Episode 15: For Those Who Are Nomadically Inclined (Tohaa vs. Nomads | The Armory)

Yay I get to play against something besides TAC and Invincibles!

Managed to snag another game this week to get back into my old habit of playing multiple times a week, and it's against Nomads to boot! Once again I'm against Dylan, someone who is no stranger to this Blog from either a 40K or Infinity perspective. Hi Dylan!

I wanted to give The Armory a shot as I haven't payed it before and going to a major tournament with zero experience in a Mission is....bad. Dylan's list is specific to The Armory and Engineering Deck while mine covers those and Firefight, so there are some concessions. But let's get into it!



Deployment & Pre-Game Thoughts

This table was my setup, I favor breaking up lines of fire so that pieces have to move around more but there's still quite a few areas to post up with ARO models. Quite a lot of the area around the armory itself is open, which I think is the norm, so that's of course where most of the action will be.

I won the Lieutenant Roll and decided to take Turn Order, going Second. This is something I wanted to test because I think having the last shot at holding the room is just so important that everything else is secondary That being said I will be deploying first and going second, which won't work super well against some builds, but if I don't try I'll never know. Dylan chose to deploy second and chose his side after looking at some things, I'm not sure what he liked but it was something.

 I'm a bit more spread out this game than normal because there's only one part of the table to focus on for the Mission. That combined with the large exclusion zone means I want to cover my Deployment Zone as best I can, one drop trooper in the back lines can easily screw up my focus on the armory. To that end I have "Le Muet" (the Kotail) covering the left flank and the Gao-Rael Triad nearby for support. The Gao-Rael is forward but Prone, I don't want him in any fights just yet but on y turn he'll be ready.

Backing everyone up is the Kamael Triad, I'm trying to keep my Chain of Command safe because the Rasail is going to go in and having the Paramedic nearby is also useful.

On the right I have most of the Chaksa watching the flank, the right is a bit more open so if something is going to run up on me I expect it to come from there. The last Chaksa is watching the entirety of the backline and all of them are close enough to the armory in case I need a template to clear it out.

In the actual center is my Karael and Rasail, both very useful for clearing the armory or the surrounding area.

Lastly the Liberto and its Mine are on my right but as far forward as they can go. This makes the Mine less useful but I should have deployed it obviously as a Mine and just made Dylan deal with it instead of trying to disguise it and putting a bit further back (Camo 2 is the Mine).

 Dylan clogs up the middle with his Interventor being in the back, Prone, and a Jaguar also Prone. Both Flash-Bots are on the ground and mostly hiding while the TR Bot and Zoe occupy a roof. Pi-Well is nearby, on the ground, near Mary Problems who's behind some crates. Lastly the Kriza is hiding on my left and a Morlock is at the bottom of the photo.

A Camo Token goes on the ground near Mary Problems and another goes further on my left. There's also another Morlock (the all black model) near Pi-Well.

A third Camo Token goes behind some crates on my left side.

Dylan places a Camo Token, Prone, up on the same building as the Jaguar for his Reserve Model. Mine is the Clipso who I place to barely see into the armory. My hope is to ARO with a Mine as someone enters if that will throw a spanner into Dylan's plan.

Based on Deployment my assumption was an Intruder of some kind near the Jaguar, Dylan likes to have Smoke nearby so he can use the MSV2 effectively. I figured the other Camo were Zeros, I don't know the points of Nomads but it felt like there were too many models for Brando Castro and I didn't see much point for a Heckler or Prowler in the list.

Nomads Turn 1

On my right the Morlock moves forward with his Impetuous Order and throws a Smoke Grenade without any AROs from me. The other Morlock then repeats the same process, covering both sides of the armory.

Mary Problems then gets an Order and moves up, hacking the door to open all four of them. Mary gets another Order and walks into the room, touching a Panoplie. I reveal the Clipso and put a Mine down so Mary just loots the Panoplie and gets E/M Grenades.

