Episode 5: Lost in Lustria

Another week and I have several games scheduled, hurray! Today I got another match in against a league opponent by the name of Kyle who had his Seraphon in tow. We decided to play another 1000 Point game but I switched my list up because I didn't want to proxy models and I just assembled a new Stonehorn/Thundertusk. Always nice to take the new toys for a test drive!

Scenario: Escalation

The Ruins in my quadrant are Damned, the Rock/Ruin to my right is Inspiring. Kyle's Forest is Arcane, the Archway is Deadly, and the Building is Mystical.

Deployment, Army Lists, and Pre-Game

Savage Orruk Big Boss w/ Talisman of Protection
Huskard on Thundertusk w/ Battle Brew

10x Savage Orruks w/ Choppas
40x Savage Orruk Arrow Boys

Kunnin' Rukk

Saurus Sunblood (General - Reckless and Relic Blade)
Saurus Oldblood

10x Saurus Guard

Bastiladon w/ Solar Engine
Stegadon w/ Skystreak Bow

(I'm aware we both only have 1 Battleline, we're all kind of feeling things out so I didn't sweat it much.)

I won the roll for Deployment and took the section with the Damned Terrain. While Mystical is extremely powerful for my Arrow Boys, it's also extremely risky and one Turn of no shooting can lose the game. The more I play the more I think I'd avoid that type of Terrain unless I felt behind in a game.

My Savage Orruks got dropped near the middle/left with the idea that they may not need to screen this game and could instead get over to the Left Objective. The Arrow Boys kept to the center and went up as far as they could, unfortunately Escalation is a bit hard on this list sometimes. The Big Boss kept out of LoS via the Ruins and my Thundertusk went far back to go where he's needed.

Kyle wasn't really given any useful Terrain in terms of Abilities but the Forest will make his Saurus Guard almost immune to my shooting (2+ Save while they're also near a Hero). The Monsters spread out to cover the most ground and the Heroes stuck with their Battleline.

I got the choice of who goes first and gave it to Kyle. My Arrow Boys are far back and I really need the Seraphon to get into range of my bows. Kyle also has some shooting of his own, although it's unlikely to put a big dent in my main Unit so worst comes to worst I can take a Turn of alpha strike.

Battle Round 1
The Seraphon have a quiet Turn with the Monsters Running into shooting positions and the Saurus Guard plus Heroes moving to the very edge of the Forest to keep their Cover.

On my Turn all my Units advance with a combination of Rampaging Destroyer and their normal Movement. The Arrow Boys are well out of range of anything so I use the Kunnin' Rukk Ability to move in the Hero Phase. I receive the Damned benefit in exchange for a Wound and put Bellowing Tyrant/Inspiring Presence up.

In my actual Shooting Phase I'm only in range of the Saurus Guard with a few Orruks and put ~6 Wounds onto the Unit but they make all the Saves. With that we roll for Initiative which Kyle both wins and takes.

Battle Round 2

Kyle moves both the Monsters up into shooting range but trying to stay a bit back, although ultimately we'll be able to get in range of each other this Turn no matter what. The Saurus Super Friends hold their ground in the Forest. The Bastiladon and Stegadon manage to kill a few Arrow Boys, the Stegadon has a bit of a missing spree though.

On my Turn I repeat all the Buffs from Turn 1 and get my Arrow Boys into position with a great 5" Rampaging Destroyer roll. The Savage Orruks start shifting to the center to cover a Charge but it's not possible to block off all the angles and the Thundertusk moves up with eyes on the Bastiladon.

Between Kunnin' Rukk and my actual Shooting Phase I manage to kill both Monsters. The Thundertusk put 6 Mortal Wounds into the Bastiladon, which it saved a few of, and the arrows finished it off. I probably over-allocated into the Monsters but the Saurus are hunkering down and I wanted to simplify the game.

We roll for Initiative again and Kyle manages to snag the Turn. I get a Scenario Point from the middle Objective since the Stegadon was just out of contesting range and was shot off the table anyways.

Battle Round 3

The Saurus Super Friends decide to break out of the Forest and make for the Arrow Boys, needing about a 6-8" Charge for them all. Because of Reckless the Sunblood and Guard make it in but the Oldblood lives up to his name and fails both rolls.

In Combat the Sunblood and Guard kill a few Arrow Boys and 1-2 Savage Orruks, losing a Wound on the Sunblood and one Guard in return. I take nothing from Battleshock on the Savage Orruks and the Arrow Boys are immune.

With all the Buffs going up again on my Turn I leave the Sunblood on 1 Wound with my Kunnin' Rukk Ability (Armor Saves!) but remove most of the Guard. The Thundertusk moves towards the Oldblood along with the freed up Savage Orruks In Shooting I finish the Sunblood and Guard off but the Thundertusk whiffs his 6 Mortal Wounds shot but his Raven puts a Wound on the Hero.

