very interested to play against the Catapults and see how much punishment I can absorb.

I ended up being forced to go first this game and played extremely aggressively, which seemed to take my opponent by surprise. Turn 1 I killed the Corruptor with my Thundertusks and removed three Plague Monk Units between shooting and Battleshock. The Catapults rolled pretty poorly for most of the game, missing a few times and getting poor Damage results and I ended up tabling the Skaven on Turn 3.

Some key moments were both Fanatics diving in front of the Plague Furnaces until I could cripple their profile and the Moonclan Grots practically fighting off ten Plague Monks on their own. I left the round with a Major Victory and 1940 Kill Points as the Skaven were a bit under the cap.

Round 2: Destruction vs. Death

Next round was against a very elite Death army sporting a Vampire Lord on Terrogheist, ten Bloodknights, five Hounds, a huge Unit of Cryptflayers (maybe 12?), and some Zombies.

This seemed like a pretty easy matchup for me, take out the Hero and the rest of the army crumbles. The big Unit of 'Flayers was a worry due to their speed but I have enough road bumps to hold them off for a bit. Our Scenario was Take and Hold which is extremely good for me since an elite, all melee army is going to have a lot of trouble holding an Objective.

This game hinged on the Round 2 Initiative roll, which I won. Round 1 I was forced to go first again and went for an aggressive play against the Vampire Lord but rolled poorly and ended up only doing a few Wounds. I had to use both my Fanatics to block the big Units from getting into my army and if Death got the double turn it could have gone south.

In the end I blew up the Vampire Lord and a lot of the Crypt Flayers on my Turn which left the Death army little to fight with and me almost in his Deployment Zone. This was another Major Victory, 2000 Kill Points as my opponent conceded. 

Round 3: Destruction vs. Disciples of Tzeentch

The third and final Round with me and Troy, my opponent, as the sole undefeated players. Troy was playing an extremely interesting list that I initially thought would be a pretty advantaged matchup for me but turned out to be more even than I thought.

Disciples of Tzeentch
Kairos Fateweaver
Lord of Change
Lord of Change
Lord of Change

10x Pink Horrors
10x Pink Horrors
10x Pink Horrors

Omniscient Oracles Battalion

270 Reinforcement Points


Scenario: Gift from the Heavens

As was typical for the day the Table had no impact on the game. We had three Inspiring pieces, some out of the way Dangerous Terrain, and a Mystical in the DoT Deployment Zone.

At first blush this is a relatively easy win for me. My opponent has almost nothing but Monsters that have average saves and most Tzeentch Spells focus on pumping out small to moderate amounts of Mortal Wounds. My Thundertusks are likely going to have to be traded but overall my Arrowboys win the back and forth.

My army is also uniquely well equipped to deal with Pink Horrors. Blood Raven shots from the Thundertusks with create minimal Blue Horrors but force Troy to pay the full Reinforcement Points for the Unit. From there I kill the Blues who turn into Brimstones, and repeat the process. This will quickly run the Reinforcement pool dry and then I can kill the Pink Horrors normally and take control of the board. The general plan is to piece trade, deal with the Pink Horrors, and win on Scenario.

Troy dropped first as he won the roll for table edge, meaning he has to put his Battalion down if he wants to choose the turn order. He opened with the Pink Horrors, putting them along his back board edge in each square area of the table. This was a nod towards the Scenario and not too much of a drawback for him as all his Units have some sort of ranged attack.

I deployed as I normally do, Thundertusks in the middle right/left and leaving the center open for the Arrowboys but also leaving my shallow flanks open as well. Troy then put his Battalion down on my center-left, I decided to put my Arrowboys on the dead center to try and play the angles or box the Lords of Change in since they aren't very fast.

Troy finished deploying first and had me take the turn.

Battle Round 1

Destruction Hero Phase and Movement
Battle Brew, Inspiring Presence, and Bellowing Tyrant all go up, the last two both on the Arrowboys. Rampaging Destroyer helps me army to start spreading out, my goal is to get each Thundertusk within 30" of a Pink Horror Unit. Unfortunately most of the rolls are low.

In Movement I finish getting the Thundertusks into range and move up my Grots and Orruks a bit. My plain Orruks are going up the right flank as that's the portion of the board I have the least presence in. Overall I stay in the center and try to get ready to spread to wherever the Objectives drop.