One of the Morlocks gets a few Orders, walking forward and then eventually out of the Smoke and into Combat with my Clipsos. I choose to place another Mine as my ARO since the Morlock triggers the first one and my previous Mine kills the Morlock but the Clipsos is also knocked Unconscious.

Sakiel pretending to be a Clipsos as stuff gets painted.

The other Morlock runs forward and my Liberto declines the ARO as both Mines go off and the Morlock isn't able to Dodge successfully, killing it.

With a lot of Mines handled Pi-Well starts moving to the armory and the Interventor hacks him for Marksmanship L2 with the Lieutenant Order.

Not wanting to be left out the Kriza also starts marching forward, getting near the friendly HVT but out of LoF from any of my models.

With the remaining Orders a Camo Token moves up and reveals a Zero, placing a Mine in much the same position my Clipsos was going for, but on the opposite side. Dylan uses a Coordinated Order to put the Zero, Pi-Well, and Kriza into Suppressive Fire.

Tohaa Turn 1

Off that bat I'm pinned down by the TR Bot on m left but I'll need to get out of that if I want to be able to dominate the armory. My Kerail gets an Order and tries to throw a Smoke Grenade on my Gao-Rael but fails, landing it with a second attempt. The Surda Beast edges towards the right just to cover both sides.

The Gao-Rael then gets into a Face to Face with the TR Bot, putting him at -6 overall where I'm at +0. I crit the TR Bot and hit it two other times, destroying it outright so Zoe has nothing to repair. I also reveal that Le Muet is a HoloEcho model, allowing me to put an actual Clipsos model where its corpse lies.

Using a few Orders I bring the Kotail forward, hoping to use his HoloEcho to trigger the Mine. I do so and then have a go at Mary Problems but I forgot she has ODD so I'm on +0 whereas she's at +0 from Surprise Attack and range. I lose the roll and burn my SymbioMate.

After that the Gao-Rael moves forward as Dylan has nothing else ARO'ing my left side. I won't be able to get Cover on the initial Face to Face so I just keep back a bit, that keeps me at +0 range for an SMG and avoids the Zapper. First the Gao-Rael goes after the Zero and crits it, then I adjust and put Mary Problems Unconscious.

With the way being clear my Kotail runs into the room, without the SymbioMate he gets full use of HoloEcho so I'm hoping that will make it hard for Dylan to take the room back.

I pull back the Gao-Rael so as not to leave him exposed, setting up a solid ARO tandem with the Sukeul on my left side. The hope is if the Kriza comes out to fight I can put up a solid resistance or at least slow him down quite a bit.

I push the Rasail out a bit as it's another very good room clearing model, bringing her Chaksa (Ork Model) with her. Unfortuantely I lost track of the Camo Token on the roof, which will have a direct LoF to both if it stands. The Rasail and Chaksa shoot Pi-Well, which I manage to win, putting him Unconscious. Neither me nor Dylan can remember if REMs die to Viral (they don't) and since our phones weren't working the best for the Wiki we played as if it does kill them outright.

Nomads Turn 2

Right off the bat the Jaguar throws a Smoke Grenade on the Camo Token, confirming that it's an Intruder. It then stands up and reveals an Intruder with HMG, putting three shots into the Rasal and one into the Chaksa. Both Dodge and the Chaksa succeeds, going Prone behind some crates. The Rasail takes one hit which I roll ARM for and fail, also failing Guts to go Prone behind the crates. This put me into Total Cover but I'm not allowed to both move and go Prone so that was a rules error on my part.

After looking at it again it's very close if the Intruder can still see the Rasail but I give Dylan the LoF. This means I didn't have Total Cover so I should have moved back but I just mis-remembered how Guts works so I stay put. I Dodge again and somehow win the Face to Face, going into definite Total Cover.

One of the Flash Bots moves up, getting close to the armory but not going in, also avoiding LoF from my Kotail in the corner.