I Charge the Oldblood with the Orruks and the Thundertusk although my Hero dies due to failing his Deadly Terrain check as he's forced to go over the arch. My Orruks put a Wound on the Oldblood and he kills two back.

Kyle wins Initiative again and takes it as I score my second Scenario Point.

Battle Round 4

The Oldblood puts down another few Savage Orruks and takes no damage back. At this point Kyle concedes as he is going to eat a lot of shots on his last model and can never catch up on Scenario.

Major Victory for Destruction!


This was probably the most fun game I've played so far and Kyle was a great opponent with an even better attitude. Always fun to play someone you can joke with and just enjoy the game.

I made a few mistakes this game, mostly with positioning. The Thundertusk could have been deployed more forward and I needlessly forced it to take a Terrain Check by Charging it after the Savage Orruks, although we were mostly playing for yucks by then. My big blob also got held up by the Terrain feature which was annoying but will happen in future games.

In a few situations I over-allocated Attacks to certain models but I think that's an important thing to do when dealing with specific threats, especially Heroes who are functional until the last Wound. From my side of the table Kyle made a mistake keeping the Saurus in the Forest on Turn 2, he really needed to put pressure on me with everything he had. Getting into the Arrow Boys would have been some long Charges but he had Reckless and by holding back it makes it easy to focus on the Monsters. If everything came at me I'd probably put the Bastiladon on the back burner and he could have gotten some work out of it and/or been able to get on an Objective.

I'm really impressed with the amount of work that Arrow Boys put out with minimal Buffs and I may scale back the amount of Buffs I pay for towards them in favor of some other threats. While the Arrow Boys are great I really need to be balancing my list with regards to Units that do work and Units that screen.

There should be another few games going off this week so here's hoping for some more fun at 1000 Points!

Episode 4: Someone Call the Ghost Busters!

Another week and another game! Well, hopefully more than one, but you have to start somewhere. Today was my first game at 1000 Points, something I've been wanting to get in in order to get a better sense of the game. I played against Dan with his Undead, let's get to it!

Scenario: Escalation

The Building to my left is Deadly, as is the House in the Center. The Ruins near the Undead Deployment Zone are Damned and my near Forest is Inspiring.

Deployment, Army Lists, and Pre-Game

Savage Orruk Weirdnob (Talisman of Protection)
Savage Orruk Big Boss (Battle Brew)
20x Moonclan Grots
10x Savage Orruk Boys
40x Savage Orruke Arrow Boys (General - Bellowing Tyrant)
1x Fanatic
1x Fanatic
1x Fanatic
Kunnin' Rukk

6x Spirit Hosts
6x Spirit Hotst
10x Hexwraiths

Dan won the Roll for Deployment and selected the Table Side with the Damned Terrain. This was a very good idea, my army loves stacking Buffs onto the Arrow Boys so denying me that is important, the Spirit Hosts can also get some mileage out of the +1 To Hit since they have a quasi-Poison Ability.

Dan placed his Spirit Hosts up, hoping to get through my screens and into the meat of my army. The Hexwraiths went up as far as they could, and the Heroes spread out to hopefully flank around or grab the far Objectives. My army isn't great at getting Objectives until I've whittled down the enemy, this means if Dan can get an early leg up then I might not be able to come back.

I have my Grots up front, Savage Boys behind, and Arrow Boys as far up as they can go. Rampaging Destroyer is a big help in this Scenario since I can unpack my Arrow Boys and get them in range of targets. The Heroes went way in the back since they're linchpins.

Due to deploying my Kunnin' Rukk as one Unit I got to choose who went first and gave Dan the first turn. Going second is almost always the thing to do for this list since I want to have Units in range in Battle Round 1 and the double turn can be devastating.

Battle Round 1
Dan Runs everything and moves up as aggressively as possible. The topmost Wraith limped along with a 1, everything else shuffles up an extra 2-3". Inspiring Presence goes on the visible Spirit Hosts and the other Unit tries to hide behind the Building as best it can. The visible Spirit Hosts also use the Damned Terrain, taking 2 Wounds after Saves. I believe this was a mistake since the Buff will be gone by the next Hero Phase and I'm not going to be Charging.

In my turn I move the Arrow Boys up with Rampaging Destroyer, use Kunnin' Rukk on the Arrow Boys, cast Bone Spirit on them and use Bellowing Tyrant on the Arrow Boys. In the Movement Phase I shuffle the remaining Arrow Boys up to get in range of the Spirit Hosts.