Destruction Shooting, Charges, and Combat
Almost all of my shooting is out of range but the Blood Vultures are in. I end up putting one Wound on a Lord of Change and forcing a split from two Pink Horror Units. I have no Charges and end the turn.

DoT Hero Phase and Movement
A +1 to Casting Rolls and another Ability go up, Mystic Shield goes on one of the Lords of Change. All the offensive spells are out of range and the rightmost Lord fails his Mystical test.

The Pink Horrors all move up along with the new Blues and two Lords along with Kairos move into the left corner while the remaining one stands around blinking.

DoT Shooting, Charges, and Combat
All available shooting goes into the Thundertusk who ends up taking 4 Wounds. Once again no one is in range for Charges and Troy ends his turn.

Troy wins the roll for Initiative and decides to take the double turn.

Battle Round 2

DoT Hero Phase and Movement
Mystic Shield goes up on a Lord of Change again, one of the ones in the corner. Arcane Bolt and a bunch of other offensive spells go into my Thundertusk and finish him off through Mortal Wounds. So that's how it feels to be on the receiving end of things!

Troy's Objective comes down on my far right, which is very fortunate for me since that is by far the weakest area for him. The middle Pink Horrors shift to the Objective with a Run and the right Horrors move up to defend it and start shooting.

The wounded Lord moves to the center of the board, all the rest retreat into the left corner. Left-side Pinks and Blues move up the board to get into range of shooting in the future.

DoT Shooting, Charges, and Combat
A few shots go out from the Lord of Change into another Thundertusk but no damage is done. Everything else either Ran or is out of range. As is typical for Tzeentch there's no Charges.

Scenario Score 2-0 for DoT

Destruction Hero Phase and Movement
All my Buffs go up again on the same targets and I start trying to unpack my army a bit more. My Objective comes down on my far left, which is the worst possible position since that's where all of Troy's models are and very few of mine. Goals for this turn are to remove the Lord of Change that's in range of me and keep depleting the Reinforcement Points.

Ultimately I decide that my only option is to hold my Objective for this turn and make a big play for Troy's Objective. To that end I use my Hero Phase moves to get the Grots over to the left while everything pivots to the center or the right. I'm having some issues unpackign my army so the Arrowboys aren't within 18" of the Lord, instead I use my Kunnin' Rukk Ability to move the Savage Orruks up and get in range to contest.

Movement has the Grots Run, forming a circle at 6" out on my Objective to prevent any contesting. The other Grots spread out and make room for the Arrowboys, who follow behind and also spread out. Thundertusks move up the center but are boxed in due to the terrain. My Savage Orruks move up but don't Run because of Deadly terrain, managing to just barely get the Champion within 6" of the Objective.

Destruction Shooting, Charges, and Combat
I decide to start with the Arrowboys into the Lord of Change since they should take care of him and if so I can put the Thundertusks to work elsewhere. All in all Troy makes a huge amount of Armor Saves, at least 20+ on 5's, and the Lord is left with a few Wounds remaining, not even spending any Destiny Dice! I finish it off with the Thundertusk and fire his Blood Raven into the Blue Horrors, forcing a Brimstone split. My other Thundertusk goes into the Pinks on my right and forces another split, getting very close to the maximum of Troy's Reinforcement allotment.

I decline to try for a Charge on the Savage Orruks as I don't want more attacks than necessary going into them and the Unit has to keep at least one model around through Troy's turn to contest if I don't win Initiative, which I didn't. Troy opts to take the turn.

Scenario Score 2-2

Battle Round 3

DoT Hero Phase and Movement
Troy goes to work mopping up my Grots holding the Objective but most of his spells are out of range. Arcane Bolt claims three Grots and Mystic Shield goes on the Pink Horrors. The far left Pinks do some other damage spell into my Orruks and kill one. Another spell adds some Blue Horrors to the existing Unit on the left.

Troy advanced cautiously towards my Objective, not running with anything. The other Pinks and Blues move up to block off their Objective and get within shooting range.

DoT Shooting, Charges, and Combat
All the shooting on my left goes into the Grots and I make very few saves, killing over half the Unit. On the right I lose a few Orruks but the contesting Champion is standing strong and I am in range of both Objectives.

Troy charges the Pinks into the Orruks and the Blues into the Grots, however my Fanatic pins the Blues in place. Had Troy been able to Charge he'd be able to get within 6" of my Objective and I'd never be able to get him off of it with the Brimstone splits.