Dylan hacks a White Noise Zone into existence where the Gao-Rael is facing and then walks into it with the Kriza, rendering my ARO duo ineffective. The Kriza then has a few goes at my Sukeul, stripping the SymbioMate, then putting into Symbiont Inactive, and finally Unconscious.

Tohaa Turn 2

My Triad is broken with the Sukeul dying as I accidentally left him in charge instead of the Makaul so I bring the Kamael Triad forward. I shoot a MediKit at the Sukeul but whiff the Physical Roll and she dies. I then cancel the Kamael Triad and reform with the Kamael, Makaul, and Gao-Rael.

I try to throw a Smoke Grenade on the right with my Kerail but fail, Dylan also reminds me the Intruder has MSV2 which I just forgot in the moment.

Instead of extraction I decide to go after the Intruder with my Rasail, moving forward and shooting it. We bounce off each other so I move forward again into the 0 Range and manage to win the Face to Face, melting the Intruder.

Seeing an opportunity I push the Rasail and Chaksa up more, coming just shy of rounding the corner. I then come around and the Flash Bot tries a Dodge Change Facing as I'm behind it, the Camo Token idles, and the Kriza shoots my Chaksa. The Chaksa flames the REM and Kriza, coming just short of the Camo Token, and the Rasail shoots the REM. In the end the REM dies from the fire as does the Kriza, missing my Chaksa.

With all of Dylan's action pieces being eliminated I don't wan to go after him anymore and accidentally trigger Retreat. Instead I start running some models forward, namely the Gao-Rael Triad and a spare Chaksa, just to cover the armory as best I can and position myself for Turn 3. I also try to revive the Clipsos with a spare Order and actually pass the roll.

Without any other targets I put the Rasail into Suppressive Fire and adjust the Chaksa's facing, largely covering Dylan's entrance to the armory.

Nomads Turn 3

With most of the army dead the Jaguar stays Prone and crawls towards me. It then tries to climb down the ladder, Chain-rifling en route, but I use the SymbioMate and manage to melt the Jaguar.

With the few remaining Orders Dylan walks a Camo Token towards the left side of the armory, I fail to Discover it along the way. It enters the room and reveals a Zero, I ARO with the Kotail as the game is for fun at this point. To be honest I don't remember the outcome other than the Zero did not die.

At the end of Dylan's turn I run through mine quickly, mopping up the Zero with my Gao-Rael and leaving a model in the armory. Both the Clipsos and Kamael manage to loot Panoplies and then my Gao-Rael hoofs it over to Dylan's HVT for HVT: Secured. This adds up to a 10-0 win for Tohaa.

Post-Game Thoughts

This was kind of a weird game in that I had to go back and review a lot to find out how things went so wrong for Dylan. Let's start with the good on both sides though. For Dylan I thought his handling of my Mines was solid, he used his cheap models and had enough overlap in the list with Smoke Grenades so he didn't lose access to that tool. The one Morlock even got great value by dropping my Clipsos. I also liked most of Dylan's Deployment, the TR Bot had a good LoF, an Engineer was nearby, the Camo Tokens were mostly in good places, and his non-combat pieces were well protected.

For me I think I took a majority of good fights and maximized my second turn advantage. I had a very solid plan for not letting the armory get too controlled by Dylan and I kept my various sweepers in position in case they were needed. I was also a fan of my Deployment, everything important was pretty centered but I wasn't too vulnerable to flanks or drop troops.

As for what happened in the game some of it seems like luck and some seems like errors. On the luck side I was able to land a few very impactful crits, particularly on the TR Bot. Even if I hadn't removed it right then I'd have kept shooting it because of the Engineer and the odds are very much in my favor throughout but with a lot of dice anything can happen. It also felt like the TR Bot should have gotten hacked for Marksmanship L2 instead of Pi-Well because that counteracts how people deal with those REMs: stacking negative modifiers.