In the Shooting Phase I have 5 Arrow Boys out of range on the center Spirit Host Unit. In hindsight I should have moved my screen up a bit to get all the Arrow Boys in, it's not like the range I'm at will prevent any Charges. Through both the Shooting Actions I manage to kill all the Spirit Hosts in the visible Unit.

It should be noted I misplayed the Kunnin' Rukk Rule here as it takes place in the Hero Phase. I didn't know about that until after the game (currently don't have the Bonesplitterz Book). I think with Rampaging Destroyer I would have been able to get enough in range to still kill the Unit as I had quite a few Wounds leftover but ultimately it was my error.

Dan wins the roll for the Initiative and takes the Turn.

Battle Round 2
Inspiring Presence goes down on the Hexwraiths and everything moves up with the Wraiths running, again without my urgency. The Banshee shoots and kills 3 Grots rolling an 11 thanks to the Inspiring Forest, Model Count, and their Banner.

In the Charge Phase I release my Fanatics, two into the Hexwraiths and one into the Spirit Hosts. Dan starts with the Hexwraiths and only kills 1 Fantatic with some bad dice, I also make a positional mistake by not putting both Fanatics as close together as possible to limit his Pile In. I nominate the Fanatic into the Spirit Hosts and do 1 Wound, they attack back and kill it. My remaining Fanatic puts no Wounds into the Hexwraiths. In Battleshock I lose another Grot, Dan also takes and Scores one Objective for a score of 1-0 Death.

On my Turn I put Bellowing Tyrant, Bone Spirit, and Kunnin' Rukk into the Arrow Boys while shuffling up my screens and spreading them out to watch the flanks of my Arrow Boys. The Weirdnob moves towards the top Objective in case I need to start making headway on the mission.

The Shooting Phase and Kunnin' Rukk removes all the Hexwraiths and we roll Initiative which I win. At this point Dan concedes since I'm likely going to remove the Spirit Hosts with my Shooting and a Charge on the remainder and at that point the game is unwinnable.

Major Victory to Destruction!

This was a pretty bad matchup for Dan, which we both knew, but we wanted some practice at 1000 Points. I'm not happy with myself for messing up the Kunnin' Rukk rule on Turn 1 and definitely won't make that mistake again, overall I'm not too sure it would have changed the course of the game but I can't say that for sure.

Besides my bug rules blunder I made a few mistakes. I need to move my screens up on Turn 1 to make more room for the Arrow Boys, especially with the Kunnin' Rukk being in the Hero Phase. Luckily Rampaging Destroyer can go off before I shoot and this Scenario was a bit wonky with the Arrow Boys having to be so far back since they aren't Battleline.

I also need to move for the middle more aggressively, as I noticed during the game it's not like hanging back will stop any Charges. Dan's List was a bit different since everything has Flying and he can get over my screens but typically I need to be more centered and not give up Scenario so easily.

One thing I did correctly was to surround my Heroes with the Arrow Boys on Turn 2 to prevent any kind of Flying trickery, as I keep going up in Points it's going to be necessary to do things like leave one model back to I don't have to move the Heroes up into gun range but so they can still apply their Buffs to the Arrow Boys, as well as abuse Line of Sight via Terrain.

I'm not sure if this is the best 1000 Point build for the list I want to end up with but it helps me learn the screening, what the shooting can do, etc. so I think it's valuable until 1500.

I should be able to get several more games in this week, hopefully at 1000 Points, so let's see what else I can get done!

Episode 3: Blood for the Blood God

Yesterday was the official start of my League and I got my first game in with someone I hadn't met before (his name escapes me because I am factually the worst). He brought a Khorne Mortals army and is my first opponent to have some paint on his models, which I also need to work on. I even managed to snap some pictures, going back on my previous go back of not taking pictures until 1000 Points!

Scenario: Battleline

The Forest on my left is Deadly, the Field on my opponent's side is Sinister, both Buildings near the top are Inspiring, I believe the other was Sinister. The Field near my side was Damned.

Deployment, Army Lists and Pre-Game
I won the roll for Deployment and since we both had three Units I dropped first. As is becoming my 500 Point formation I put the Weirdnob in the back, screened with the Melee Boys and spread with the Arrow Boys.

My opponent placed both his Heroes first, very correctly in this case so he could see where my Arrow Boys went. He ended up putting everything in Cover, again a great idea against me since he knows I have the option of Turn 1, although I forced the Bloodbound to take the first turn.

Maniak Weirdnob w/ Talisman of Protection
10 Savage Orruk Boys
30 Savage Orruk Boys (Champion - General w/ Bellowing Tyrant)

Khorne Bloodbound
Aspiring Deathbringer w/ Goreaxe & Skullhammer (General w/ Cunning Deceiver and +1 Attack)
15 Blood Warriors

I felt like Bloodbound are a decent counter to what I'm bringing. They have respectable Armor Saves, Wounds, everything fights well, and they can turn guys up a notch with the Hero Abilities. The Cover and Cunning Deceiver are both very strong, without the Damned Terrain I'd be in rough shape.