In combat the Fanatic dies and I kill a few Pinks in return for no losses. I then lose all my Grots due to Battleshock but the Orruks stand fast thanks to the Inspiring bonus and their Totem.

Scenario Score 2-2

Destruction Hero Phase and Movement
Buffs go up in all the usual places and I start rolling for Rampaging Destroyer. I shift my Red Thundertusk to get in range of my Objective and score it, everything else goes to the right. I opt to shoot with the Kunnin' Rukk into the Blues, wiping them out and creating some Brimstones. At this point Troy can no longer afford to create any Blue Horrors Units.

In Movement I form my wall with the Grots and Arrowboys to prevent the Lords of Change from being able to easily fly over my lines and the Green Thundertusk positions himself for a Charge.

Destruction Shoot, Charges, and Combat
I pour all my shooting into the Pink and Blue Horrors, removing them all and clearing everything off the Objective except the Brimstones. I decline to shoot with my other Thundertusk as if the Blood Raven misses Troy can put it into the Blues, creating a Brimstone Horror and contesting my Objective.

The Thundertusk Charges the Brimstones, removing them and giving me control over both Objectives. Troy wins Initiative again and opts to have me go. We talked this over as I pointed out that I'd score both Objectives again and gain an impossible to erase lead, Troy understood and with the position of his models at best he'd be able to claim my Objective so we'd both score one each on Round 4, and very like one each on Round 5. Instead he preferred to play for the double turn and get whatever Kill Points he could as these were used for tie breakers.

Scenario Score 8-2 for Destruction

Battle Round 4-5

I do nothing on my turns except jostling my positioning a bit and getting a firm hold on Troy's Objective with multiple Units. Troy kills off my Red Thundertusk, most of my Grots and a few Arrowboys but has trouble getting things into range because of how far he is on the flank.

In the end I win with a score of 21-7 but Troy claims more Kill Points, allowing him to retain 2nd Place.

Major (Tournament) Victory for Destruction!

Post-Game Wrap-up

Me and Troy talked a bit about this game afterwards and it went a way neither of us expected. Both of our own Objectives were awful for us so we ended up with no choice but to split the table which ended up favoring my army.

Troy played extremely well in the early game, he deployed in a way that couldn't really hurt him and made me go first to see what I would do. This caused me to leave most of my army where it started, I moved very little on Turn 1, and that rippled all the way to my Turn 3 in terms of not being able to bring all my shooting to bear or spread out on the table.

Admittedly I thought Troy's list was pretty weak at first glance but it's a lot better than it looks. All the Tzeentch spells are very powerful and this list casts them with near perfect reliability between re-rolling 1's, matching the highest casting die, and Destiny dice. This allows him to pump out a ton of Mortal Wounds and use the Pinks to set never-ending screens for his Lords of Change and Kairos. The list also shoots well into poor Armor Save Units, giving it that same power that my list has.

I executed my plan well for the most part and honestly was extremely proud of my play both in terms of Scenario and countering the Horrors. I did very few offensive actions this game, Troy got more Kill Points than me, but I did the right things to win. My main blunder was not having Troy agree that I was within 6" of his Objective before I moved the Savage Orruks, I could have easily used a proxy base for that. In the end we did agree that I was in but it's my responsibility to make that clear to my opponent and not have a situation where he thinks I'm gaming him.

Unpacking my army was a huge issue this game, partially due to the terrain on my side of the table and partially due to the Scenario. I don't think I could have done much about that in hindsight, my whole plan was based on being reactionary to the Objectives. I did deploy a bit more to the right then the left though, keeping a central position would have been better.

The biggest compliment I'd like to give Troy is what I discussed in my last battle report, he took chances when he was behind. On paper my army beats his army, so he gambled on Scenario. Had his Objective landed in the center or my left he would be in a great position and force me to eat an alpha strike. That almost paid off because of my Objective but his placement was just as bad, if both Objectives came down on my left I think I would have lost this game, if both were center or one center and one left I think it's even.

After Turn 2 I think the Tzeentch army could have struck harder towards the middle and gotten in a firefight with me, it was either that or hope the Pink Horrors could hold on long enough for him to contest me and then claim my Objective. Ultimately it seems like that was the plan but scoring an extra Turn because of the Fanatic invalidated that option and from there the game was largely over.

All in all I had a great time getting some games in and meeting new people. My league is coming to an end this week, culminating in yet another Tournament. There will also be another League beginning with a different store, six weeks of assigned opponents and prizes based off W/L record. Plenty more AoS action to come from me!