My biggest takeaway is that I didn't feel like Dylan had a model that actually holds the armory well. Mary Problems is the closest because of her SMG and ODD but she's far from proficient in the role. The Kriza's gun doesn't work well at close quarters and nothing had a Shotgun or Templates other than the chaff which were needed elsewhere. Past that it's just jamming a bunch of Combi's in Suppressive Fire into one place but if the opponent has 1-2 throw away Template models then it's hard to hold that position. The only other thing I could think of was putting the Camo Tokens in there and I think not doing that was a mistake. Going first and knowing my composition the best way to hold the room seemed to be using the Zeros to keep a Mine or two in there and then re-Camo'ing them to rinse and repeat.

Much of what I was able to exploit from Dylan was positioning. The Intruder and Kriza both died because they didn't pull back before the Reactive Turn, the Intruder didn't even go into Suppressive Fire. I don't subscribe to Suppressive Fire being strong in most instances, it basically just trades one of your Orders for one of your opponent's but that's only good in specific situations. I'm a bigger fan of pulling back to a defensive position and then going into Suppressive Fire if need be as that's much harder to get around (assuming your opponent needs to go where that model is covering). Quite a few models hung out outside the armory but were packing Mines or shorter ranged guns that would be better off inside where it's harder for me to engage them one by one. Ultimately I think the conflux of those macro mistakes resulted in a loss.

Similarly a few models felt too static. For example the TR Bot could have used Climbing Plus to improve its LoF and cover multiple entrances, same for the Flash Bots. I was initially quite annoyed a how much ARO Dylan had, a super good idea for the Mission, but during the game very little of it was ever in a position to see from afar. The Kriza also fits that mold, I didn't even have to think about it during my Active Turn other than positioning for him to come out but if he'd had an annoying angle and been in Suppressive I would have had to. All in all I think it came down to Dylan not being as comfortable setting up defenses when going first as that's unintuitive but required by the Mission.

On my side of the table I had quite a few mental errors, noticeably with forgetting the Intruder had MSV2 and wasting an Order as well as forgetting about the Camo Token that I thought was an Intruder, possibly losing my Rasail for nothing. I also had two bad fights, one where I revealed the Clipsos instead of keeping her safe until I eliminated some of the front-line models and when I forgot about ODD and tried to take on Mary Problems with the Kotail. My only other hindsight change would be to move the Chaksa up on Turn 1 with a Coordinated Order, I didn't need them yet but it would save me Orders if I did in the future. Something I'll mark down for sure.

Anyways that's all I have for this time. So far I'm feeling comfortable with the Missions I've tested regardless of the fact I've won the games, I'm more focused on making sure my toolbox feels well stocked so that any losses are purely on me. Thanks for reading!

Episode 14: Why Does Everyone In My Meta Play One Of Two Armies Now?! (Tohaa vs. Invincible Army | Acquisition)

And now, back to your regularly scheduled Battle Report content.

I got to go to Game Night for the first time in forever and I must say it was good to be back. Weirdly enough you never realize how supportive people are until you've been away for a bit, I was just there for a game! But enough about my past plight, this time I got in yet another game against Invincibles. This time they're being piloted by someone from my Warmachine days, JP, as he'd been eagerly awaiting the release of the Sectorial for some time. That was fine with me as Invincibles seem to be a pretty popular army and they're worth learning about, people really like the bulky guys and not having so many models to keep track of.

I was also able to play Acquisition, one of my LVO Missions, as JP wanted to play that as well. Tournament season is pretty much in full swing locally as everyone is preparing for regional events, frankly I'm loving it. That means I was able to use my list for its intended purpose and even remember what was in it to boot!


Invincible Army

Deployment & Pre-Game Thoughts

The table was pretty fairly set with high towers towards the center but very few long lines of fire overall. Neither near side was particularly advantaged but I feel that the one closest to camera had an easier time approaching mid-field which is where you want to be in Acquisition.