My game plan is the same as ever, delay with the expendable Savage Boys and shoot like my life depends on it. My primary target is the Blood Warriors since it will almost never be a waste of Wounds to put damage into them and they reap the benefits the most from Buffs.

Battle Round 1
Bloodbound move up while being careful to stay in their Cover and also grab the Left and Back Objectives. Blood Warriors get Inspiring Presence to weather the inevitable arrow fire.

In my turn Bone Spirit goes on the Arrow Boys and everyone shuffles up thanks to Rampaging Destroyer. Bellowing Tyrant goes on the Arrow Boys, who also lose a model to gain the Damned bonus.

I shuffle up some more to get all the Arrow Boys in range while keeping my screen intact and the Weirdnob makes a play for the Right Objective. Shooting kills a few Blood Warriors, I think four.

We roll for Initiative and I win, taking the Double Turn.

Battle Round 2
On my turn I repeat everything over again, losing three Wounds to the Damned Terrain. With Cunning Deceiver gone and all Buffs up I take the Blood Warriors down to six models, although they did retain the Cover. My Weirdnob also claims the Right Objective.

Over to the Bloodbound and the Warriors plus Aspiring Deathbringer get into position for Charges while the Bloodsecrator plants the Banner and the General gives out +1 Attack. The Warriors get into the Arrow Boys and the Deathbringer gets into the Savage Boys. In combat the Deathbringer only kills one Orc but takes no reprisal and the Warriors chop down 2 Orcs, losing one in return. Battle Shock claims no one.

I win the roll for Initiative again and take it.

Battle Round 3
All Buffs go up again, losing 1 Wound to Damned. All shots go into the Blood Warriors to free up my Arrow Boys and the last of the Unit is removed. In Combat the Deathbringer chops another model down, again taking no damage. At this point my opponent concedes as he's not going to be able to get himself out of my screen Unit, I'm almost certain to kill the Deathbringer in my next Turn, and I'll be able to claim the Objectives with ease and/or table him.

Major Victory to Bonesplitterz!

Another short and to the point game without much to say about. At this point I feel like I have the 500 Point version of this list down pretty well and without something specifically designed to beat it I think the list is just a bit dumb. The only thing I've seen that gave me some pause was a Seraphon Hero on Mount with their Cold One Riders, there are probably other things as well.

I will probably pump the breaks on playing a lot until some more of my models come in and I can play at 1000 Points. 500 Points is just not what the game was meant for, there's not enough synergies or Units to make the games interesting. Hopefully I can get a few 1000 Point games in this coming week!

Until next time.....

Episode 2: Two for the Price of One

What's that, more Age of Sigmar games? Why yes, I think I'll accept.

I went down to the store and got in not one but two games today, again at 500 Points. Unfortunately despite my intentions I didn't get any pictures, my rational is that 500 Point games don't have enough going on to make pictures that interesting. I will try to remember them but I'm not going to sweat it for every game. Onto the games!

I took my same 500 Point list from before:

Maniak Weirdnob w/ Talisman of Protection
10 Savage Orruk Boys
30 Savage Orruk Arrow Boys (Champion - General w/ Bellowing Tyrant)

My opponent was playing Dark Elves, which I was totally unfamiliar with. He had the following:

Dark Elf Sorceress
Black Ark Fleetmaster (General, +1 Attack, Phoenix Stone)
20 Darkshards
10 Sisters of Slaughter

We played the Border War Scenario from the General's Handbook which is the Scenario for this week in my Slow Grow League. Our table had 5 Terrain Features: a Hill in the upper left, an Arcane Forest in the upper right, a Damned Building in the bottom right, and an Inspiring Ruin in the center and bottom left

I won the roll for Table Edge and took the side with the Damned Building since it's fantastic for my Arrow Boys. My Weirdnob went in the center of my line but a bit back, the Arrow Boys went in the center, and the Savage Orruk Boys in the center left. My opponent had the Sister of Slaughter in the Forest on his side and put the Sorceress there as well. The Darkshards went in the center and the Fleetmaster went to the left of them from my perspective.

Having finished deploying first I decided to give the First Turn to my opponent.

Battle Round 1
The Sorceress puts Mystic Shield on the Sisters of Slaughter and the Darkshards get Inspiring Presence. The Fleetmaster and Darkshards advanced but the Sisters stay in the Forest, after the game my opponent said he was afraid to advance them at the time.

In my Turn Bone Spirit goes on the Arrow Boys and everyone moves up due to Rampaging Destroyer. Bellowing Tyrant goes on the Arrow Boys and I lose one model to the Damned Terrain.

Everything moves up except the Weirdnob and my Arrow Boys shoot the Darkshards off the table. We roll for Initiative which I win and take.

Battle Round 2
I essentially repeat the First Turn, losing 3 Wounds to Damned and putting Bone Spirit back on the Arrow Boys. My Savage Orruk Boys head to the left for the Objective and my Weirdnob goes for the same on the right. Arrow Boys go up the center and in the Shooting Phase remove all of the Sisters of Slaughter.

The Dark Elves cast Word of Pain on the Arrow Boys and Charge in with both Heroes. The Sorceress kills 1 Arrow Boy and the Fleemaster kills another one while taking a Wound in return. Dark Elves win the Initiative and take it.

Battle Round 3
Nothing much happens on the Dark Elf Turn and in my Shooting Phase I remove both Heroes with the Arrow Boys.

Major Victory!


My second game was against Serphon and my opponent was aware of how shooting heavy my list is and wanted to see if he could counter it. We played the same Scenario and I took the same list, but my opponent had the following:

Saurus Scar-Veteran on Carnosaur
5 Saurus Guard
3 Ripperdactyl  Riders

This list definitely has what it takes to meet my checklist of weaknesses. There's a fast Unit to threaten me and a fast Monster that I can't easily shoot off the board. On top of that the Battleline buff the Carnosaur.

I will keep this game broad strokes since it was effectively over quickly. I once again won the roll for Table Edge and ended up with a Damned Terrain, there was little other Terrain of value. The Weirdnob was deployed behind my lines and the Arrow Boys behind the Savage Orruk Boys. Seraphon had their Ripperdactyls on the far left, Carnosaur on the far right, and Saurus Guard on the center right.

My hope for this game was to take out the Ripperdactyls, delay the Carnosaur and remove it over 2 Turns. I can use the Weirdnob to circle back and get Objectives since the low model count of the Seraphon can't waste a Turn on the Weirdnob. I deferred the First Turn to my opponent.

The Ripperdactyls and Carnosaur got up the board as fast as they could but nothing is within Charge range. On my turn I stack up all the buffs and pivot the Savage Orruk Boys towards the Carnosaur. The Arrow Boys kill all the Ripperdactyls while moving towards the left.

At this point the game was an attrition off with the Arrow Boys eventually killing the Carnosaur after it killed around 15 of them and the Savage Orruk Boys tied the Saurus Guard up all game without them really doing anything to each other.

This ended up being a Major Victory for me as I tabled my opponent on Turn 4. After the game we talked it over and the Seraphon Player wasn't aware of how many shots I could pump out and with what buffs, if we played again he would have held the Ripperdactyls back and then moved them up 14", followed by a Charge.

I think I could play around this by kiting away from the Carnosaur and removing the Saurus Guard in the early game and blocking with the Savage Orruk Boys and the Weirdnob if necessary. From there I can take care of the Ripperdactyls and then the Carnosaur before it can kill all my Arrow Boys and having downgraded it to a 4+ Save via the lack of Saurus Guard.

We made arrangements to replay the game in the future and I still feel favored even without Terrain. The Seraphon have to risk Charges and fall apart pretty fast once one of the Units goes down, I can also deny landing zones for the Ripperdactyls pretty easily even though they Fly. I'm interested to see how it goes though.

So far my list is extremely powerful at 500 Points and I hope to play it against some other min/maxed lists and keep getting a feel for how to block Charges and what I can remove via Shooting. I also need to make plans for a 1000 Point variant as a few people have already asked me to play with higher points.

I should have some more games in this week, thanks for reading!

Episode 1: 500 Points of Blood and Thunder (Bonesplitterz vs. Ironjawz)

Today I got my first game of Age of Sigmar ever and it was a lot of fun. Honestly more fun than I expected, it was good to pick up the dice again and see some familiar faces.

For Age of Sigmar I've chosen Destruction after a lot of contemplation. I will go into why in another Post as to not bog this one down, but I will be pursuing a Bonesplitterz force and then expanding into some other areas as I go. Currently I'm participating in a 500 Point Slow Grow League at my FLGS, which is great since it gives me a chance to learn the game before I buy a bunch of models.

For the time being I've selected the following List:

Maniak Weirdnob - Talisman of Protection
10 Savage Orc Boys
30 Savage Orc Arrowboys (Champion - General, Bellowing Tyrant)

This list is pretty brutal at 500 Points, it can practically shoot a unit off the table in one turn with Bellowing Tyrant and the Weirdnob, Terrain can also be extremely powerful for it, but that's of course not something to rely on. The Savage Orc Boys are a solid screen and will often get my Arrow Boys at least two Battle Rounds of Shooting before they get locked in (one to engage, one to chew through). I will also not hesitate to sell the Weirdnob down the river to buy more time if possible.