JP won the Lieutenant Roll and chose to go first, which I wouldn't do unless my army was very rush down focused. The Mission is so rewarding for getting the last turn of the game that it would be hard for me to turn that down, likely to the point of intentionally going second. Some of that depends on your build of course but overall I was very happy to be going second in a Mission that really doesn't require me to even ARO for the table, just my Deployment Zone.

JP deployed first and concentrated largely on my left side with the Fireteam Core and Yan Huo over there. This gave JP a lot of powerful AROs going diagonally from my left back to near right but with Eclipse Smoke I wasn't too worried. The Hulang also went on the far left but nearer to me after JP realized the Mission had a Xenotech, this broke his plans of Duo'ing the Hulang and Mowang.

Instead the Mowang went more centered and was placed in charge of the Xenotech as well as being the DataTracker. A Prone Camo Token went on the roof of one of the tall buildings which I identified as a Daoying in all likelihood. When the time came for Reserve Models another Camo Token was placed as close to my left Console as possible, likely a Zhencha. The HVT went on my far-right next to a shack.

My own deployment was fairly conservative but I did make a few mistakes to go with that. Starting on my left I had the Group 2 Chaksa, just trying to deny either a Liu Xing or the Hulang an easy flank. What I forgot to do is ask how many models JP had deployed, which was 9, making a Liu Xing unlikely. With that I could have been a bit more bold with that model's placement, as well as others. Moving on I put the Liberto, Prone, where it would see the Hulang if he moved out and a Mine went on the other side of the building. Putting one of them Prone tips off which one is the Mine so I shouldn't have done that, also both are further back than they should be given their armament.

Towards the center I have a loose Kaeltar and another Chaksa, again just covering angles. "Le Muet" who is really the Kotail was in the back, I've been trying to find placements where it's believable that I'm really running Le Muet but that also look like I'm bad with him as a mind-game.

On my right was the bulk of the list with the Krakot being forward and rolling up +1 ARM and Bio-Immunity (booooo), the Gao-Rael Triad covering some angles but hiding, and the Rasail with his Chaksa and Xenotech close by. Lastly I have the Kamael Triad hunkering down in the back and the last Chaksa on my extreme right. I placed my HVT right by JP's, the idea was if I can get rid of the Mowang there's really nothing else over there so I can get HVT: Secured pretty easily, my actual Classified was In Extremis Recovery. Lastly my Reserve was the Clipsos who I put as close to the left Console as possible. My DataTracker is the Kamael.

Invincibles Turn 1

Immediately the Camo Token on the ground touches the Console and tries to activate it, revealing a Zhencha as expected. The first attempt fails but JP tries again, this time moving away, and activates the Console.

The Mowang then takes over, using the Lieutenant Orders via NCO, eventually getting into position for some Xenotech attempts. The Beacon gets dropped on the first try and the Mowang just reoriginates himself to get Cover from the Console.

After checking some arcs my Krakot will not have LoF to the Mowang if he pokes out as I deployed him sloppily, so that's exactly what happens and the Krakot is gunned down without issue.

We then move back to the Zhencha and JP isn't 100% sure I don't have two Camo Models so he stays outside of 8" and tries to Discover the Mine, succeeding. The Hulang then crawls into Cover and gets another Order, standing. I declare no ARO with the Liberto and JP tries to Discover, again successfully. With the next Order the Hulang puts shots into me and I fire back with the Shotgun after considering placing a Mine instead. I take a hit and go Dogged so JP runs it back and finishes the Liberto off. To round out the Turn JP has the Zhencha shoot the Mine, but it passes ARM, and does a Coordinated Order with the Zhencha, Mowang, and Hulang to put them all in Suppressive Fire.

Tohaa Turn 1

Looking at the table it's clear I have go after the Mowang, not only is he helping pin me down but it could also go on a run through my lines next turn. My best bet is the K1 Combi or combat with the Makaul, even with the solid BTS on the Mowang I think the Makaul gets there and I can get him extra swings if I really have to.