Today I got to play against Jed, an employee at the FLGS, and his Ironjawz. Jed is also new to the game so we got to learn together, which was nice. His list included the following:

Megaboss (Genral - +1 Wound and True-Sight Gem)
3 Goregruntas (Choppas)
10 Ardboyz (Choppas and Smashas)

Jed's list is much less tuned than mine and he rolled for his Item/Trait but I didn't mind since it was a fun game to get the rules down. We played on a 4x4 Table with 5 Pieces of Terrain using the Escalation Scenario (3 Objectives down a Diagonal Line, most models within 6" to capture and you score 1 Point per Objective on your own Turn).

Full disclosure: I will have pictures for subsequent games but didn't think about it for this game. Words can only paint so much of a picture.


Jed won the roll for Table Edge and took a quadrant with a Bravery Forest. The center had a Damned Building, bottom left was a Hill, bottom right (my Zone) had a Mystical Field, and top left had a Deadly Ruins. Jed chose to deploy his Warboss for the one Unit that starts on the Battlefield, I chose my Arrow Boys.

Now right off the bat, this board and Scenario are completely in my favor. I was given a Mystical Terrain piece, which could lose me the game but also the Ensorcelled Buff is worth the risk. I also have a Damned Building that's easy for me to get to, meaning I can hit on 3+ with a Re-roll for 1's...pretty much the ideal board. I also get to start with one threat to shoot at and the additional threats come on one at a time, far away from me.

Because Jed finished setting up first (we both had one Unit) he chose to take the first turn in the Battle Round.

Battle Round 1

Ironjaws Turn 1
Jed uses Inspiring Presence on the Megaboss and manages to get him almost completely behind the Building in the center of the table between his Destruction Move and Running. Not much else for him to do.

Bonesplitterz Turn 1
On my turn I shift my Arrow Boys to the right after passing their Mystical Check, staying as far away as I can but getting as much LoS as I can. All in all I can see the Megaboss with 8 models and Jed makes 7, 3+ Saves for no Wounds.

I win the roll for Initiative and decide to take it.

I should have anticipated the run behind the Building and put my Arrow Boys more to one side. If I put them along the bottom of the board it would allow the Megaboss to hide behind the Building completely, but he also has to then walk around the Building and risk a Mystical Check in the following Turn since I would shift further away from him. This was just a simple positional mistake born from wanting to do some Shooting on Turn 1 which ended up not punishing me because I won Initiative.

I also forgot to do my Destruction Move because my Arrow Boy Champion is the General, this was just being unfamiliar with the Rules and is something I will note for future games.

Battle Round 2

Bonesplitterz Turn 2
I decide to bring on the Weirdnob as he will have an immediate impact on the game and taking out the Megaboss will put me well ahead in the attrition game. I intentionally keep the Weirdnob out of the Mystical Terrain since re-rolling Wounds on him is pointless and the Check isn't worth the risk. The Arrow Boys pass their Mystical Check, which is the most important roll of the Turn. The Weirdnob casts Bone Spirit on the Arrow Boys, rolling doubles, so all my failed Hits get to Re-roll.

I shift the Arrow Boys to the right, aided by my Destruction Move, and manage to get all but 3 onto the Megaboss. My Weirdnob heads towards the bottom right Objective since it will be hard for the Ironjawz to get to and I can still cast my Spells from there by hanging 1 Arrow Boy back.

In the Shooting Phase I manage to get 30+ Wounds on the Megaboss between re-rolling all Failed Hits/Wounds and he goes down. I score no Points for the Scenario.

My major mistake this Turn was not getting 1 Arrow Boy with 6" of the Objective to Score. It would have been simple to get 1 that couldn't Shoot within range but I just didn't think about it. Because my army is a bit more defensive/static than others I need to take any chance to score early Points that I can, otherwise I may find myself at too big a deficit in future games.

Ironjawz Turn 2
The Gore Gruntas come on and move towards the Arrow Boys. Jed needs a 9 for the Charge but fails it.

Jed wins the roll for the Initiative and takes it.

Battle Round 3

Ironjawz Turn 3
The Ard Boys come on right behind the Gore Gruntas and both Units advance with the Ard Boyz Running. The Gore Gruntas move within 3" of the Arrow Boys and make their Charge, although too close to trigger Gore-Grunta Charge.

Jed manages to kill 4 Arrow Boys with some very poor rolls from the Boars, I do 4 Wounds since Bone Spirit and Enscorcelled are both still on until my next Hero Phase. I lose nothing in the Battle Shock Phase.

Bonesplitterz Turn 3
I bring my Savage Orc Boys on the table who immediately fall prey to the Mystical Terrain, although the Arrow Boys pass the Check. With the Pile In from Jed's Turn I've left all my Arrow Boys outside of Bone Spirit Range. The Weirdnob Destruction Moves towards the Objective and I forget to do so with the Arrow Boys.

Movement has the Weirdnob move towards the Objective as I'd really like to start scoring and he gets in range with a Run. In Shooting I fire with all the Arrow Boys, still Ensorcelled, and manage to wipe out all the Gore Gruntas with Wounds to spare.

I score 2 Points, one from the Bottom Objective and one from the Middle. Jed wins the Initiative and takes it.

Lots of mistakes this Turn. It was trivially easy for me to leave one Arrow Boy back and have Bone Spirit in play, I also could have used the Destruction Move to get back in range and then move towards the Objective. Since dice fixing is a huge part of this list, missing those buffs is very bad. I also should have kept the Weirdnob near the center of the field since scoring two Objectives wasn't necessary and I'm on the primary plan of just tabling my opponent.

I could have also used the Destruction Move for the Arrow Boys to either get a model in Range of the Weirdnob, or to use as a second Pile In just in case the Shooting Phase didn't work out. Overall I think Rampaging Destroyer is extremely powerful and is something I will be focusing on in the future.

Battle Round 4

Ironjaws Turn 4
The Ard Boys move up and make their Charge into the Arrow Boys. I take 12 Wounds in the ensuing Combat while dealing 1 back due to having some trouble getting models into 1" range. I roll a 1 for Battleshock and thanks to my Totem don't lose any further models, which is key since this keeps me at 20 models strong for the additional attacks with the Stinga Bows.

Bonesplitterz Turn 4
Everything passes the Mystic Check and my Savage Boys move into position for a Charge next Turn as there isn't much room currently. The Weirdnob Rampaging Destroyers into range of Arcane Bolt  which goes off and deals 2 Mortal Wounds.

Shooting sees me kill all but 2 Ard Boys (Champion and Bravery Totem) and then I kill the Totem in Combat. My opponent kills one more Arrow Boy, robbing me of my extra Stinga Bow Attacks and rolls a 1 for Battleshock to keep playing on. I score 2 Points.

No real mistakes here, I finally woke up to the Rampaging Destroyer trick but still forgot to do it on the Arrow Boys and get a few more models into Combat Range.

Battle Round 5
Ironjawz Turn 5
Jed manages to kill another model and then is buried under a tide of stabby arrows.

Major Victory for the Bonesplitterz!

Wrap Up
This game was very strange because of the Scenario and very slanted towards me because of the Terrain. I never even used the Damned Building, although there wasn't much reason to outside of the turn where I probably could have cleaned up all the Arrow Boys.

I think under normal circumstances I still win this as I'm likely to severely damage the Gore Gruntas who then crash into my Savage Orc screen and get finished off between stray shots and Combat. I could then pincushion the Ard Boys and intercept with whatever is left of my Savage Orc Boys, which probably isn't much. At that point it's 30 Arrow Boys and my Hero vs. the Megaboss and I should be able to easily get away with Scenario.

Multiple fast Combat Units would be a threat to this Army because they can get through the screen easily and start chewing on my Arrow Boys, but that's not very common at 500 Points from what I can see. Coming to me in waves is perfect and just what I want to see, whereas coming at me with all slow Units can result in some failed Charges.

Really my biggest threat is Warmachines like a Plague Claw Catapult since I can't get in range of something like that easily and taking out 11 Arrow Boys really drops my offensive output. I don't think these are things I'm likely to see until higher point totals but I am eager to see how they work against me.

Overall I played adequately, I just need to keep the movement shenanigans and positioning in mind. Rampaging Destroyer is a big key to this type of army, although the Arrow Boys aren't much to talk about in Combat they do still benefit from my buffs and I can do things like peel away all my models that aren't within 3" so if my engaged models get wiped out then I'm out of Combat. These types of maneuvers will matter more later, but the time to practice them is now.

My League officially begins this week and I should be able to get quite a few more games in, so check back for more Battle Reports!

Episode 0: A Prelude to Skirmishes

Well I didn't think I'd find myself putting together any Games Workshop models ever again.

Although the point of this Blog is to record and analyze my games of Age of Sigmar, I figured it's better to give readers the option to get to know the person typing at them, the narrator. So here goes, and who knows, this may make my Battle Reports a bit more interesting to read.

I've been playing Wargames for well over a decade. I originally began with Warhammer 40K in 3rd Edition, which was a wild time for someone who is a novice to the genre. I purchased the Chaos Space Marine Battlebox and immediately got an offer to trade it for 1000pts of Necrons. Knowing nothing about the game and having only picked Chaos because that's the box that was left, I accepted.