I move out and throw a Smoke to the Mowang can't see me on the approach, I'm shielded by a billboard from the Fireteam and Missile Launchers. After a lot of LoF checking I can put the Sukeul perfectly into Cover and shoot the Mowang out of Cover, I'll be on 10's because of range, Mimetism, and Suppressive Fire while the Mowang will be on 7's because of Cover and Mimetism. In the end I put two Wounds on the Mowang and it fails Guts to hide behind the Console, going NWI.

With another Order I have the Gao-Rael get over because he can get LoF with one Move whereas the Sukeul needs two, so I shuffle them both forward in case the Gao-Rael fails. I get shot before I reach Cover and the Mowang is in Cover but he's no longer in Suppressive Fire due to failing Guts. To that end the Gao-Rael manages three hits and puts the Mowang down, freeing me up and also removing the DataTracker.

With my main goal accomplished I take a look at the table and don't think much else can get done. There's a pie slice opportunity on the Haidao but it would need a Smoke setup and I'm not too scared of the ARO pieces anymore. I also don't want to expose other Specialists until I've handled some more of JP's frontline, so I just move to Group 2 and push the Rasail far up the right flank, next to the HVTs, dropping the Beacon along the way. While the Rasail can't do much here as the Yan Huo would be all over him it does put my Classified Objective into my pocket and gives me a flanking piece if things start to move out on JP's side. I also put the Rasail into Suppressive Fire.

I'm still feeling okay about my conservative plan so the Kotail moves forward into the wedge between the billboard and shack, then Speculative Fires an E/M Grenade onto the Zhencha but misses. The Gao-Rael Triad also shuffles a bit in case JP tries a frontal assault.

Invincibles Turn 2

With the Mowang being dead that actually cuts a surprising amount of useful Orders from the list but the Hulang takes over, moving towards my lines. The Zhencha then shoots the Mine again, this time destroying it, just to help clear a path.

Continuing with the Hulang it does another Move-Move, then Moves again and gets seen by a Chaksa. The Chaksa goes Unconscious and the Hulang takes a Wound from the Flamethrower but doesn't die. It then keeps moving, seeing another Chaksa while being out of template range, and puts it down as I fail the Dodge. Now the way is clear to my Triad, which JP goes after, hitting the Makaul and Gao-Rael with a Flamethrower. Miraculously I pass both my -3 Dodges and turn to face. Once more the Hulang tries to flame me, I flame back with the Makaul and shoot with the Gao-Rael. In the end I lose my SymbioMate and the Makaul but put down the Hulang.

Tohaa Turn 2

I start my turn by asking who's a public Specialist, which is the Zhencha and one of the Zhanshi, I suspect the Camo Token is as well but it's largely out of play on top of the building. My goal then is to remove the Zhencha to make it really hard on JP to get another Console or hold the Tech Coffin.

My Kotail says a small prayer and Super-Jumps to see the Zhencha, getting shot by all kinds of stuff in the process. I throw an E/M Grenade, which lands, and the Zhencha fails the BTS to go Isolated and Immobilized 2. I also don't get crit so the SymbioMate absorbs a few Missiles and Sniper bullets.

Now I'm comfortable making a play for the Consoles. The Kamael Triad moves forward and then I cancel the Triad, reforming one with the new Makaul, Sukeul, and Gao-Rael. The Makaul throws a Smoke to block the corridor off and I move towards the right Console, activating it after a few tries.

I then reveal the Clipsos who is just able to hide from the HaiDao by staying Prone, taking the Console on the left. I was hoping to place a Mine as well but once again I needed a few tries and ran out of Orders.

Invincibles Turn 3

With only one real Specialist left and me having last turn the Scenario is looking grim for JP so he spends some Orders getting the Fireteam moved up and the HaiDao off the roof. Everyone takes up a defensive, ARO position for the Tech Coffin and then stays put.

Using the two Lieutenant Orders the Camo Token finally reveals and has a go at my Kaeltar, killing it. There's then an angle where the Daoying can see my Kamael but I can't see back so it also gets dropped by the Boarding Shotgun, losing me my DataTracker.

Tohaa Turn 3

At this point the game is over and it's just a matter of how many points I can score. Both Consoles are activated and controlled by me already so I just need the Tech Coffin. With that I put both the Clipsos and Rasail into Group 1 so I can get as many Orders as possible to move him.

My Makaul throws a Smoke that doesn't reach the Tech Coffin but will let me move out. I then use my remaining Command Tokens to Coordinated Order twice, moving the Rasail closer to the Tech Coffin, getting a Chaksa in place for HVT: Secured, and moving the Makaul into the Smoke so he can Speculative Fire another one. I do have a play where the Rasail can base the Tech Coffin while being seen, I just don't want to risk a crit and an unlucky death if I can help it.

In the end I land the Smoke after a few Orders and the Rasail delivers the Xenotech to the Tech Coffin for a 9-0 Tohaa Victory.

Post-Game Thoughts

In the end I think this game came down to Deployment for both myself and JP. On my side of things I was too fast and loose with my facings, which has been an issue. I resolved to paint the rest of the arcs on my models because I've noticed that really helps me and it's not a very hard thing to do. My Krakot was a bit too forward while not being in a safe place and a few other models couldn't see an important times. The big one was a Kaeltar not seeing the Hulang on the approach, I would have gotten at least two Flash Pulses, in a Triad, likely shutting down the flanking approach.

On JP's side I think he over-committed to locking down one angle of approach, by moving either the HaiDao or Yan Huo it could have been much harder for me to move around or at least more Order intensive through forcing additional Smoke. It felt like JP expected me to come to him but because of the Turn Order and Mission that was never going to be the case, going second his Deployment would have been quite an issue.

I was much happier with how I played this game, I didn't take any dumb fights (other than not Dodging with my LIberto) and I had a very clear plan that I executed. My main issues were facings and leaving some models out, which is basically what I was working on before I wasn't able to play for awhile. Losing the Kamael at the end was extremely careless, there was no reason for that model to be visible from any direction and I just got careless.

On JP's side I felt he was a bit too conservative with the back line pieces, once it was clear I could just pass by his AROs with one Smoke a Plan B might have been prudent. The Hulang went very aggressive but that's because I did a poor job covering my flank, the play ended up working but that one model just couldn't get enough work done because it started so far on my left. I might have developed the Hulang along with the Fireteam, it's easy to knock off those two Chaksa and then just hide the Hulang for a Turn 3 push. As it was he suicided to kill an extra model but that gave me a lot less to deal with. Of course losing the Mowang hurt a lot, I'm confident that it would have died to the K1 Combi eventually but not being in Cover really hurt odds and might have even put me on the CC plan.

Another mistake on my part was not checking LoF as aggressively as I should, there were many times the Clipsos could have ARO'd the Hulang as he moved around but I was sure the HaiDao would then see me and remove her. As it turned out staying Prone kept me safe so I could have placed some Mines or just gone with a Combi Rifle shot. It might have been correct to keep her safe and grab the Console but I did have the Kotail to run over there.

My list performed well in the Mission, which is good since it's built for it. So far I haven't had any issues with both a Kotail and Rasail in the same list, typically one has a great game where the other isn't as useful and just hangs around. Both are pretty much fine with that as the Kotail is a fast Specialist and the Rasail can just post up somewhere and go into Suppressive, creating a no-go zone with his Chaksa. I'm likely going to replace the Krakot with another Makaul though, he fits into Missions where I need to chase models down but neither Power Pack or Acquisition is about that. I would prefer more access to Smoke, I keep the Template/CC ability, and the Krakot can't be used at full power in Power Pack because of the Deployment rules.

That's all I have for this one, thanks for reading!