Over the next many years I stuck with 40K, helping to grow a young local scene and growing into a Tournament Organizer. I played many armies over this time, in fact I played every army with the exception of Dark Eldar, Eldar, Grey Knights, Sisters of Battle, and Space Marines (Vanilla). My favorite armies were Imperial Guard and Chaos Space Marines, although for very different reasons.

Imperial Guard is a tacticians dream in my opinion. I've always favored volume over quality, in games where dice are king being able to throw more of them helps even things out and makes it easier to recover from calamity. IG had a tool for every job, it had a swarm of expendable bodies to protect the best I brought, and it loved to reach out and touch people. Overall IG was probably responsible for defining my army tastes in Wargames and I look on my Ork Guardsmen with fond memories.

Chaos Space Marines were my first foray into competitive play and when I started dominating my state level scene. I don't recall the exact Codex, I think it was 4th Edition 40K, but CSM had a Psychic Ability that prevented your opponent from attacking a Sorcerer. It couldn't be shot, couldn't be charged, nothing, as long as that Psychic Ability went off. It was a minor Slaanesh Ability which meant you had to roll on a table to get it, but you rerolled duplicates and could buy 5 rolls on the table. Overall I never went a game without it.

This formed an army where I would deploy two Sorcerers on Bikes, cast the Ability, and Turbo Boost into my opponent's face. I would then summon in tons of Daemonettes from Reserve who could immediately charge and had a reliable scatter, in addition to not dying from scattering onto enemies. This list devastated gunlines, it was almost an auto-win, and gunlines were almost always the thing to do in 40K at that time. Years later I found out that this was a known Tier 1 Army List, but I just made it up on my own over months and that's always been a good feeling.

I fell out of 40K some years later and stayed out of the genre until 8th Edition Fantasy came out. I've always loved Skaven, remember my fondness for guns and bodies? Unfortunately 8th Edition was one of the least balanced games I've ever played and Skaven were objectively the best army in the game when built correctly. I again would dominate my state meta with Skaven, never losing a game largely because of the awful balance (in my favor). This proved to be pretty boring and with the games apparent broken state, my local group left for a new game: Warmachine.

I have never had more of a love/hate relationship with any game, in any genre, than I have with Warmachine. The incredible strategic depth, multiple win conditions, support for competitive play, dice fixing, and varied nature of the play experience was a complete breath of fresh air compared to Games Workshop. Unfortunately Warmachine was both incredibly swingy, due to Feats, and incredibly poorly balanced at the inter and intra-Faction levels (not that other games have ever done any better). I played Warmachine for a large part of MkII, piloting Cryx and Legion of Everblight to good results. Ultimately my group fell apart, I was finishing up college, I grew fed up with the came and the balance issues and I fell out of Wargaming entirely. Until now.

So why Age of Sigmar, why now? Well, my old group is forever shattered, many have moved away or I haven't talked to in so long it's just not a thing. I wanted a game I could start fresh with and that had a good scene, with a nice competitive topping. Originally I was drawn to MkIII Warmachine but, and this is just my opinion, Privateer Press has lost their way. Balance is worse than ever at the competitive level, Feats are still swingy, and the new edition is a CLEAR cash grab for many models which doesn't sit well with me. I get that games companies are businesses, they exist to push product, but you cannot buff models that don't sell well just to sell them. Period. This is also something I've criticized Games Workshop for.....

40K was out as that game is a tire fire in so many ways and barely anyone plays it in my state. Other smaller games like Firestorm Armada, Malifaux, etc. don't have the numbers. Star Wars is, again this is my opinion, one of the least tactical games I've ever seen and is way to dice dependent in addition to having no competitive aspects like Missions.

So I settled on Age of Sigmar. It has issues, I can already see them as soon as I read the General's Handbook. Heroes are too powerful, Battleline is too weak, and some Scenarios are unbalanced. Points values are also incorrect for many models that didn't have Battletomes originally and a lot of emphasis is placed on the alpha strike at the competitive level. But there's room to improve.The community is strong and optimistic, Games Workshop seems to be turning a corner in a way. Maybe they saw the error of their ways, ignoring the games they published to try and just be a model company. People don't buy models, they buy models to play a game and if the game is bad then...well you get the point.

And that's the end of my story. Hopefully you got a glimpse of what you can expect from this blog. I play to win in Wargames, I take the strongest army I can that fits with my style and I refine it to a bleeding edge. I like odds fixing through volume or through Special Abilities and my only goals are to have fun and get better. This blog will focus on breaking down my games, win or lose, and finding out what I did wrong, what I could do better. Through this I hope to improve as a Player and maybe to help others improve to, or at least provide some entertainment.

So thank you for reading all that about an Internet Person that you don't know, it's appreciated. On with the games!